Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 8, 1957
NUMBER 14, PAGE 11-12a

Reading The Bulletins

Charles A. Holt - P. O. Box 493 - Florence, Alabama

Is This A Work Of Elders?

"The ninth annual encampment at Kellems Ranch near Siloam Springs, Arkansas, will be held July 7-14, 1957. The activities are under the supervision of the elders of the church in Siloam Springs. All teachers and counselors working in this effort are faithful members of the Lord's church. In view of these facts, we take pleasure in inviting you to come and enjoy the camp with us."

No Longer Center Of Extremism!

Have you read the " communication from the Advisory Council to the President" of Alabama Christian College? It has appeared in several of the brotherhood papers. It appears to be an appeal for favor of the masses (especially those who may have money) at the sacrifice or compromise of principle. Listen this:

Whereas Alabama Christian College has been designated as a center of extremism on certain points of Christian teaching, including the posture in prayer, Women's coverings (or the so-called 'hat question'), the question of being conscientiously opposed to military service, and

"Whereas this Advisory Council to the President of Alabama Christian College, after earnest study and investigation, is moved with the sincere desire to contribute action that will be helpful to Alabama Christian College:

"Be it hereby resolved that the designation of being a center of extremism shall be removed from Alabama Christian College; that Alabama Christian college shall now and forever refrain from center of extremism on any points, and exist as a center of Christian education where students are encouraged to study, think, and act independently on all subjects."

Now how does this "Advisory Council" propose to stop this school from being known as "a center of extremism"? Simple! By a "resolution"! Just by saying "resolved it ain't so!" Does this mean that the teachers there who sincerely hold to the views which have caused the school to be looked upon in this way, will no longer teach their convictions on these matters? If not, what change will result? Has the "Advisory Council ... after earnest study and investigation", decided that the previous teaching done on these questions was wrong? Is this a confession of being wrong and a statement that they will not do it any more? I think that I know some of the teachers in that school well enough to know that no "Advisory Council" to anyone is going to tell them what to teach or not to teach. God pity them if they do. Has "Dr." Turner, the President, changed his position on these questions — the ones to which he did hold that are considered extreme?

If these brethren at Alabama Christian College really believe the Bible teaches that to which they held on these questions, by all means they should teach it. I have always thought that nearly every point of "Christian teaching" would be considered "extreme" by someone or some group. But this "Advisory Council" has resolved they shall not be "extreme" on any point of "Christian teaching." Has this school gotten like nearly all the rest of "our" schools — so concerned with policy and having the favor of the people that she is willing to "sell out" conviction for a more popular "policy?" This would seem to be the case, if this document can be depended upon to tell the truth. Some of us would like very much to hear from some of the teachers in the school and some of the board members as to whether such a compromise and policy represents their position.

A Million For Manhattan

The following is copied from a periodical which is not published by our brethren. Here we see a disinterested party looking at us and seeing in us something that is completely foreign to our plea of "Back To The Bible".

Read it and see what others think of some of our lavish promotional schemes.

"Some have hankered after money as to be led astray from the faith and be pierced through with many sorrows. (I Tim. 6:10) What is true of an individual may also be true of a congregation. One of the fastest growing sectarian bodies in America calls itself 'The Church of Christ.' This denominational group manifests its sectarian spirit by its emphasis upon material things. Many of its constituents deny the personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but few of its clergy deny the power of money. The big programs, big buildings, big preachers and boastful advertising are all featured in various journals supported by that group.

"A good indication of what we mean can be seen in the current contest dubbed by our title. A frenzied drive to raise a million dollars to build an edifice in New York City to which members of 'The Church of Christ' may point with pride is underway. Burton Coffman, the pastor, recently was guest speaker in a series of meetings in the nation's capital. On Sunday afternoon a special collection was taken for the Manhattan project and the services of Pat Boone, crooner and night club entertainer, were enlisted to direct the 'gospel singing!' He flew to Washington in a chartered plane, and the church edifice was crowded with teen-agers. More than a thousand dollars overflowed the collection plate.

"One of the journals featuring the campaign published a picture of a group of little German children who had labored at physical tasks to accumulate five dollars which they sent to apply to the million. A group in Korea also sent a hard-earned contribution. In both cases, the Americans kept the money. The apostle Paul said, 'I do not urge you to give in order that others may have relief while you are unduly pressed, but that, by equalization having in the present emergency supplied their deficiency.' 2 Cor. 8:13-14)

"In the early congregation those with plenty gave to the orphans and distressed: now they collect from them. The poor and needy are taught that casting in cash is an 'item of worship' and are threatened with damnation if they do not give, and when they do, their money is spent without their consent. Many who live in tenements will be taxed to build a huge, ornate structure in which to worship Him who had no place to lay his head. It is saddening to see a vessel break loose from its moorings and become a derelict, driven by the winds of fad, fashion and foible. But that is the state of the group mentioned above."

LUBBOCK vs DIMMITT Just recently the Broadway church in Lubbock, Texas made an attack on the finances of the Dimmitt, Texas church. With the cooperation of two of the elders,

1. They made a great feast.

2. They invited the guests. (members)

3. Promoter Norvel Young made the appeal.

4. They appointed three committees:

(a) One from the wealthier group to call on that class.

(b) One from the middle group to call on that class.

(c) One from the poorer group to call on that class.

5. Each of the group leaders to put their contribution at the head of their list. (for an impression)

6. The pledge card was for a five year period. RESULTS

1. One Dimmitt elder violently opposed.

2. Two elders lorded it over. They were wrong.

3. A large percent of the members opposed. They were right.

Such actions usually cause division and another congregation. Look out, Fourth St.!!! "Mamma" Broadway is invading your territory.

I suppose this anti-Bible scheme will be presented to all the churches in this area, or to those who have unqualified elders.

Norman Cooper, Portales, N. M.

Maybe This Is It

Those who are faithful in attending classes where the Bible is being taught usually feel that it is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the will of the Lord. But in their enthusiasm it seems some have gone "overboard" in their efforts to induce others to attend.

This little excerpt from the Idalou, Texas bulletin is an example of it.

YOUNG PEOPLE: We will furnish our quiz on Genesis this week. There will be two dollars in the "Pot-of-gold." Who will be the lucky winner?"

Now if the children may have a "pot" for the "lucky winner" why couldn't the old folks have a bigger "pot" and draw in a few of the worldly minded who like to play a game of chance ? ? I have personally known all four of the Idalou elders for more than twenty years — some of them from their boyhood. If they allow such to be carried on — well, needless to say, such men have no business overseeing the church of the Lord.

Albert Mclnroe, Portales, N. M.