Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 22, 1956

Adventures In Good Reading

All Books Intended For Review In This Column Should Be Sent To C. R. Nichol. Clifton, Texas.

THE EPISTLE TO THE EPHESIANS, by Joseph Parker, Baker Book House, $2.75. This is a reprint of the commentary on the book of Ephesians first published in England.

A verse by verse commentary which is easily read and brim full of information. Matters not whose commentary you have on the book of Ephesians, you will find this a most delightful and informative book. In the first chapter the author says: "Not one man in ten could say definitely and with authority of Holy Scripture what the expression 'the church' means." Again, "There is only one church. God makes no reference to any other church." In reading this book, and it is easily read, you will often find yourself re-reading and pondering the words just read, and then engage in meditation, and rejoice that the book is yours to read, and study. Rejoice in the possession of this good book.

GLORY AWAITS ME, by William Goulooze, Baker Book House, Cloth, $2. The author tells us of some of his trials due to physical sickness, and out of his experiences, and based on the teaching of the Bible he draws lessons which will be of much value to the minister, and others, especially when visiting, and talking with those confined to their bed by sickness. A most interesting and informative presentation of views of the author, when he knew he was facing death by the ravages of a disease which was incurable. He who reads the book will stop many times and hold communion within the confines of his own being, and the reaction can but be beneficial, and me thinks he will be a better man by having read the lessons the author would have one get.

300 SERMON OUTLINES, edited by W. Robertson Nicoll, Baker Book House, Cloth, 278 pages, $2.50. In the book is found Topical Index, also Scriptural Index, making the book very convenient, and serves as a commentary on many passages of Scripture. Sermon outlines, and comments by more than seventy ministers. The sermons are confined to the New Testament, and will be a welcomed addition to the library of students in preaching the New Testament. In connection with the lessons appear numerous illustrations, which are timely, and impressive. The editor has done good work in making selections of "Outlines" which have to do with the people of this day. Looking over the Subject Index, the minister will find suggestions for sermons which he will delight to use, and become interested in presenting to the audience.

LUKE THE PHYSICIAN, by W. M. Ramsey, Baker Book House, Cloth, 418 pages, $4.50. Though this book is just from the press, it is a reprint of the 1908 edition of the book. Bible students who do not have the former edition will rejoice to have this scholarly presentation by Dr. Ramsey. If you wish something to read which you may scan, do not spend money for this book. If you wish to gain information, and walk with a painstaking writer, you will gain much information, not only about Luke, but about the history of religion through the early days of the Christian religion. The book is richly illustrated with pictures of ruins and scenes of heathen worshippers.

The book is chuck full of information, and the student will be thrilled with the amount of useful information the author dug out and presents. The book is not confined to the presentation of the life and teachings of the book of Luke; yet all has its bearing on Christianity, and the place of Luke in the work of the Lord. A valuable book. Get a copy.