Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 17, 1956


Voyd N. Ballard, Bakersfield, California

On Monday evening, March 5th, I said the ceremony that united Gordon Wilson and Pat Ballard in marriage. This marriage was performed in our home here in Bakersfield in the presence of a group of brethren and friends.

Pat is our oldest daughter, and Gordon is the youngest son of Brother & Sister John W. Wilson of San Bernardino, Calif.

Both Gordon and Pat were "raised in the church" and both obeyed the gospel at an early age. The son and daughter of gospel preachers, as John Wilson and myself have been preaching the Word for more years than this couple is old. They, therefore, know the joys and heartaches of those who preach the gospel.

At an early age, Gordon took upon himself the responsibility of preaching the gospel and is now in his third successful "local work." While still young, he has already developed into an excellent preacher. Like his father before him, he is sound and faithful and has the faith and courage to take a stand for the Truth and against the "isms" that now trouble the church. Several of Gordon's articles have appeared from time to time in the GOSPEL GUARDIAN.

Gordon and Pat are living at Blythe. California where he is preaching and working with the church. It is our prayer that their lives will be long and happy together, and always useful in the church of our Lord.