Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 12, 1956
NUMBER 10, PAGE 11b,12b,15c


Esten Macon, 211 Twin Oaks Rd., McMinnville, Tennessee, June 16: "Garland Elkins conducted the Mt. Leo meeting June 3-12. It was the largest in attendance in the church's history. Chairs were used the biggest part of the time. Three persons were baptized. Elkins was invited to return in 1959. Our local radio program is widely listened to. My 1956 meeting schedule has been filled. The church at Morrison, Tennessee is in need of a full-time minister. Those interested, contact the elders. My first mission meeting will be with the Glady church in Candler, N. C., August 12-22. Bethany church will sponsor me in a mission meeting this fall."

Olen Holderby, Coalinga, California, June 14: "I recently did the speaking in gospel meetings at San Luis Obispo, and Pasadena, California. Both places are small in number but are endeavoring to do the Lord's will. The brethren in Coalinga continued my support while holding these meetings. Brother Don Sawatzke is the energetic preacher at San Luis Obispo. The brethren in Pasadena have no regular man working with them. We are in the midst of a VBS in Coalinga. Three have recently been baptized and one identified with the brethren here. We ask only your prayers."

Grover Stevens, Lubbock, Texas: "I just closed a good meeting with the Second and Deahl congregation in Borger, Texas. Six were baptized, five restored, and four were identified with the congregation during the meeting. Brother Dean Bullock is the faithful evangelist with this good church. I have seven more meetings this year in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois."

Vacation Bible School

Floyd A. Decker, 1811 Jackson, Monroe, Louisiana, June 18: "June 8, we closed what we considered a very successful Vacation Bible School. It was the first Vacation Bible School the Monroe church has ever had and through the cooperation of all a great amount of good was done. The school was run at night — meeting each evening at 7 o'clock and dismissing at about 8:40. Haney Starling helped us in a great way. Brother Starling preaches at the West Monroe church. Brother Percy Keene, who preaches at Bawconville and Meredith Johnson the preacher for the Sterlington congregation taught classes and assisted in many ways. I have never seen better cooperation than was manifested through the five nights of this school. While we planned for 250 we went over the top the first night with an attendance of 327 and reached a high on Thursday night of 394.

"Having the Bible school at night allowed the parents and other adults to attend. We conducted the men's class on a 'Lectureship' basis with a different speaker each night. The women's class was taught by Mrs. Floyd A. Decker, Mrs. Audrey Taylor and Mrs. Herbert Porter. Both the men and the women were much pleased with the results — the ladies having an attendance high of 102. From the beginners to the oldest adults we heard only praise for the five wonderful nights of teaching and study and genuine Christian fellowship.

"We feel that having the 'school' at night that many problems are solved which we could not solve in a 'day' school. Transportation problem is solved inasmuch as the adults come and bring the children. In fact, we like it so well that we want to try it again next year. We believe that this particular school did as much good as a regular meeting would have done."

C. C. Doggett, 124 E. Center St., Canton, Mississippi, June 18: "Last Lord's day one young man was baptized into Christ."

Rollo Tinkler, Rt. 9, Box 757, Houston, Texas, June 21: "These propositions are to be discussed on the nights of July 23, 24, 26 and 27, 1956. Disputants are to be Lee Reed and Rollo Tinkler. The building of the Lindale church is to be used on the 23 and 24 and the Irvington church's building to be used on the 26 and 27. The discussion is to begin at 7:30 each evening.

RESOLVED: The scriptures teach that men and women may teach the Bible in classes arranged by the church.

AFF. — Rollo Tinkler NEG. — H. Lee Reed

RESOLVED: The scriptures prohibit men and women from teaching the Bible in classes arranged by the church.

AFF. — H. Lee Reed NEG. — Rollo Tinkler

It is believed by this writer that the discussion will do much good and that it will be carried on in a manner becoming to Christians."

Brother Roy Cogdill will be with the Caprock church in an open air meeting July 8 through 15. Services each evening at 8 o'clock. We are working and praying for a great meeting. All within driving distance are urged to attend.

John O. Dillingham, 2013 Elkdale St., Selma, Alabama, June 20: "Franklin T. Puckett preached in our recent meeting. Two baptisms resulted and the church had the opportunity to profit by faithful and forceful preaching of the gospel."