Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 28, 1957
NUMBER 46, PAGE 2-3b

The Great Jerusalem Lectureship

Brother Andrew Bar-Jonah

I feel that it is imperative and mandatory for the good of the saints at large that I give a short report of the recent lectureship here at Jerusalem. It was soul inspiring and uplifting. For five nights, ten of the most able men in the brotherhood spoke, two men each night, with a panel discussion each day conducted by Brother Peter, who is elder-in-charge here in Jerusalem. Subjects as you will see are from Genesis to the Judgment.

Monday Night — Bro. Peter gave the welcoming address and then spoke on "Love Everybody," telling everyone to preach nothing that would offend our visitors. He gave a report on the biggest church, about the new Prayer room, Fellowship hall and banquet room and improvements on the Chapel. He also spoke concerning the budget and how the new auditorium had been increased to seat 15,000, so that games could be held when no one was preaching. He stated the Church was still using it on Sunday morning for 40 minutes and other than this, it could be used by appointment only.

Second speaker was Bro. Philip, Director of the Old Folks Home at Jerusalem. He spoke concerning the Old Folks Home here, showing that he had been appointed with the other six, but had taken over this work as his own. He further stated he planned to increase the home to house hundreds more, if the brethren would just send him the money. He stated he could not understand why some did not want to take care of old folks anyway, that the apostles had set up the home in the first place.

Tuesday Night — Young Bro. Timothy, who is Educational Director at Corinth spoke first. He admonished the young men to jump in and take hold of the work, that young as he was, he had appointed scores of elders and that they could all do this if they were on their toes. He insisted that uppermost to keep in mind to appoint men that would see things their way. Most everyone present agreed that young Timothy was a real "fireball."

Second speaker Tuesday night was Bro. James, Superintendent of the Christian Children's Home at Galatia. Brother James had the audience crying most of the time talking about "Pore little orphans being neglected." He also informed the audience how he was investing the Home's surplus money, stating they had bought some good stock in the coliseum at Rome, invested in some fine vineyards around the country, had purchased some cattle for breeding purposes and that he wanted to buy a few fine hogs but that a few of the Jews were opposed to it and he would not do it, because he might be quarantined. He closed his topic with a real "tear jerker" concerning the Home and shouted "Remember us in your will."

Wednesday Night — Dr. Luke, Doctor in Charge, Good Samaritan Hospital, supported by the Churches of Christ, under the direction (Maybe) (Perhaps) (Sometimes) of the elders at Rome, (the hospital is located at Ephesus), was the first speaker. He spoke concerning the good work he was doing (and who can condemn a good work?). He stated he would need about one and a half-million shekels to do any expanding next year, that the Church could be proud of and too, if that much was not raised hardly anyone would notice their work.

Following Dr. Luke was Bro. Demas, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Saints Forwarding Funds, Inc., Rome. Bro. Demas stated that in Religion it was just like business, that it was necessary to show the outsider you were really doing things in a big way. (That was why he and Bro. Paul were not on the best of terms.) He told about joining all the Alliances and Clubs in town and advised spending most all of your time on these projects, so the townsmen would look up to you. Everyone agreed he was a real promoter.

Thursday Night Bro. Barnabas, who is the Superintendent of Farms at Jerusalem, began the program telling about scientific farming methods used and how much profit was made for the Lord each year. He showed how much more could be made if more donated labor could be secured and more good land acquired. He closed out his speech with a great plea, "Remember us in your will."

Bro. Silas followed as second speaker of the night. Bro. Silas is the Choral Director at Philippi. He told how choral groups are taking the place of congregational singing in many of the larger churches, and how inspiring solos and duets are. He sang several popular songs in minor chords, showing his musical accomplishments. Many of those present thought this was the most enjoyable night of the lectureship.

Friday Night Capt. Cornelius spoke first. Capt. Cornelius is the commander of all troops in Caesarea. He spoke concerning the great growth of the church and told of the attendance results at Caesarea, coming from the many contests and attractions they had sponsored. He told the audience the best scheme they had worked was good foot races between Bible study and church services, and furthermore that next year, the church at Caesarea would have a track team second to none in the land.

Our tenth and final speaker was Dr. Paul, who at present is Professor of Bible at the Bible Chair at Athens. Dr. Paul is a renowned world traveler, author, lecturer and philosopher. His scholastic achievements are excelled by none in the land. We were extremely flattered that he could be present and speak to us. Dr. Paul spoke from notes that he had prepared in advance in order to keep his subject in mind. He spoke concerning the universal need of more Bible Chairs, to save the lost. He pointed out the need of every preacher having at least an MA degree, explaining that larger churches and bigger salaries went to those most educated. He stated the contacts made at the Bible Chairs were invaluable, that through the banquets and dinners they could always meet the leaders of the churches in their area, and could create favorable impressions to benefit them later in securing employment. He stressed the need of elders putting them in the church budget and also reminded the elders that Bible chairs need money to operate. Brother Paul ably pointed out anything the church could do, the individual could do and vice versa; in fact it would be the church doing it. He referred to the incident here in Jerusalem, when Ananias and Sapphira lied to the Holy Spirit (so the whole church lied) they were stricken dead (so the whole church was stricken dead). Dr. Paul closed his address urging the support of all the Homes, Hospitals, and various other enterprises in the church; to the elders — remember them in their budgets and the individual to remember them in their wills (as they were all the same anyway).

We feel highly honored to recommend any of these men for meetings; they are all outstanding and not one has ever been quarantined. Every scripture used had been verified and listed, as we were very careful of the transcript because we knew that some "antis" would not accept this report otherwise. However, the principle eternal and the silly-gisms and logic are easily seen in every statement of this report.

Signed: Simon Peter

Chief Elder in Charge

Attest: Bro. Matthew

Chief Legal Adviser

Prepared by: Bro. Andrew

First Secretary