Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 21, 1956
NUMBER 8, PAGE 13b,15


I am looking forward to the discussion. More are needed.

Elvis Bozarth, 535 Wooldridge, Holtville, California, May 22: "After leaving the Marines last September and failing in two attempts at local work, I began travelling the Western States for a jewelry firm. This will keep me away from home about seven months and the rest of the year I can preach where they can't pay preachers. Since I can get out of debt, stay out of debt, live and preach too I expect to stay with it. Before the rest of you preachers apply, I'll tell you there are no more openings! I just made a swing through Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and am now in Wyoming. I found the brethren few in number, some strong in faith, some modernists, some questionable, and plenty of room for 'missionaries.' Before sending any money anywhere, investigate thoroughly, but be sure to do something. It is needed sorely. Many are sacrificing dearly to preach the gospel."

Bert Wilson, 1713 Viera St., Antioch, California, May 18: "We just closed a Gospel Meeting the middle of the week, with Brother Peter J. Wilson of Sunnyvale, California doing the preaching. The congregation here was greatly edified, and interest was at its greatest throughout the meeting. Two precious souls were baptized into Christ, as the visible results. However we are persuaded that we shall see many more obey the Gospel, who had opportunity to hear it for the first time, and are still in the process of studying. Our attendance of non-members, was the largest, I believe, in the history of this congregation.

"Brother Peter Wilson is a very capable, humble servant of the Lord, and all may be assured that he shuns not to declare the whole counsel of God. Yet the sincere and humble attitude that he manifests wins him friends even when that which he preaches pierces their souls. May his kind increase.

"The work here increases in zeal and numerically, and truly the brethren are developing a mind to work for the cause of our Redeemer. At the end of nine months with the church here, there have been over sixty responses to the Lord's invitation. And with Cottage Bible classes (six) being conducted weekly, we look forward to even greater works in the Master's vineyard.

"We are enjoying the 'Guardian' very much. Continue to keep the attitude right, and the teaching scriptural, and the fruits shall be plentiful."

Chester Estes, Sheffield, Alabama, May 21: "One adult was baptized May 21 at Jackson Highway church."

Preacher Available

I am 39 and the wife is 33; June is 16, Sharon 15, Stephen 8, and John 2. I have preached ten years in Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. I prefer a strong Catholic community as I am specializing in that field. — Jesse Lewis, 223 West Wyoming, DA 4-9173, Philadelphia 40, Pennsylvania.

T. J. Ruble, 510 West Thompson, Temple, Texas, May 28: "During May there have been eight baptisms and two restorations here at the Central church in Temple. The church here is sending me to Wellton, Arizona for a mission meeting June 22-July 1. There are only 8 or 10 members there. If there is anyone in that section that you would like for me to contact, send me their name and address. I am using my vacation time for this meeting."

Joe H. Morris, Rt. 6, Benton, Kentucky, May 26: "We closed a grand meeting with Seventh Avenue in Columbus, Ohio Wednesday night with two baptized, one restored and one identified. Large audiences and many visitors were features of the meeting. Old friends from all over the area. T. Furman Cauthen is the preacher and is loved by the congregation. Preached at Whitehall in afternoon of 20th where C. D. Plum preaches. Work at Sharpe is going. My next meeting is at Smyrna, Tennessee, July 1."

Herbert L. Coffman, 6520 Vanderbilt, Houston 5, Texas: "The church in East Houston has been blessed in the last five months with 47 additions: 13 baptisms, 18 restorations, and 16 memberships. In this same period of time the collection has raised an average of $100 per Lord's day. We have just completed the bricking of our new auditorium. In the first part of May, Brother M. Roy Stevens of Aldine did an excellent job of preaching in our meeting; we had eight additions. I have time for two meetings — mission or otherwise — in the late summer and fall."

