Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 17, 1956

Kentucky Bible College Premillennial

R. C. Welch, Louisville, Kentucky

Reports are coming that some brethren throughout the country are being led to contribute to Kentucky Bible College, thinking that it is sound in its teaching. This school is owned and operated by pre-millennialists. It was formerly the school established and operated in Louisville by R. H. Boll, the instigator of pre-millennialism in churches of Christ. The grade school and maybe the high school is retained in Louisville, but the college was moved two years ago to Winchester, Kentucky, where they bought some property and buildings from another college at what seemed a bargain price. They are currently making a drive for the advertised purpose of raising $200,000.00 for liquidating the debt and making necessary changes.

Frank M. Mullins is head of the Bible department. He is widely known for his pre-millennial contention. Since Brother Boll's recent death we are waiting to see upon whom the mantle will fall: whether upon J. L. Clark, the editor of their foremost paper, Word and Work; upon Mullins; or upon both.

Pre-Millennialism Is Not Dying

Some of our brethren over the nation appear to be laboring under the false impression that pre-millennialism among brethren is dying. 'Sometimes they ask those who live in this area if the pre-millennial churches of the area are not gradually going down. This is a false impression, so far as this writer knows. The loyal churches here are growing rapidly, almost phenomenally. The pre-millennial growth is very slow, if at all, but they are not diminishing. If any are engaged in that kind of wishful thinking, that pre-millennial churches are dying, they need to be reminded that wishful thinking will not destroy or defeat evil. They need to be reminded that the work of the past three decades will not suffice for the need of today. We are not having enough teaching against and exposure of this perversion of the gospel.

The development of this new school is intended to be a great boon to their cause. By it they hope to provide a surplus of pre-millennial preachers and to gradually infiltrate them into mom and more churches who are not carefully on guard. Here is the way they describe it in

Word And Work:

"When we invest in this institution we are investing in our youth, in missions, in Christian homes, in the future of our churches, in the ultimate salvation of souls, in eternity. This is a great work"!

Will Not Make Honorable Defense

It is next to impossible to get them to meet an opponent of their doctrine in an honorable public discussion. Boll has never been persuaded to do so. When their champion, Charles M. Neal, met his waterloo at the hands of Foy E. Wallace, the entire group decided that they could not further their cause by such discussion. H. E. Schreiner held one discussion practically unannounced, but cannot be persuaded or dared to engage in another.

Mullins had agreed to meet W. Curtis Porter in a debate in Louisville but sickness caused the postponement of the arrangements. At that time he was living in Dallas, Texas. Since that time and since moving to Kentucky he has not been willing to continue the necessary arranging for such a discussion. Is it possible that the head of their Bible Department is not willing to defend the doctrine which he is perpetrating?

Chambers' Manifesto

Stanford Chambers, one of their preachers and writers, has had much to say in recent months about a manifesto. He wants those who challenge for debate on the subject to make a "positive manifesto" as to what is required for fellowship of pre-millennialists and other churches of Christ. He does not want anyone to tell him what false doctrine to cease teaching, he just wants to know what lie is supposed Ito teach. If he will cease his false teaching on the millennium he will not have to be told what to teach, he will have the truth. Besides, there is serious doubt as to whether he could stand fellowship with those who oppose their pre-millennial doctrine. They say they want unity, but they do not want anyone to oppose their doctrine. It would be in order, then, to ask him to give their manifesto.

Would we have to cease preaching that Christ is ruling on the throne of David, with all authority and power, at the right hand of God, in heaven? That kind of preaching is offensive to their ears. Would we have to cease preaching that the church is God's eternal purpose, and start preaching that Christ did not do what he came to earth to do but changed and set up the church instead? That is their theory that is; it is Boll's theory in his book, Kingdom of God. Would we have to start preaching that the Jewish race is still God's favorite people? That is the Boll pre-millennial theory. Or, could we preach, and mean it, that God is no respecter of persons, that there is neither Jew nor Greek, but we are one man in Christ, as the Scriptures say? Would it be offensive to their ears to show that the prophecy of Daniel two is fulfilled in the church? or would we have to tickle their ears with the doctrine that this prophecy is yet to be fulfilled when Christ comes again and the billions of Jews dead and alive are returned to the little territory of Palestine? That is part of their ridiculous theory.

When brother Chambers has been able to work out THEIR manifesto for fellowship there will then be no need for others to think about one. They will have their human creed, with its human doctrines, and, in fact and act, they will have a sectarian body which all can perceive. Then we will not be so troubled over the country with faithful brethren deciding to lend support to their false teaching and their school for such propaganda.