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October 18, 1956

A Church Of Christ Hospital

Charles A. Holt, Franklin, Tennessee

For several years some of the liberals among us have been trying to "talk up" a "Church of Christ Hospital." The idea has been rather slow catching "fire," but it seems the time is now right for such. The more that digression and institutionalism have grown in our ranks, the more receptive brethren have become. The promoters now believe that brethren are prepared in heart and mind for such a project and it is underway. None of the advocates of our benevolent and evangelistic societies can consistently oppose such. Guy N. Woods is the latest to join in the song of digression and he is quoted as saying in a speech at Clarksburg, August 24, 1956, that "The church can build and operate a hospital." This is not strange and it is but to be expected from him. He has tried to defend in a debate with W. Curtis Porter that churches can build and maintain a human organization (an institutional orphan home) through which to work. If the church has the right to build and maintain one human institution to do some of its benevolent work (care for orphans), then it has the same right to build another to do other benevolent work — care for the sick and afflicted. Woods is forced to this position. Furthermore, he will be forced to the position that it is scripturally right for the church to build and maintain a human organization through which churches work in doing their evangelistic work — a missionary society! There is no stopping place now for such.

In the Dallas - Fort Worth area plans are now underway to set up a hospital) Mass meetings are being conducted and all the churches in the area are urged to lend support to the undertaking. Will the hospital become a reality? Perhaps it will. It seems that brethren can now promote almost any such project and put it over. If this attempt fails, there will be other attempts made.

Below is a copy of a recent letter sent out to all the churches in the area. It is given to show the active effort being made to give birth to another human organization which will be foisted upon the church. Read it and THINK!

"August 15, 1956

"Dear Brethren:

"Please announce that on August 31st at 8:00 P.M. a meeting is to be held at the Central Church of Christ in Grand Prairie, S.E. 4th and Grand Prairie Road, to further discuss the idea of setting up a hospital in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

"Preliminary discussions at the former meeting were lively, and we hope at this meeting to set up a steering committee to develop concrete plans for the establishment of the hospital.

"Anyone with a sincere interest is invited to attend this meeting.

"Yours in Christ.

William Reeves"