Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 26, 1957


Deny — Marvin A. Hicks

As Others See Us

(Editor's footnote: This little item from the Frascati Orphan Home Paper was indeed both amusing and revealing — particularly the latter. The Catholic in Italy was confused as to who in the U.S.A. is entrusted with the "direction of the sect," and that is understandable, in view of the battle royal that has engulfed us as to who is going to be "top dog," and persuade the greater number of churches to surrender their finances to some centralized program. We'd say "Mr. Crescent" (Crescent Hill Church in Brownfield) is running a very poor fourth behind Lubbock, Memphis, and Abilene — and maybe a few others.)

It is amusing sometimes to see ourselves as others see us and it can be revealing also. Bernard Howell, American Missionary in Padova, quotes from an article in a Roman Catholic newspaper of that city. The Catholic writer goes on' to some length to present the Church of Christ in an unfavorable light. This could be expected.

He obviously is concerned with their success in reaching the Italian people with the Bible. He reaches the height of eloquence and accuracy when he informs his readers "Although they do not recognize a special priestly ministry and therefore neither an ecclesiastical hierarchy; every local group has an elder (also called bishop or pastor) that directs, takes care of, and pastures the faithful ... although they advocate total autonomy of the various churches of Christ, the direction of the sect is entrusted to a General President, who actually is Mr. Crescent, resident in Brownfield, Texas, (U.S.A)."

Gus Winter, 63 Church Rd. Levittown, L. I., N. Y.: "John Schultz and Steve Smith accompanied your scribe to the BETHPAGE JEWISH CENTER at 600 Broadway recently to attend their Sabbath service, which begins at sundown on Friday. We met Rabbi T. D. Jungreis, who with his leaders, accorded us a gracious welcome. He studied in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, earning their certificate of merit. He is a graduate of Yeshiva University and Seminary in New York. His sermon emphasized what he termed the saddest day in Jewish history, the destruction of Solomon's temple in Jerusalem by the Babylonians in 586 B. C. He inferred that the gladdest day will be its rebuilding and restoration of the animal sacrifices enjoined in the Mosaic law. He did not mention the destruction of Herod's temple in Jerusalem in 70 A. D. at which time the animal sacrifices and Jewish priesthood ceased, and the Jews were dispersed into nearly every land of earth, a condition that has lasted for nearly 19 centuries. The Rabbi and his leaders expressed the noble sentiment that there should be the practice of BROTHERHOOD and TOLERANCE between Jews and Christians. Rabbi Jungrois expressed a willingness to discuss religious issues with us. For this attitude we highly commend him. We agree there should be the proper exercise of TOLERANCE. This does not mean that we can conscientiously agree to views we consider unscriptural or erroneous. At the same time we gladly grant our Jewish brethren full freedom of choice."

G. F. Raines, Vinemont, Alabama: "I recently did the preaching in a series of meetings for the Prospect church here in Cullman County. There was good interest and five were baptized. Have just returned from Springfield, Kentucky where I preached four nights on the theory of premillennialism. Premillennialists were in attendance each night. That false theory is still extensively believed and taught in many places in Kentucky. Central Kentucky, especially around Lebanon and Springfield, needs more men in the field. A church that is able to support a preacher there, either wholly or in part, should do so. Particulars may be obtained by writing Donald Townsley, Lebanon, Kentucky. My next meeting will be with the Vinemont, Alabama church beginning the second week of October. Earlier this year I assisted the Caraway, Arkansas church in a meeting; one was baptized and one was restored."

Porter-Hicks Debate In Lufkin

Brother W. Curtis Porter is to meet Mr. Marvin A. Hicks of the United Pentecostal church in a five night debate at the Timberland Drive church of Christ, L Texas, September 23 through September 27th. The propositions for the debate are as follows:

Monday night Sept. 23

The Scriptures teach that there is only one person in the Godhead and that person is Jesus Christ. Affirm — Marvin A. Hicks

Deny — W. Curtis Porter Tuesday Night Sept. 24

The Scriptures teach that there are three separate and distinct persons in the Godhead — the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Affirm — W. Curtis Porter Deny — Marvin A. Hicks

Wednesday Night Sept. 25 The Scriptures teach that water baptism should be administered only in the name of Jesus Christ.

Affirm — Marvin A. Hicks Deny — W. Curtis Porter

Thursday Night Sept. 26 The Scriptures teach that Spirit, and the spiritual gifts, the baptism of the Holy of healing and miracles, are for the church today.

Affirm — Marvin A. Hicks Deny — W. Curtis Porter

Friday Night Sept 27 The Scriptures teach that the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the gifts of healing and miracles, ceased with the end of the apostolic age or by the time the New Testament record was completed.

Affirm — W. Curtis Porter