Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 28, 1956


L. H. Andrews, 701 - 4th 'St., Marlow, Oklahoma, June 3: "One was baptized and one restored here June 3. This was my first Sunday in Marlow. We worked three years and four months with the church at Moulton, Alabama. It was hard to leave them, but we are looking forward to a good work with this congregation. Worship with us when you are in this section."

James E. Cooper, 407 Jackson St., 'Campbellsville, Kentucky, June 5: "We moved here May 31st to help establish the Cause in this county which has had no Church of Christ. Prospects look bright for the future. We meet in a rented room at 1171/2 E. Main St."

Ivan Lawrence and C. R. Demuth, Elders, Church of Christ, Parsons, Kansas, June 7: "Brother M. A. Mansur, Evangelist from Rolla, Missouri, has just concluded a ten day Gospel Meeting with us. The truth as revealed in God's Word was most forcefully and ably preached. Time alone can determine the full amount of good that will come from such kind and courageous edification. When in the area, we invite you to stop and worship God with the faithful saints here in Parsons; we also solicit the prayers of the faithful brethren, to the end that the cause of Christ may grow and prosper, according to His will, here in Parsons."

Marvine Kelley, Box 286, Del Rio, Texas: "This is my yearly report. At the Northside church of Christ we had 73 responses this past year, including 33 baptisms and 40 restorations. I have resigned my work here effective when I relocate. I am thirty-seven, married and have three children. I have been preaching full time the past ten years. If you are interested in my services write the Northside church of Christ, Del Rio, or Joe Davenport, Del Rio. This work is open and is a good work for the right man. They have a new building and the city is on the move. There is no reason I know of that a good long time work cannot be done here."

Ernest A. Finley, 1810 Buchanan St., Wichita Falls, Texas, June 6: "After two years of pleasant and profitable association with the Fox and Lake church of Carlsbad, New Mexico, I terminated my service with the congregation the last Lord's day in May. On the first Lord's day in June, I began work with the Floral Heights church in Wichita Falls, Texas. The prospects are bright for a good work with the brethren here. It is their plan to launch a building program in the not far distant future. Large crowds made it necessary for the church to begin two worship periods on Lord's day morning during Brother Gilbert Copeland's tenure with the church here. Brother Copeland is deeply loved by the brethren here, having been with them for almost eight years. He laid a good foundation and had a good work in process when we arrived. May the Lord bless him in his work with the Birdville congregation in Fort Worth. My next meeting is with the Park Row church in Arlington, Texas."

Ralph R. Givens, 829 Tait St., Oceanside, California: "On May 27 we closed a very pleasant work with the church in Lewisville, Texas, and began here on June 3rd. The opportunities are great and we look forward to a good work. The church in Lewisville is helping to support me in this work."

M. C. Cuthbertson, Box 6391, Tucson, Arizona, June 14: "I did the preaching in a good meeting at Winslow, Arizona, during the first of April. One was baptized and other good accomplished. Brother John L. Davis, is doing good work there. We enjoyed our stay very much. Luther G. Roberts of Amarillo, Texas, did the preaching in a good meeting with us here, at 145 N. Country Club Road, during the last of April and first of May. Two were baptized during the meeting. The preaching and attendance the very best we could have desired. Our work continues to be very fine. The Special Issue of the Guardian was the best thing of its kind that I have ever seen. The good accomplished is without possible measure."