Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 15, 1956


Joe H. Morris, Rt. 6, Benton, Kentucky, Oct. 31: "I have just concluded a successful season of meetings, and now am back home for a promising fall and winter work. We will have a busy schedule at Sharpe this fall and winter with emphasis placed on teaching. Two have been baptized recently. Our radio work is widely heard and bearing fruit."

Ellis Webb, 373 Beech St., Berea, Ohio, Oct. 9: "There were two people baptized during my last meeting in East Orange, New Jersey (Sept. 24-30), both of whom had been alcoholics (a husband and wife) and even though it had a deep hold on them they gave it up so that they could become children of God. Brethren, if only we had the wisdom to rescue the 'teeming millions' who make the mistake of taking that first 'social drink,' we'd notice fewer of our 'most talented' members 'falling-from-grace.' Some of you preachers (even in the Lord's church) should be ashamed to teach that 'one social drink' is all right. I know of one preacher that lost his job as minister of a congregation in New Jersey for the above mentioned reason ... During my visit in the New Jersey - New York area, the brethren invited me to preach in Chaplain Dean's office, Military Academy, West Point, New York, and should any of you know of cadets attending that institution please inform them that there is a 'Lord's Day Worship Service' each Sunday at 3 p.m. (started Sept. 23). Some congregations desirous of doing mission work on a 'local scale' it will not he necessary to expose your preacher to 'sea-sickness,' just get in touch with the congregation (10 members) in Haverstraw, N. Y. Contact Brother Paul E. Burcher, 42 Capt. Shanky Dr., Garnerville, N. Y. These brethren are loyal and worthy of support, and are so much in need of a 'preacher-full-time' that they would possibly have taken me (had I been available), so you that know me can appreciate just how desperate they must be ...God help us 'not to grow weary in well doing'.'

Esten Macon, 211 Twin Oaks Rd., McMinnville, Tennessee, Nov. 1: "Five persons recently placed membership at Mt. Leo. A young man was baptized and his wife restored during the meeting at White Chapel. James Harris did a fine job preaching in my absence. It is a pleasure to read in the news reports concerning what others are doing in His kingdom."

Ellis Webb, 373 Beech St., Berea, Ohio, Oct. 29: "During my recent meeting in Hamilton, Ohio (Oct. 17-24) there were five baptisms and one restoration. This meeting was short but interest and enthusiasm ran high, with many visitors present at each service. One of the ladies to be baptized was 85 years of age. The congregation here in Berea is still on the increase, only one and one-half years old, yet it has a bright future. 'Brethren, our main problems are licked when we remain loyal and true to the word, using God's pattern in all our endeavors. 'So let us not grow weary in well doing, neither be discouraged when problems arise. Just remember the early church had their setbacks and even the 'apostate church' grew out of first and second century laxities. May God bless everyone who will strive to carry out the will and work of the Lord using as their guide the pattern left us of our Master."