Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 14, 1957

Reading The Bulletins

Charles A. Holt - P. O. Box 493 - Florence, Alabama

News From Here And There

Paul G. Kelsey, now living in Columbus, Ohio, will begin work with the church in Elizabeth, West Virginia, about the middle of April . . . After three years with the church in Pecos, Texas, W. S. Boyett is moving to Fort Worth to labor with the Oaklawn church . . . . L. L: Weaver is soon to move from Rogers, Arkansas. Thomas F. Shropshire will move to Rogers to serve as evangelist . . .. D. H. Hadwin is returning to Wheeling, West Virginia, to work again with the Broadway church in the city .... John T. Overbey is soon to move to Las Cruces, New Mexico, to work as evangelist. Gene Frost, who was there, has moved to Houston . . . . Gordon J. Pennock is leaving the Kilburn Avenue church in Rockford, Illinois. He will move to Brookfield, Illinois, not later than May 1. Pennock has done a splendid work in Rockford .. . . J. F. Doggett has moved to McLean, Texas, from Graham, Texas .... Allen Phy has moved to Owensboro, Kentucky, to work with the Center Street church .... Eddie De Long of Kilgore, Texas, is now in Nelson, Wisconsin, to do the work of an evangelist . . . . During the last three months of 1956 there were 20 people baptized in the state of Wisconsin . . .. A congregation was recently begun in Indianapolis by the Irvington church. It was the culmination of many months of planning and work. A nice building was erected before the church started meeting. Earl West, who has been with the 40th and Capitol church in the same city, has already started his work as evangelist with the new congregation . . . . About the first of June, Hoyt Houchen will move to Lufkin, Texas, to work with the Fourth and Groesbeck church . . . Please send your church bulletin to me at the above address.

A Parable About Tipping

Now it came to pass one day at noon that I was the guest of a certain rich man. The rich man took me to lunch at a popular restaurant. The food was very good. And behold, the waiters were very efficient.

Now when the end of the meal was at hand, the waiter brought unto the host the check. And the host examined it, frowned a bit but made no comment.

But as we arose to depart, I observed that my host laid some coins under the edge of his plate. I know not what the coins were, whether quarters or half-dollars; howbeit, the waiter who stood nearby smiled happily, which, being interpreted, means that the tip was satisfactory.

Behold, as I meditated on the coins which become tips throughout our nation, I thought of the tenth. For the proverbial tip should be at least a tenth, lest the waiter turn against thee. And as I continued to think on these things, it came unto me that few people who go to church treat their God as well as they honor their waiter. For they give unto the waiter a tithe, but unto God they give whatever they think will get them by.

Verily, doth man fear the waiter more than he feareth God? And doth he love God less than he loveth the waiter? Or doth the waiter do more for him than his God? Truly, truly, a man and his money are past understanding. — The Messenger, Eastside Church, Long Beach California.

Orphanages On The Way Out

Cincinnati, Ohio, April 10 — "Old fashioned orphanages are disappearing, and child welfare experts are glad to see them go," Helen Hazan, assistant director of the Child Welfare League of America, told a recent regional conference here. She said the League recommends that no infant or preschool child can be placed in an institution except in emergency cases. "Every child is adoptable, even those with handicaps," she said. Miss Hazan reported that fewer children are being placed in institutions each year. One reason cited for this was "the desire of welfare groups to place as many children as possible in foster homes where they will grow up with a family, and not as part of a big institution."

Bible Co-Operation

Beginning February 1st, the Westside church is to send $80 each month to Brother Keith Thompson, in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, to help him preach the gospel in that area.

Beginning in the Spring, the Westside church is to send $50 each month to Brother Bob Nichols to assist him in preaching the gospel of Christ in Japan.

Both these areas are fertile fields for the spread of the truth and both these men are capable and truth loving preachers. No sponsoring church, human board, or central headquarters will be used in supporting these men. Westside will be sending directly to the man on the field. (Phil. 4:15, 16.) This is scriptural co-operation, and co-operation about which there can be no doubt. — The Perk-Up, Phoenix, Arizona.

In Between Stage

The work of the Children's Home is in a difficult "in between" stage. The newness has worn off and if we are not careful our zeal, interest, and steadfastness will wane. There will come a time when, THROUGH WILLS, ENDOWMENTS, AGRICULTURAL ACTIVITIES, AND OTHER SOURCES, many of the needs will be provided without direct contributions from individuals and churches." — Broadway Bulletin, Lubbock, Texas.


Gambling is the mutual attempt of two or more persons to deprive one another, either of their goods or their money without any just equivalent. It is, therefore, the expression of covetousness. (Whether it be for "religious" motives, or otherwise — LWJ.) In America, some years ago, there was a convention of professional gamblers. Ninety-seven percent of them attributed their gambling to the fact that they learned to play cards at home. Please read the following scriptures. Galatians 5:19-21; Colossians 3:5-6; Ephesians 5:1-5. — L. Wesley Jones, West End Journal, Louisville, Kentucky.