Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 3, 1956

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

The cover

Does the cover look familiar to you? We have used it purposely to bring back memories of that first "Gospel Guardian" of 1935. As that journal marked the turning point in the battle to save the church from premillennialism, so may this issue be a milestone in the new battle to save the church from digression. Furthermore, this cover symbolizes the fact that by far the majority of those veterans of twenty years ago who made up the staff of the original Gospel Guardian stand unmoved and unmoving in their solid opposition to the promotions and digressions of the present day. May it ever be so!

Two Copies?

We do not know what the final printing of this issue will be. The first press run is 50,000 copies; and additional orders are being processed as rapidly as possible. We anticipate a second run, and perhaps even a third. If you chance to get two copies, give one to a friend. And save one for your own careful study. This is something to be preserved!

Lipscomb on unity

In the 1890's, when the terrific battle over the Missionary Societies was at its height, David Lipscomb wrote a series of editorials on "Christian Unity: How Promoted, How Destroyed." These editorials were all gathered in a small booklet in 1916. Inasmuch as the principles set forth in the Lipscomb editorials are very much to the point in present problems before the church, the Gospel Guardian plans to re-run the entire series, some ten editorials in all. They draw clearly the line between "faith" and "opinion" in matters of religion. The first of the series will appear in our next issue.


When this issue reaches you the editor will be in a meeting in Brazoria, Texas. Work for the next few months is as follows: Richmond, Virginia (Forest Hill), May 13-20; Grand Saline, Texas, June 4-13; Decatur, Georgia, June 24-July 1; Cortez, Colorado, July 8-15; San Diego, California, July 22; meetings in Washington and Oregon from July 25 through September 2. We will have to find time somewhere this year to work in the Tant-Harper debate in San Antonio. Announcement will be made about that as soon as we can hear from Brother Harper.

Tant-Harper soon ready

Type has now been set on the Tant-Harper debate (the Abilene debate) and the book will be soon ready for distribution. Pre-publication price is $3.00, and after the book is in print the price will be 3.75. We urge all who get this "Special Issue" to order the Tant-Harper debate at once, and study it in connection with the articles in this paper. If you want a thorough study of the whole question, you should also order the Otey-Briney Debate ($3.00), and the Indianapolis Debate ($2.50) which deal with these issues. All three books can be ordered from the Gospel Guardian, Box 980, Lufkin, Texas.


Occasionally we get a brick-bat from some fuming brother who thinks we have reported something as a fact which was not a fact. One such told us we ought to qualify such reports with "it is believed," "it has been claimed," "it is alleged," etc. Reminds us of the cub reporter who was given such a warning by his boss, and turned in the following item: "It is rumored that a party was given yesterday by some reputed ladies. Mrs. Smith, it is said, was hostess, and the guests were all alleged to be local people. Mrs. Smith claims to be the wife of Robert Smith, who is rumored to be the president of an alleged bank in this city."

Why not subscribe?

Many thousands will read this issue of the Gospel Guardian who are not regular subscribers. Why not send in your subscription today? Keep informed; read both sides of controversial issues; have the interest of the cause enough at heart to study the present problems before the church. In this journal you will find free, open, and brotherly discussions. Yearly subscription rate is $3.00.

Two in one

Our regular subscribers will notice that we have two issues in one this week — Numbers 1 and 2 That means your next paper will be dated May 17.


This week we begin our eighth year of weekly publication of the Gospel Guardian, and the eighth year this writer has served as editor. These have been critical years, and not without their heartaches; but we have enjoyed them. The bound volume (Volume Seven) of the last year will be prepared very shortly. We are working on the index now. We have a few copies of Volume Six left. The price is $6.00 each. Material in these bound volumes is rich and invaluable in the study of current issues before the church. If you do not have them, you should get them NOW.

Definition of tact

Tact is that quality of being possessed by a guy who won't change his mind — but can change the subject.


Are you about to commit suicide, rob a bank, shoot your wife? Wait! Before taking the irrevocable step, pick up your telephone and "dial a prayer." This new fad is sweeping the nation like wild-fire. Recorded prayers are available in all the major cities to anybody who wants to hear one — just like the "Time of Day gimmicks, or the "You have wrong number, will you dial your number again, please" voice on tape. One Baptist preacher in Louisville reported that his machine registered one thousand calls in a single day. As to be expected some of our "forward looking (visionary) brethren" have aped the sectarians in this as in other fads, and several cities now are featuring their "Church of Christ Dial-a-devotion" accommodations.