Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 18, 1956

Marriage With A Roman Catholic . . . Becoming 'Unequally Yoked'

Luther W. Martin, St. James, Missouri

One of the greatest problems within the church of our Lord today is the all too frequent instance wherein a Christian young woman or Christian young man selects a life mate who is outside the Lord's family. Paul warned the Corinthians: "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers .. . ." (2 Cor. 6:14.)

In another letter to the Corinthians, Paul wrote: "The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; ONLY IN THE LORD." (Emphasis mine, L.W.M.) (1 Cor. 7:39.) There is no question but what the teaching, practice and contractural requirements of the Roman Catholic Church come under the prohibition and warning of the inspired apostle. The actual yoke and bondage imposed by Catholicism upon the non-Catholic who unthinkingly marry a Roman Catholic is clearly shown by the material copied below.

The Roman Catholic Pre-Nuptial Contract

"Agreement and Promise To Be Signed By The Non-Catholic Party."

"I, the undersigned, not a member of the Catholic Church, wishing to contract marriage with the Catholic party whose signature is also affixed to this mutual agreement, being of sound mind and perfectly free, and only after understanding fully the import of my action, do hereby enter into this mutual agreement, understanding the execution of this agreement and the promises therein contained are made in contemplation of and in consideration for the consent, marriage, and consequent change of status of the hereinafter mentioned Catholic party, and I, therefore, hereby agree:

"1. that I will not interfere in the least with the free exercise of the Catholic party's religion;

"2. that I will adhere to the doctrine of the sacred indissolubility of the marriage bond, so that I cannot contract a second marriage while my consort is still alive, even though a civil divorce may have been obtained;

"3. that all children, both boys and girls, that may be born of this union shall be baptized and educated solely in the faith of the Roman Catholic Church, even in the event of the death of my Catholic consort. In case of dispute, I furthermore hereby agree fully that the custody of all children shall be given to such guardians as assure the faithful execution of this covenant and promise in the event that I cannot fulfill it myself;

"4. that I will lead a married life in conformity with the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding birth control, realizing fully the attitude of the Catholic Church in this regard;

"5. that no other marriage ceremony shall take place before or after this ceremony by the Catholic priest.

"In testimony of which agreement, I do hereby solemnly swear that I will observe the above agreement and faithfully execute the promises therein contained, and do now affix my signature in approval thereof."

(Signature of non-Catholic party)

Things To Consider

(1) The non-Catholic who signs the above agreement FAILS in his or her duty to the Lord. For the New Testament teaches the children of God to in turn teach to others, the will of God their Father.

(2) By executing the above contract, the non-Catholic consigns his or her own flesh and blood to the dominion of the Roman Church during their most formative years. Thus, prohibiting them of the free exercise of their own reason as they grow and develop. They are born into a world of blind obedience and censorship.

(3) If the Catholic spouse dies, the surviving non-Catholic parent is still obligated by this contract to (IN CASE OF DISPUTE) GIVE THE CHILDREN OVER TO THE GUARDIANSHIP OF A ROMAN CATHOLIC!!

(4) By this contract, the non-Catholic agrees to abide by Roman Catholic laws which may be entirely opposed to his or her own will or faith, yet through this agreement obligates himself or herself to violate their own conscience.

Bible Principles To Be Followed

Instead of obeying the commands of men and manmade religious organizations, Christians should at all times obey the teachings of the New Testament.


(2) Faith comes by hearing God's Word. (Rom. 10:17) ". . . . WHATSOEVER IS NOT OF FAITH IS SIN." (Rom. 14:23.)


(4) A Christian must WALK BY FAITH. (2 Cor. 5:7.) And, since faith is based upon the word of God, and the word of God is found in the Bible, then a child of God must conduct himself in accord with Bible principles rather than following the rules, laws and contrasts devised by men.

Christians CANNOT sign the Roman Catholic Pre-Nuptial Contract and continue to practice Christianity.