Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 7, 1957


Ballard - Rudd Debate In Ventura, California

This debate will be conducted in Ventura, California, March 11th through March 14th, starting at 7:30 each night. The first two nights will be devoted to such arrangements as the Herald of Truth for the preaching of the gospel and the last two nights to institutional orphan homes. Donn Rudd will contend that such arrangements and institutions are scriptural and Voyd N. Ballard will deny.

The debate will be held in the McBride Building at the County Fair Grounds in Ventura, California. This is a new modern auditorium that will seat large crowds. There will be plenty of parking space. Equipment will be provided to operate tape recorders.

Ventura has a State Park along the ocean beach and trailer houses may use this without charge. Hotel and Motel accommodations are plentiful. We will try to provide places to stay for preaching brethren (without charge) in the homes of members. Preachers who may desire this should contact us at the address below.

Please make announcement of this debate in the congregation where you worship and urge brethren to attend.

Church of Christ P. O. Box 707

Ventura, California Telephone: Miller 3-5173

The Work In Elgin, Illinois

Foy W. Vinson, Decatur, Texas, Feb. 12: "On the first Lord's day of April I will begin working with the church in Elgin, Illinois. Elgin is located about thirty miles west of Chicago and is a thriving city of about fifty thousand souls. The church is young, having been meeting only about a year. There are some twenty-five to thirty members at the present time who are meeting in a YWCA on Sundays. The brethren in Elgin have manifested their concern for and their faith in the Lord's cause in this place by purchasing corner lots in a good location in the city where a building will be erected as, soon as possible.

"Brother Frank Hollingsworth of Urbana, Illinois, has been preaching on Sundays and has done a commendable work. It has been necessary for him to drive 300 miles each week, however, and therefore his time with them has been very limited. It was decided that if a preacher could secure his support it would be advantageous to the work to have a full-time man. I have my support and will move there the first of April as I mentioned above.

"I have been preaching for the church in Decatur, Texas, the past two years. It has been an enjoyable work and I will regret leaving the good people here. The elders are interested in securing a preacher for the work here by the time that I leave. Those who are interested should write to the elders in care of the church. Remember the church in Elgin in your prayers."

Luther G. Roberts, Box 6086, Amarillo, Texas, Feb. 14: "Sister M. C. Cuthbertson, who was visiting a daughter in Amarillo, suffered a brain hemorrhage Sunday afternoon, February 10th. Following surgery her condition has improved, but she remains seriously ill at this date. She is in Northwest Texas Hospital, Amarillo, Texas."

Bryan Vinson, 204, E. 18th St., Tulsa, Oklahoma, Feb. 21: "After' several years of pleasant work with the Norhill Church in Houston, Texas, we have just moved here to work with the new Southside congregation. Presently meeting in the Eisenhower school building, this church has purchased adequate acreage in a very desirable location as a future building site. The future is most promising for this congregation as reflected by the number of members already identified with them, and their character, capabilities and enthusiasm. Norhill is a good church, long known for its soundness, and it was difficult to leave them. Brother Wilson, Wallace is their new preacher. We shall always remember them affectionately, and look forward to returning to a meeting there in 1958."

M. T. Bishop, Box 397, Haskell, Oklahoma, Feb. 19: "The work in Haskell moves along in a fine way. Two have been restored recently. In order to complete my files of the GOSPEL GUARDIAN and the BIBLE BANNER, edited by Foy E. Wallace, Jr., I would like to hear from anyone who might have single issues or complete volumes of these papers. Also any who might have single issues or complete volumes of the first four volumes of the GOSPEL GUARDIAN under its present editorship."

The Congregation meeting at 134 Goodman St., Bakersfield, California, is pleased to announce and commend to the faithful, a new congregation of the Lord's body meeting in Bakersfield. This congregation will hold its first service on Sunday, February 17, 1957. This congregation will be comprised of members who formerly worshipped with us at 134 Goodman St. Our ability to seat all of the ones who have been attending or desiring to attend the meetings a 134 Goodman St. is limited. Our building will only seat about tWo hundred comfortably, so it was decided to start this new work. They will be meeting at 424 Sterling Road, Bakersfield, California. In the event you hear that we have had any disagreement, (from the "sweet spirited scandal mongers") please write to the elders of the church of Christ, P. O. Box 267, Station "A", Bakersfield, California, or to the address of the new congregation.

James L. Denison, P. O. Box 325, Agua Dulce, Texas, Feb. 18: "Two placed membership recently. Twice this month we have broken our record attendance for Wednesday night."

M. A. Mansur, 1000 Lynwood Drive, Rolla, Missouri, Feb. 16: "Two more were baptized and three identified with the church here the first two weeks of February. Also the contribution reached an all time high record. We thank the Lord and take courage. Gospel services are conducted each Sunday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. for the benefit of the Army personnel at Fort Leonard Wood Army Base, at Chapel No. 5. You may render a valuable service by notifying your friends or relatives who are stationed there."

Vestal Chaffin, Box 226, Bruceton, Tennessee, Feb. 21: "About the first of May I will bring to a close three years and eleven months of work with the church here. Any faithful gospel preacher interested in the work here can write or call the elders, C. L. Womack, P. O. Box 331; or H. C. Williams, 103 N. Carrol St., Bruceton, Tennessee."

James L. Denison, P. O. Box 325, Agua Dulce, Texas Feb. 20: "Brother Paul Simon of Chipley, Florida, will conduct our meeting April 21 - May 1."

James E. Cooper, 107 Elm St., Campbellsville, Kentucky, Feb. 11: "Since my last report we have had one identified here, and one young lady college student, who worships here, was baptized last Friday, along with her mother and sister, by Brother Alvin Holt of Russell Springs, Kentucky. The church here is in the process of purchasing a house and lot to be used as a temporary meeting house. It is located just off Greensburg Road. We hope to be using it before April. Three meetings are scheduled are this year with Alvin Holt in April, Yater Tant in June, and Earl Fly in the fall. Our radio program is creating interest. Hear it on WTCO, 1450 kc."