Jesse Lewis, 223 W. Wyoming, Philadelphia 40, Pennsylvania: "Arrangements have been made for James D. Bales to meet William Ischie, Episcopal rector, priest, here in Philadelphia this summer. Ischie told me that the Catholic priests had asked him to challenge me inasmuch as they were not allowed to do so. Inasmuch as the Catholics selected Ischie, I asked to select Bales and they consented. Bales will affirm that The Roman Catholic Church Is An Enemy To Religious Freedom. Each will also affirm the church question."

M. A. Mansur, 1000 Lynwood, Rolla, Missouri, May 8: "We have recently moved and are now working with the church here in Rolla, Missouri, located at Seventh and State Streets. With about 150 members and a nice new building, the work looks encouraging. Interest is fine, and the contributions have substantially increased, reaching an all time high last month.

At the present we are conducting a gospel meeting for the church here. One precious soul was baptized into Christ last Sunday; making four to be added to the church by reason of baptism since we began our work with this good o d church.

Rolla is a nice place to live. It is in the Ozarks and located on U. S. Highways 66 and 63. With the Missouri University School of Mines and Engineering being located here. it is a good educational town.

I begin a gospel meeting with the faithful brethren at Parsons, Kansas May 27.

When traveling, or in this area, come and worship with the faithful saints here in Rolla, Missouri.

We solicit an interest in the prayers of all the faithful for the advancement of the cause of Christ in this area."

Connie W. Adams, Decatur, Georgia, May 11: "May 2-5 Brother John Gasaway met J. T. Payne of the Apostolic Pentecostal group in debate in Covington, Georgia. Attendance was good throughout and orderly conduct characterized both the audiences and the speakers. Brother Gasaway ably defended the truth and we believe much good was done. Brother Gasaway participated in the discussion under difficult circumstances. Due to a shortage in support for his family, he is working for an insurance company. His usual schedule of work had to be done in addition to carrying his part in the debate. He is a quiet, humble gospel preacher who is not disposed to complain about his lot. However, the prospects for growth are so great there, that it seems a shame for him to have to spend so much time on another job when he should be fully supported. The little group in Covington is struggling but making progress. They now have a small building erected on a good lot. It is by no means finished, but at least it is theirs and they have worked hard for it. Cannot some who read these lines help provide full support for this worthy preacher in such a needy field?"

Forthcoming Debate On Institutionalism

Earl Dale, McAlester, Oklahoma Brother Foster L. Ramsey, evangelist for the Central Church of Christ in Denison, Texas, and Earl Dale, evangelist for the Second and Washington Streets Church of Christ in McAlester, Oklahoma have signed propositions for four nights of debating. The propositions are as follows:

"Churches of Christ cannot scripturally combine their funds and works of benevolence into the hands of the elders of one church for said elders to plan and oversee a work of benevolence to which all the contributing churches are equally related."


"Churches of Christ cannot scripturally combine their funds and work of preaching the gospel into the hands of the elders of one church for said elders to plan and oversee a work of preaching to which all contributing churches are equally related."


"The practice of churches of Christ in caring for homeless children and homeless aged at Tipton, Boles, and Gunter Homes is in harmony with the scriptures."


"It is in harmony with the scriptures for the elders of one congregation to solicit and receive funds from other congregations to accomplish the work of preaching the gospel to which all participating congregations are equally related; and planned by the elders who solicit and receive the funds."


Brother Ramsey refused to debate these propositions in Denison. We had hoped he would do so. If we can induce him to do so, we shall.

I accepted the burden of selecting a place for the debate. It will be in North Texas in the vicinity of Bonham and Denison somewhere. Brethren are working on that now. The tentative date is sometime this fall. I have mailed Brother Ramsey three dates: one in August, one in September, and one in October. So soon as I hear from him, I trust that the date and place can be announced.

Both Brother Ramsey and I have agreed that we will confine our discussion to the propositions. We have agreed that we will not call each other ugly names such as: "Anti," "Church Buster," "Hobby Rider," "Digressive," "dishonest, etc. I have full confidence in Brother Ramsey that he will keep his bargain. He has full confidence in me that I will do the same.