Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 31, 1957
NUMBER 26, PAGE 11-12

Reading The Bulletins

Charles A. Holt - P. O. Box 493 - Florence, Alabama

News From Here And There

George Tips, who has been with the Riverside church in Fort Worth for several years, is soon to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he will work with the Fifteenth and Delaware church . . . . Glenn Shuemaker is moving from Bradenton, Florida to Tampa, where he will labor with the McDill Avenue church . .. Wilson Coon has recently moved to Dickerson, Texas to work with the church there .. Ernest Highers has moved to Lebanon, Tennessee where he will work with the College Street church. He moved from Clovis, New Mexico , . . Maurice Merideth

has moved from Richland, Washington to San Diego, where he will work with the LaMesa church , ... R. Elmer Adcock is now preaching for the church in Gruver, Texas . . . From the bulletin of the Grand Avenue church in Chicago, we learn of the beginning of two new congregations in that city. One will be called the Englewood church and will meet temporarily in a building they have rented at 5403 S. Halsted. Plans also call for beginning another church on the north side of town to be known as the Northside church. The church in the Chicago area seems to really be growing in every good way . . . , Below I am giving some interesting items from some of the bulletins over the nation to show once more the emphasis being placed upon social activity by various churches. One can hardly pick up a bulletin anymore with seeing some such announcement in it.

LADIES FELLOWSHIP DINNER: Will be Friday evening at the church building. The menu is Meat Loaf, Macaroni Casserole, string beans, Salad, Cake, the beverage will be supplied. To make your reservation call . . tell what you intend to bring. An interesting program is planned for the evening. — 56th Street bulletin, Philadelphia, Penn.

PLAY BALL!! So, goes the word to all interested in resuming this sport as has done in the past. Diamond No. 1 at Forrest Park has been reserved for us of W. Berry and Trail Lake each Saturday p.m. . . . Each person participating is asked to contribute $2 for the summer for rent. balls, bats, etc. . See you at the ball game Saturday evening at 7:00 weather permitting! — West Berry Banner, Fort Worth, Texas.


Ten Vermont boys and girls spent the first two weeks of August in camp at Jackman, Maine, Ganderbrook Camp was given to the church (Emphasis mine, Holt) for a little over a year ago, and furnishes a wonderful place for us to conduct Christian activities for our boys and girls in New England, . Bulletin, church in Barre, Vermont.

"The Presbyterian University Center scheduled an open house and the Church of Christ Bible Chair gave a 'Get-Acquainted Party.' " — Avalanche Journal, Lubbock, Texas.

(Editor's Note: I have been reading much lately about these "Church of Christ Bible Chairs," I just wonder what they are! It seems that there is hardly anything in the way of fun, frolic and entertainment that these "Chairs" do not do. I have seen many of the notices lately of the above-mentioned "Chair" and they really put on some capers. I have a circular where this "Chair" is listed along with all the similar adjunct of various denominations, in welcoming students to Texas Tech. With this sort of camouflage, and deception the Broadway church is getting by with many extreme practices along this line, Through this means there is the gradual breakdown of all barriers to full acceptance of a large-scale social program on the part of church. Truly this church is in the forefront as a leader toward complete apostasy.)

The Proctor Street church in Port Arthur, Texas is another church that is really "on the march" with all sorts of "Youth Meetings," "Fellowship Dinners," "Junior Auditorium" where you can "drop in for a cup of coffee, and a season of prayer;" "Area-Wide Young People's Meetings;" "Banquets;" "Refreshments;" and on and on with such affairs, No wonder one member who left there could write back and say: "Proctor Street still is ahead of anything we have seen.' Truly this church is a leader along such lines and the end is not yet, LIKE THE "NATIONS" ABOUT Recently I performed a wedding in a large Baptist church building. Since this building was constructed several years ago, a more recent construction might serve as a more striking illustration. Actually I saw but a limited portion of this building, but here is what I beheld: a special chapel, complete with organ, for weddings and funerals, a recreation room, a completely-equipped kitchen and a parlor furnished on the order of a large living-room, dining-room combination. Now here is the tragic note: many of my brethren would exclaim, "how nice;" they see neither wrong nor danger in such things; many congregations, in fact already have such "accommodations" — and they are keeping them busy,

In many of the prominent denominations about us, religious activities are receiving less and less attention and time and social activities are ,receiving more and more. Game rooms, gymnasiums, social parlors, kitchens, fellowship halls (some folk do not know what "fellowship" in the Bible means) and banquet rooms are the order of the day. Juke boxes, coke machines, chaperoned dances, chili suppers and men's luncheons have found their way into the programs of churches.

