Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 15, 1956
NUMBER 28, PAGE 10b-11a

News From Here And There

Albert Mclnroe is now located with the University Drive church in Portales( New Mexico . . . . Douglas Davis, who was with the church in Tomkinsvilie, Kentucky for about two years, is now working with the church in Cleveland, Mississippi .... Paul Ayers, who was with the Cleveland church, moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi . . . . Guthrie Dean is moving to Beaumont, Texas, to work with the Gulf Street church. He has been in Ruston, Louisiana .... Charles Stovall has moved from Carrollton, Georgia, to Memphis, Tennessee, where he will work with the Coleman Avenue church . . . . Seeing ourselves as others see us wouldn't do much good; we wouldn't believe it anyway . . . . Earl Dale, who is working with a new congregation in Harlingen, Texas, is now editing a nice bulletin called "'Search the Scriptures." Dale is off to a good start in this new work . . .. James D. Groves, after twelve years with the Vinewood church in Detroit, has moved to work with the church in Daytona Beach, Florida .... Forrest T. Chapman is moving from the River Street church in Valdosta, Georgia, to work with the North Avenue church in Hapeville, Georgia. Chapman was with River Street over three years . . . . Edgar Srygley, who has been supported full-time by the Sherrod Avenue church in Americus, Georgia, has moved to Tampa, Florida, to teach at Florida Christian College. Robert W. Haver moved from 'Martinsville, West Virginia, to Americus and is now preaching for the church. The Sherrod Avenue church is supporting him fully. John D. Cox is the regular preacher for the Sherrod Avenue church . . . . The following Arabian proverb sets forth a real truth: "The eyes are of little use if the mind be blind." . . . Our sincere sympathy is hereby tendered to Brother and Sister Glenn Martin of Mobile, Alabama, in the loss of their young son, who was burned to death in a fire which partially destroyed their home. Glenn is the preacher for the Sage Avenue church. The bulletin from the church there, dated October 28, tells about the fire and gives a touching article "In Memory of A Son." May God bless them.

Continued Response From Graham Ad

When we spent approximately $500 placing our ad concerning the Billy Graham campaign in the Courier-Journals we wondered about the response, or the willingness of people to meditate concerning truths cited. The response has been overwhelming. Letters, critical and commendatory, have been received from people in several states. A letter from Miami, Florida, a phone call from Chicago requesting permission to reproduce the ad, envelopes with contributions and no letter — only a statement on the "for" line that a check is to help pay for the ad; these reflect one side of the ledger. The other side is reflected by letters from preachers (from preachers in First Baptist churches to ministerial students in college); comments which range from one Holiness group conducting a prayer service in a home, for churches of Christ, that we would not criticize the Crusade, to a priest's simple remark that Mr. Graham had at least diverted our attention from Catholicism for a time.

We rejoice that men know that there is a body of people that believes the Truth may be known, obeyed, and defended. Denominationalism has given up its quest for Truth, and in its decision that no one can know the Truth, has concluded that one way is as good as another. The unique position of churches of Christ is due to our conviction that the Truth may be known and obeyed, and that no error is an acceptable substitute for it. Men's consciences are being stirred, and the Kingdom, militant against all error, spreads. So may it ever be! — Harold Hazelip, Taylor Boulevard Church, Louisville, Kentucky.

Muley Cows And False Theories

There was a time when the religious denominations, who hold to the theory that, "Children are born in sin," would defend that doctrine in public discussion. After a few discussions it was discovered that every time a discussion was held a number of people saw the fallacy of the position and gave it up. Soon the proponents of the theory decided it was un-Christian to debate. They quit. Now they just don't believe in debating.

A good many years ago men frequently debated the subject of baptism. After a few shellackings by such men as Wallace, Nichol, Tant, and others, baptism became an unpopular subject for public debate. Those who denied that "Baptism was essential to salvation from sin," continued to propagate the false doctrine, but they came to the point that they just didn't believe in debating.

The premillennial theory was once a subject of much discussion. Men would boldly assert their belief and would try to uphold it publicly. Over and over it was shown to be out of harmony with the teaching of God's word. Fewer and fewer men were willing to defend it, and now, they just don't believe in debating.

A few decades ago the supporters of the American Christian Missionary Society stood ready to defend the Society and its practices. J. B. Briney and others tried with all their might to defend their innovations, and that publicly. But try now to get a First Christian Church preacher to defend their unscriptural practices. You couldn't hog-tie one and get him in a public discussion. They just don't believe in debating.

Some congregations are teaching (and practicing) some things they will not defend; turning their money over to another congregation to spend for them in a "good work"; and sending their members to another congregation for their care and oversight; but it is hard to find one who will defend these things either privately or publicly. Some elders and congregations are resorting to boycott intimidation and quarantine rather than open frank discussion. Any passage of scripture that will condemn the missionary society will also condemn the benevolent society. About the only effort that is being made to defend these arrangements is behind the "Iron Curtain" of the Gospel Advocate and the Finn Foundation where no one will have an opportunity to reply to them. They just don't believe in debating. And why? For the same reason that muley cows don't believe in hooking!

— Albert Mclnroe University Drive Bulletin,

Portales, New Mexico Do you have a book which may belong to the preacher? Two or three volumes are missing from the study. We are always glad to help brethren by loaning them such books as we have which may be of assistance to them, but we do want them promptly returned. No records are kept, so when a book is loaned we have no way of knowing where it is, when memory fails. These lines were memorized several years ago, and we often recall them:

They borrow books they will not buy;

They have no ethics nor religions.

I wish some wise Burbankian guy

Would cross my books with homing pigeons.

— Gordon J. Pennock, Church Messenger, Rockford, Illinois

Churches Versus Restaurants!

The Wisconsin Restaurant Association blamed church dinners for 50 percent 'of new restaurants going broke within the first year. "The association did not object to churches serving their own parishioners."

It was charged that in some Milwaukee neighborhoods "there is a church supper every night of the week, each serving between 300 and 500 people."

— Jimmy Thomas, Gospel Digest

Signs Of The Times

The following note is from the Danville Reporter (church bulletin of the church of Christ in Danville, Illinois). "At the ladies meeting last Thursday we had 12 in attendance and made 100 cancer dressings. We are beginning a new series of lessons, entitled 'Some Do's and Don'ts for the Christian.' Mrs. Ray Moss was our teacher. Our next project will be the improvement of our kitchen. We started with the purchase of a used refrigerator. We lacked $20.00 to completely pay for it so if you would like to share in the renovation of our kitchen, give your donation to Mrs. S. J. Woodruff."

— Bulletin, Morton, Texas Glenn R. Sheumaker. Sr.. 1619 - 10th Ave. W. Bradenton, Florida. Oct. 30: "In June we moved to Bradenton to work with the Tenth Avenue church. Paul Brock preceded me here and is highly respected. For the past 12 years I preached for the church in Hollywood. Florida. When I moved there we had eight members and the church property was valued at $2500.00. When I left we had around 100 members and the church property was valued at $40,000.00. From September 24 through October 3 I preached in a meeting at Warner Robins, Georgia. R. E. Henson has done a good work there. Our fall meeting in Bradenton will begin November 4 and continue through November 14. Franklin T. Puckett from Tampa, Florida, will preach and Albert E. Kipp will direct the singing. Bradenton is 40 miles south of Tampa. Florida. When you come this way stop and worship with us."

C. D. Plum. 4185 E. Main St., Columbus 13. Ohio, Oct. 28: "The church here in Whitehall-Columbus (Route 40) had one baptism and two by membership today."