Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 24, 1957


December 17, 1956 Dear Brethren:

The church in Miles City has at present eighteen members. Five have been baptized in 1956 in the two meetings that the church has had. Nolan Anderson of Madrid, Iowa, and J. O. Golphnee of Pendleton, Oregon, doing the preaching.

One young man who was baptized this year is attending CCC in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The church is sponsoring free Bible correspondence courses by Monroe Hawley of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with good success.

The interior of our building is unfinished and some finishing touches, such as painting and landscaping must be completed on the outside.

Now, brethren, we only have three men wage earners at present and these include myself. I am trying to help the work of the Lord in this community. In order to do this, it is necessary for me to support my family myself. The church here would appreciate some financial help in the support of myself or someone else who would be satisfactory to those interested.

I am willing, with the help of the Lord, to continue to labor until the necessary help does come, because the church here has a great responsibility to these people who are lost and without God in this present world. Will you help by remembering us in your prayers. We will be happy to hear from you. Send your correspondence to Howard J. Merches, 814 Wells St., Miles City, Montana. The church house is located corner of Winchester Avenue and Clark Street, two blocks east of the hospital.

Debate In Dallas

The following propositions will be discussed on the nights of February 25, 26, 28, and March 1, 1957.

The debate will be conducted in the Ann Arbor church of Christ building, located on Ann Arbor Drive and Frio Street in Dallas, Texas.


"The scriptures teach that one church may (has the right to) contribute to (send funds to, render assistance to) another church, only when the following conditions exist:

"1. The receiving church must be in 'want'; it must be an object of charity (either physical or spiritual).

"2. The donation must be for a work that peculiarly is the work of the receiving church; for a work to which the receiving church sustains a relationship that no other church sustains."

Affirm: Frank Perigo Resolved:

Deny: Charles Hodge Resolved:

"The scriptures teach that one church may (has the right to) contribute to (send funds to, render assistance to) another church which has assumed (undertaken) the oversight of a work to which both churches sustained the same relationship before the assumption."

Deny Frank Perigo Affirm: Charles Hodge

Doyle Banta, 1309 - 9th Avenue S.E., Decatur, Alabama, Jan. 2: "I am in the latter half of my third year with the Somerville Road church here in Decatur. During 1956 there were 18 baptized and 19 restored. B. C. Carr and Douglas Davis, Jr., both conducted good meetings for us last year. We also helped send the C. H. Bankstons, who worshipped with this congregation for eight years, to Africa to work with the Foy Shorts in 1956. With 260 members we had the following weekly averages last year:

Bible School-224, Morning Worship-264, Evening Worship-206, Wednesday Night-191 (the record was 237), and Contribution — $328.40. We also conduct a training class nine months each year for one and one-half hours weekly for the men. I conducted meetings with Perry Street, Pontiac, Michigan; Prospect, Tennessee; Lovell Chapel, Carriger, Valley View, all near Athens, Georgia; and Unity, near Taft, Tennessee. In these meetings 24 were baptized and 10 restored. Six congregations meet in Decatur. The church is on WMSL,-TV Channel 23, five times weekly in Decatur."

L. J. Karkosky, Jr., 2528 E. Main Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan: "We have had seven additions at the East Main church in the last seven weeks. The brethren have asked me to reconsider my plans to move at this time. I have consented to do so. We need a building here very badly. Any church or brother who could loan money for such a cause would do these worthy brethren an outstanding favor. Contact me at the above address."

New Congregation Begins Work In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

B. Hall Davis, Box 8392, University Station, Baton Rouge, 3, Louisiana: Sunday, January 6, 1957, a group started meeting on the campus of Louisiana State University. The University was kind enough to provide us with an assembly room with a capacity of about 100 and a small room for the children's class room. For this we are grateful.

"The University has an enrollment of over 10,00 students of which a very large majority are sectarian in belief.

"There are four families that have started this new work and when you consider the 10,000 students, not to mention the faculty and those living close to the campus, we have an enormous job before us. But we prefer to think of it as a great opportunity.

"We are meeting in the Field House, Room 315. When in this vicinity worship with us."

Eleventh Annual Lecture Series Of Florida Christian College February 11-14, 1957

Daily, February 12-14 9:15 a.m. CHAPEL

10:00 a.m. "Marriage and the family" — Harry Pickup, Sr. 11:00 a.m. "Divine Wisdom and Human Problems"

(I Corinthians) — Clinton D. Hamilton 1:30 p.m. "Life Under the Sun" — (Ecclesiastes)-

Homer Hailey

2:30 p.m. "Alleged Contradictions Between Science and Religion"

Tues. — "The Critics vs. Moses and Noah" Wed. — "The Critics vs. Jonah, Daniel, et al" Thurs. — "The Dead Sea Scrolls"

— Pat Hardeman

3:30 - 4:45 Tues. — "Men I have Known"

C. E. W. Dorris, Nashville, Tennessee Wed. — "Problems I Have Met"

J. Early Arceneaux, New London, Texas Thurs. — "Debates I Have Had"

C. R. Nichol, Clifton, Texas

7:00 p.m. Mon. — "Faith"

Bryon Conley, Bartow, Florida

Tues. — "Baptism"

A. W. Dicus, Miami, Florida

Wed. — "The Second Coming"

Walter Henderson, Ocala, Florida

Thurs. — "Christianity and Communism" Myong Nom (Akio) Limb, Hyogo, Japan

8:00 p.m. Mon. — "Repentance"

J. W. Evans, Mobile, Alabama

Tues. — "Worship"

Gentry Stults, Winter Haven, Florida Wed. — "The Judgment"

W. C. Hatcher. Garland. T