Many cafes throughout the land have attributed the closing of their doors to the growing practice of "church luncheons and dinners." Not a few denominations have become a combination Red Cross-U.S.0.-Y.W.C.A.-Knife and Fork Club-Boy and Girl Scouts with a religious flavor. In front of the march stands one of the youngest denominations — the Christian Church, She took the road of departure and sang as she went, "We speak where the Bible speaks and are silent where the Bible is silent." We too, my brethren, can take the same road while singing the same song. Shall we of spiritual Israel like they of fleshly Israel ask God for a "king" that we might be like the "nations" about us ?

Paul wrote, "Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things that were heard, lest haply we drift away from them." (Heb. 2:1) Brethren, how can we be so ready to receive into our bosoms the things against which our voices were so recently lifted. Certainly we need to open our Bibles and review such themes as the establishment, divine origin, organization, mission and all-sufficiency of the Lord's church.

— Bill Crews, Port Arthur, Texas

"Where There Is No Pattern"

That the New Testament is a blue-print for the life of a Christian and a Church can hardly be denied by one who accepts it as completely inspired. It is equally certain that there are numerous situations for which the Holy Spirit has prepared us with principle rather than a detailed account of what our actions shall be — Either in the life of a Christian or a Church.

We sincerely believe that these two sentences are of such profound importance that virtually all that any Christian thinks about a godly life of services will be affected by his view of them, Very far reaching implications inhere. We believe all Christians should be studying God's word carefully for themselves with respect to these statements.

As we attempt a resolution of such issues as, What is the meaning of a 'pattern'? What is in the pattern and what isn't? What shall we do when there is no pattern? let's keep a thing in mind too often forgotten: It is unwise and dangerous to hasten to the conclusion that if there is no pattern we are left entirely to a way of our own choosing. There are two clear indications that man isn't "on his own" simply because God has not ordered every part of every step:

(1) Large sections of the New Testament are devoted to principles to guide in matters of judgment — In which God has given no detailed pattern. (E. G., 1 Cor. 8, Rom. 14,15, plus the qualifications for elders who are to rule in matters of judgment in the local congregation.)

(2) Let it not be forgotten that some New Testament truths prevail in every situation — Even where there is no pattern! One such truth is that the church is all-sufficient — That it is entirely adequate for doing anything God gave the church to do. This is true even where there is no pattern. To reason that because there is no detailed way set forth in the blue-print, that man is on his own; that he may therefore pursue the course of his choosing, even if it reflects upon the adequacy of the church, can be and has been most harmful.

In conclusion. to decide that man is left to his own devices because the details of his course are not charted is a path to be walked only by the reckless and indifferent, for "it is not in man . to direct his own steps."

— L. Wesley Jones, Louisville, Ky.

Strange Bits Of News

N. W. Aliphin, Tahoka, Texas I used to write a lot of verse,

Some good, some bad, some maybe worse.

Comes now an urge to say in rhyme

Some thoughts I've pondered quite some time.

As G. G.'s pages I peruse, I often note strange bits of news.

Like quotes from men who now deny Things they affirmed in years gone by.

What, ten years past, they said was white, They label now as black as night.

Things held in '46 as sound, In "discard" only now are found.

One of such writers, G. N. Woods, Is caught with just "such bill of goods."

Yet, what is more extremely strange, He vows that he has made no change.

If what he once proclaimed was true, Then false must be his present view.

Or, put vice versa, if you will Bold contradictions linger still.

Once corporate bodies, "Homes" and such, Were parasites we dare not touch.

All adjuncts to the church were wrong - - Today he hums a different song.

Now, with his thinker in reverse, His plight proceeds from bad to worse.

If he his backward flop can't seem

Blind as a bat the man must be.

But this may, let us haste to say,

Treads not alone this dubious way.

Some others, yes, fine men at heart, The wrong road took, where highways part.

We would that all 'pon sober thought, Might turn — undo the harm they've wrought.

To moles and bats their idols throw, And for God's will more reverence show.

With these remarks our prayers ascend, That strife within our ranks may end.

Yet, may a prayerful search ne'er cease,

Till we've reached unity and peace.