Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 8, 1955

Support Needed At Covington, Ga.

Connie W. Adams

Dear Brethren:

This letter is being written on behalf of the small but faithful group of Christians in Covington, Georgia. In January, 1955, the Glenwood Hills congregation in Atlanta, Georgia made an effort to begin the work in the city of Covington. The group met the third Sunday in January in the American Legion Home and has been meeting there on Sunday afternoons ever since. There are twelve members at present, only two of which are men. Both of these men have obeyed the gospel since the work started there. It has been the writer's pleasure to preach there on Sunday afternoons and to conduct one gospel meeting there.

Covington is an old traditional southern town and splendors of the past are manifested in the stately homes with tall white columns. The town, with adjoining communities, has around nine to ten thousand inhabitants. There are two newspapers, and a radio station which could be utilized in spreading the truth.

The work desperately needs a full-time preacher. Brother John Gasaway, a faithful gospel preacher, has agreed to come and work there. He has four children and, of course, must provide for the needs of his family. He is willing to teach school or work with his hands to provide for his necessities, but even at that other support must be supplied. I am trying to help him raise at least $150 a month to supplement what he may be able to earn or what the church at Covington can supply. The church there may be able to supply $80 a month at the beginning.

I am wondering if there are not elders or interested brethren who read these lines who can help in this work. Although Glenwood Hills has started this work and is supporting it all it can at present, we are not setting ourselves up as a "sponsoring church." All communications are to be made to the church at Covington. Interested people should write to E. H. Reed, Route 1, Oxford, Georgia. If you desire further information about John Gasaway, write to James R. Cope, Franklin Puckett, or John Dillingham.

If you desire further information about Covington or the work there, I shall be happy to supply it. Write to me at 807 Daniel Avenue, Decatur, Georgia.