Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 9, 1956

Concerning Catholic Teaching

Roger M. Hendricks, Albemarle, North Carolina

The fact has been brought to my attention that many sincere Catholic people do not believe that the Catholic Church teaches itself to be the one, the only true church.

In a letter that I read just recently, written by a Catholic, the writer commented that he had become "soured on the Church of Christ" because it claimed to be the true church revealed in the Bible and it condemned denominationalism (Catholicism specifically). He stated that he had never heard any priests condemn "protestant" denominations.

Since, undoubtedly, there are many other Catholic people who have this same misconception, with regard to the Catholic teaching, I submit the following quotations from Catholic Writers. Of course, many other quotations could be given but these will suffice.

There Is Only One True Church

"Marriage between baptized persons is a sacrament, and the sacrament, the channels of divine grace, have been entrusted by Jesus Christ to the one church He built upon a rock." (Emphasis His, R.M.H.) (Why Six Instructions, Joseph H. Schlarman, Bishop of Peoria, p. 48.)

"Certainly you cannot believe that God approves all churches ...."

"There are many different Churches and you should belong to the right one .. . . and only one can be right."

Speaking of Christ: ". . . . He founded only one group, not many." (All Emp. His, R.M.H.) (Why Catholics "Keep Running to Church," Pamphlet No. 2, pp. 4, 5.) (The Knights of Columbus have printed at least 48 pamphlets setting forth Catholic doctrine. If interested in securing them, send to K. of C., 4422 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis 8, Mo. Ask for information concerning the Catholic Church. No cost.)

"It is likewise Catholic belief that the Savior established one and only one Church, membership in which is a strict obligation for those who would benefit by His death." (Emp. His, R.M.H.) (Why the Catholic Church Says "Investigate," Pam. No. 7, pp. 28, 29.)

"In fact, our common sense alone, apart from revelation, is sufficient to convince us that., God could not be the author of various opposing systems of religion." (Faith of Our Fathers, Gibbons, Chapter II, p. 6.)

"The Catholic Church Is the Only True Church"

(This caption is a quotation found in the Parish Catechism.)

"How many churches did Jesus Christ establish? Jesus Christ founded only ONE church. There are over 259 kinds of Christian churches in America today. Only one of them is the true church of Christ. Which church is the true church of Christ? The church recorded in the Bible is the true church of Christ. Which church is the church recorded in the Bible? The only church "that could possibly be the church that Christ founded is a church that is 1900 years old, namely, the Roman Catholic Church."

"Is the Catholic Church then the only true church? Yes, the Catholic Church is not only the oldest Christian church, not only the best church, it is the only church made by Jesus Christ and therefore, the only true church." (The Parish Catechism, Farrell, pp. 46, 47.)

"Again I must ask you to look at the claim of the Catholic Church. We have seen she claims to be the one true church ..." (Emp. His, R.M.H.) (Why Six Instructions, Schlarman, p. 49.)

". . . . only the Catholic Church corresponds to the plans of that organization which Christ called MY CHURCH."

"There remains, then, but one Church which can rightfully claim to be the Church of Christ. That is the Catholic Church." (Why Catholics "Keep Running to Church," Pam. No. 2, pp. 19, 24.)

"It is the Catholic Church alone which possesses the means of holiness given by her Founder, Jesus Christ. That is why the Catholic Church alone can make men holy." (But Why Don't YOU Pray To the SAINTS?, Pam. No. 47, p. 14.)

??? Salvation In Other Churches ???

"What is clear, however, is that the Catholic Church today and it alone retains all those means of making men holy . . . it alone possesses the true teaching of Christ .... it alone makes laws which have never led man away from God." (Emp. mine, R.M.H.)

"Jesus Christ did not found any other Church besides the Catholic Church. There is no other way of salvation apart from her." (But Why Don't YOU Pray To the SAINTS?, Pam. No. 47, pp. 14, 15.)

"Pope Pius IX stated the position of the Church very clearly when he said: 'We must hold . . .. that out of the Apostolic Roman Church there is no salvation! . . . (You Hear Strange Things About Catholics, Pam. No. 1, p. 14.)

"What is wrong with the Protestant Churches? The Protestant churches were not founded by Christ, but by men. They have no authority to teach, to give grace, to govern people. They frequently fight against God's Church and reject some of His teachings. They have abandoned many of the teachings of Jesus Christ."

"Does it really matter to what church you belong? Yes, it does matter to what Church you belong; it makes all the difference in the world. The only church you should join is the one made by God, the one that will lead you to heaven if you follow its teaching and laws. Is it true that any religion will get you to heaven if you believe it ? Belief in the erroneous teachings of false religions does not lead people to heaven; religious error leads people away from heaven." (The Parish Catechism, Farrell, pp. 48, 59.)

Now, friends, when you hear some Catholic make the statement that their church does not condemn denominations differing from themselves, you can know for certain that he is either misinformed about the matter or else he is trying to deceive someone and isn't, in reality, sincere.

Certainly the Bible teaches that there is only one true church. But that it is the Roman Church, neither I nor other gospel preachers will concede. Let our Catholic friends prove this in public debate.

These quotations are going to be sent to my friend in hope that he will be able to see that in condemning the church of Christ for teaching that there is only one true church and that denominationalism is wrong he condemns his own Catholic brethren as well.