Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 16, 1956
NUMBER 15, PAGE 12-15b

Reading The Bulletins

Charles A. Holt, Box 365, Franklin, Tennessee

News From Here And There

Our sympathy to Brother and Sister Charles Scott in the loss of their infant son — only eleven days old at the time of his death. Scott is the preacher for the church in Old Hickory, Tennessee. The Scotts have three other children .... Also , our deepest sympathy to Brother and Sister Wayne Coats, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, who recently lost a twenty month old son, Lannie, in a freak accident. Lannie was one of a set of triplet boys who had come to live with the Coats ...Glynn Purdy is the preacher for the church in Laurel, Mississippi. He has been there several years. He is now editing a nice weekly bulletin. Purdy is doing a fine work in Laurel ...E. W. Stovall has moved from Glasgow, Kentucky to Pocahontas, Arkansas, where he is serving as evangelist. He spent about four years in Glasgow. Stovall edits a weekly paper called The Noble Searcher. It is a good publication .... A. C. Grider, who has been the preacher for the Park Street church in Bowling Green, Kentucky for over three years, will move to Louisville, Kentucky about the first of September to work with the Preston Highway congregation ...Joseph H. Cox, who has been working with the Preston Highway church in Louisville since its beginning, will work with the Locust Grove congregation in the Louisville area ...The Westside church in Phoenix, Arizona has recently completed a new addition to their building consisting of five new classrooms. As stated in The Perk-Up, the weekly bulletin of the church, edited by Derrel Starling, the preacher, "This has been made possible by the sacrifice and work of many members of the church. They were built for the purpose of instructing both saint and sinner in the word of God. No kitchen, recreation hall or dance floor was included in the structure." ...From many bulletins all over the nation we read reports concerning the Special Issue of the Gospel Guardian. Churches purchased bundles for distribution to every member. This Special Issue is still available and should be widely distributed. Order today ...The Reminder, published by the 39th and Flora church in Kansas City, Missouri, and edited by the 'preacher, Bill Humble, is one of the neatest and very best bulletins coming to my desk. It always contains good material. Humble is a fine writer. This good church is in the process of building a new church building ...Guy Roberson has labored with the church in Walterboro, S. C. for almost two years and has done a fine job. The first of September he will move to Nashville, Tennessee, where he will be the evangelist for the Due West congregation. Robert Jackson recently helped the Walterboro church in a good meeting. He was supported by the Riverside Drive church in Nashville, where he labors regularly .... If there is a congregation anywhere that is interested in supporting a faithful, sacrificing and hard-working preacher in the "mission field," let me commend Robert H. Bunting. Bob has just recently moved to Orangeburg, S. C., a nice city of fifteen to twenty thousand people. There is no church there. He is receiving $85 per week from the good church at Old Hickory, Tennessee. This is all of his support and from it he must pay his own house rent. Bunting has secured a temporary meeting place for the church. South Carolina is practically a "mission field." Here is a deserving work and a capable man to do the job. Shall the work be hindered for lack of adequate support? Surely there are churches who will help out in this work. Do so at once. 'Contact: Robert H. Bunting, 1142 Evergreen, N. E. Orangeburg, S. C.

Special Issue Of The Gospel Guardian

Copies of the "Special Issue" of the Gospel Guardian are in the tract racks in the vestibule. The elders have expressed a desire that every family have a copy to study. Please read every word in it. It will do you good to re-read it again and again.

This issue contains some of the finest articles ever written. The issues covered in the paper are the very issues that threaten to divide and destroy the church. In this issue the writers plead for serious and prayerful consideration on these things.

— Park Street Messenger, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Working For The Devil

A mill, manufacturing goods during World War II, put the following sign over the gate: "When you lay out, you are working for Hitler." No one could have successfully denied this.

Applying this principle to the church, the sign might be made to read: "When you stay away from the church services, you are working for the Devil." Jesus said in Matthew 12:30, "He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad." The Devil has some workers among church members! Let all cease working for Satan and labor diligently in the service of the Lord. We will be looking for you at every service this coming week.

— The Perk-Up, Phoenix, Arizona

Rich Man And Lazarus...

We are reminded in this story, whether history or parable, that man does not become extinct in Hades, and retains his inner and outer faculties. Upon the surface of the record we notice the following facts concerning the retention of consciousness after death in torment. (Luke 19-31.)

1. Taste: "Cool my tongue.

2. Feeling: "I am tormented in this flame."

3. Speech: "He cried ...."

4. Memory: "Son, remember."

5. Sight: "Seeth Abraham."

6. Hearing: He heard what Abraham had to say.

7. Reason: "That my five brothers come not to this place."

Though these facts are disputed by those who teach that man's soul sleeps from the day of death to Judgment, they cannot escape the facts. Even if this account were a parable, Jesus would not convey untruths for the sake of a parable, but these are things that actually occurred.

A Gem From Campbell

A beggar once asked alms from a very rich Pharisee. He refused.

only ask for a shilling," said the poor beggar. "I cannot give it, sir."

"A penny, then, sir, if you please."

"No sir."

"Your prayers then."

"Yes, 0 yes!", replied the Pharisee.

"I have no faith in them," said the beggar; "if they were worth a penny you would not give them."

Such are the prayers for the poor and the conversion of the world which we too often hear in our Christian synagogues — not worth a penny!

— A. Campbell in Millennial Harbinger

Do The Right

Courage, Brother, do not stumble,

Though your path be dark as night; There's a star to guide the humble;

"Trust in God and do the right."

Let the road be rough and dreary, And its end far out of sight,

Foot it bravely, strong or weary, "Trust in God and do the right."

Perish policy and cunning!

Perish all that fears the light! Whether losing, whether winning, "Trust in God and do the right."

Trust no party, sect, or faction; Trust no leaders in the fight; But in every word and action,

"Trust in God and do the right."

Simple rules and safest guidings, Inward peace, and onward might, Stars upon our path abiding,

"Trust in God and do the right."

Some will hate thee, some will love thee, Some will flatter, some will slight; Cease from men, and look above thee,

"Trust in God and do the right."

— Selected