Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 24, 1957

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

When Campbell preached

"Here (Bethany) on the Lord's day, for many a year, in a rude, untidy little meeting house, he wasted the splendors of his great mind. His dozy congregation numbered often not more than fifty. They had wound down their hill-side paths to hear him preach. Many of them passed the time as unconsciously as did the bodies of the dead, which slept in the yard close by. Others lent him a drowsy ear, as incapable of appreciating his masterly inductions as were the kine that browsed on his pastures."

— Moses E. Lard "Death of Campbell" C. G. Caldwell, Sr.

One of the "biggest" preachers in the land happens to be also one of the best and most effective ever to grace a pulpit. Brother C. G. Caldwell, Box 241, Manchester, Tennessee, is now devoting his full time to meeting work. His is the kind of preaching that will strengthen any congregation, and bring the lost to a knowledge of the truth. He has just this month entered into this type work, and should be kept constantly busy. We rejoice that his great pulpit ability will not now be limited to two or three sermons a week as is the case in most local work, but can be exercised more fully and to an enlarged audience.

On the march!

Taking a leaf from the books of the big "sponsoring churches" which are now operating farms, apartment houses, dairies, oil wells, and other income-producing properties, a church in a small town in Texas in fairly recent months was renting out space in a downtown building to (1) a food store, (2) an appliance store, and (3) a domino parlor! Why not? If the brethren are going to spend their time in pool rooms and domino parlors, why shouldn't the church get some revenue from the places ? This is a church "on the march." Oh, yes, this church believes in "Herald of Truth" type of cooperation and in institutional orphan homes, etc. (Need you ask?)

Originality $

Over a leisurely cup of coffee with an ACC faculty member the other day we were discussing "originality." Said he, "Usually what is called 'originality' is the ability to forget the source whence one heard it!" Which reminds us that two or three times in recent years we have seen articles in various religious journals, attributed to contemporary writers, which were taken verbatim from old and rare books and journals with which we happened to be familiar. Do you suppose the copyists "forgot" whence they copied it?

"Dear Sir — You cur."

Newspaper people refer to a familiar type of correspondence as a "Dear Sir: You cur" letter. They are the missives (and missies) that come from the irate, the irascible, the irritated, and the infuriated. We've had our share of them, but are not even in the running with the brethren of a past generation. David Lipscomb was probably one of the most hated men of his generation, and was held up to scorn and ridicule as a church-divider, a crank, a trouble-maker, a fanatic. When prejudiced brethren become incensed, nobody can be meaner or more vicious than they.

Why not?

Then there is the story of the atheist who was badgering a simpleminded old man about miracles, and particularly about Balaam's ass. "Look," said he finally, "how can any rational man think it is possible for an ass to talk like a man?" "Well," replied the earnest old man, with slow emphasis, "I don't see why it ain't as easy for an ass to talk like a man — as it is for a man to talk like an ass!"

Get on with the game

The way some of the brethren are ignoring the issue and concentrating on attacking their brethren who do not agree with them reminds us of the professional football player who spent his vacation in Arizona and decided to teach some of the cowboys there how to play football. "Remember, fellows," said he, "if you can't kick the ball, then kick a man on the other side. Now, let's start the game. Where is the ball?" "Ball?" yelled one of the players, "who needs a ball! Let's start the game!"

Little Willie and television

"Willie's cute as cute can be!

Beneath his brother, only three,

He lit a stick of dynamite.

Now Bubby's simply out of sight!

Little Willie, on his bike,

Through the village took a hike.

Mrs. Thompson block the walk;

She will live; but still can't talk."

Worship or a production?

With perfect timing and in faultless cadence the preacher, song leader, announcement maker, and prayer leader make their entrance and go to their assigned places on the rostrum. The service proceeds. Each man acts on cue. Everybody is on his toes. When the Lord's Super is observed eight men in matching attire take their place before the audience, receive the plates and trays, march swiftly and precisely down the aisles, never missing a step, never getting out of line, never making an awkward or unrehearsed movement. But sometimes we get just a wee bit weary of their robot like perfection. We don't want to be impressed; we want to worship God. We want to worship, not to see a production.

For the birds

Newspaper clipping: "A new note of harmony was added to a recent Sunday service at the First Christian Church in Falls, City, Nebraska. At the pastor's request, canary-owning members brought along their birds to join the organ, choir and congregation in hymn singing."


Brother James D. Willeford and Brother E. R. Harper changed places this month as "Minister" and "Assistant Minister" of Highland Church of Christ in Abilene. Harper is now "Assistant Minister" and Willeford has moved up from that spot to be "Minister." But we still can't get Brother Harper to keep his solemn promise to debate the scripturalness of "Herald of Truth" in San Antonio. Nor will he even answer our letters on the subject. His debating days are apparently over. He will continue to divide churches with "Herald of Truth," but he will NOT defend it again in public debate!