Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 13, 1956
NUMBER 19, PAGE 14-15a

The Overflow

F. Y. T.


Some people think an evangelist is a "traveling preacher." If that's all it takes, we qualify. By the time this page is printed, we hope to be back home in Abilene after having been absent since June 22. Within this time we will have preached at Atlanta, Georgia; Bakersfield, California; Cortez, Colorado; San Diego, Santa Ana; Yosemite Encampment, and Napa, all in California. And in Oregon at these places: Hillsboro, Portland, Cottage Grove, Sweethome, and Lebanon. In Washington, the appointments were at Vancouver, Bremerton, Seattle, Renton, Olympia, and Centralia. Next meeting: Fort Deposit, Alabama, September 23-30.

Yes, indeed!

He preaches for one of the biggest churches (not the biggest) in Oklahoma City, and is an ardent, tee-total devotee of the Gospel Advocate, institutional orphan homes and the Herald of Truth. In a warm controversy in Oregon last summer he insisted that it was impossible to fulfill the requirements of James 1:27 by taking orphans and widows into Christian homes to provide for them, but that some sort of institutional arrangement is essential. And he put the clincher on with this profound killer-diller: "They've got to be in an orphan home or an old folks' home, because if they are in your own home, how in heaven's name can you 'visit' them?"

The Livermore debate

A few weeks ago Brethren Forrest D. Moyer and Lyle McCollum debated the "centralized control" issue in Livermore, California. The very strongest defense possible was made for Herald d of Truth by Brother McCollum by the use of two, and only two, major arguments: (1) Herald of Truth is an example of 'universal church action,' which action is according to the Scriptures, and (2) "There are many things we practice for which we cannot give Scripture," (This last is an exact quotation from Brother McCollum's own statement of his argument.)

We understand

If you see an occasional typographical error in your article, just remember that the editor himself is not immune to such indignities. Our Guardian printers do a far better job than most, but even so we sometimes have occasion to understand what David is reported to have said — and didn't. Cotton Mather tells of a Bible printed sometime before 1702 in which David is made to say in Psalm 119:161, "Printers have persecuted me without a cause."

Church of the Anew Born

Brother V. R. Daugherty, preacher for the fast growing Southwest church in Seattle, and in whose home we had a very pleasant visit last month, tells us of another church name to add to our collection. It is the "Church of the Anew Born" in Seattle. And from the same section of the country we learn of the "Greater Little Hope Baptist Church."

In Bakersfield

A few weeks ago we reported that the disgraceful lawsuit against the East Bakersfield congregation was brought by "members of another congregation" in Bakersfield. Actually, that statement is correct, though technically it needs clarification. The three men who instituted the law-suit are former members of East Bakersfield church; but at the time of the suit they were no longer members there, having been withdrawn from, and were in regular attendance, and full fellowship, elsewhere in the city. Actually that constituted them members of the church where they regularly attend and are in full fellowship, though we are informed they had not formally "placed membership" at the time of their starting the lawsuit in an effort to gain East Bakersfield church property. Whether they have done so by now or not, we are not informed. Our statement should have read "members attending another congregation."

Is this the explanation?

This is one of those apocryphal stories, and it probably never happened, but it's bringing understanding smiles wherever it is being told over the country. It seems a gospel preacher who had attended the Abilene debate approached Brother E. R. Harper a few weeks ago andasked, "Ernest, what on earth possessed you that you ever, under any circumstances, agreed to another debate on Herald of Truth? Is it possible that you actually did not understand how those debates were going? I wish you'd tell me, if you know, why you ever thought you'd be willing to go into another debate in defense of your arrangement." Replied E. R. Harper, "Temporary insanity."

No luck, yet

We still have made no progress in our effort to get Brother Harper to fulfill his promise to debate the "Herald of Truth" issue in San Antonio. He publicly and emphatically committed himself to this debate before fifteen hundred people in Abilene last winter. He is morally obligated to carry through with his pledge to defend his teaching and practice. Whether he was "temporarily insane" when he made the promise or not, and whether he made the promise in good faith or not, we do not know. We do know he made the promise; and now he has backed out. He refuses to answer our letters about it, or thus far he refuses. Perhaps by the time this is in print we will have heard from him. We'll let you know if we get any response.


"This is what I found out about religion: It gives you courage to make the decisions you must make in a crisis, and then the confidence to leave the result to higher power. Only by trust in oneself and trust in God can a man carrying responsibilities find repose."

— Dwight D. Eisenhower

Volume Seven

Don't let it happen to you! We are constantly receiving requests for back volumes (bound) of the Gospel Guardian. Each year after they are all gone somebody writes in, "I meant to order, but just neglected." All back volumes are now sold out except Volume Seven. We had an extra number of them bound, but they, too, will soon all be sold out. If you want this real treasure of rich material, order today! Price: $5.00.

Are you interested?

We know a fine young gospel preacher, 25 years of age, married, and with two children, who would like to move. He is true to the Book, and has made an excellent record wherever he has worked. For four years he has preached where he now is, largely supporting himself by secular labor for most of that time. The church has grown and prospered. He desires to move to a new location, and is willing to support himself in part time if necessary and if the field looks promising. He is now preaching in Mississippi. If interested, write this editor and we'll give you his name and address.