Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 18, 1955

Help Our Brethren In Italy

O. C. Lambert, Winfield, Alabama

Some months ago I had a letter from Brother Cline R. Paden, stating that the brethren in Italy would like to translate my recent book, CATHOLICISM AGAINST ITSELF, Volume I, into Italian, for their use, and asking my permission to do so. In reply to that request I not only gave permission to translate it but offered it as my contribution to the Italian work. I also promised to contact brethren in America, asking their aid in financing this venture. Quite a large portion of the book has already been translated and no doubt will be finished soon.

In order that you may know of their urgent needs I give you the following excerpts from his recent letters:

"Notwithstanding the great problem that Catholicism poses there is a dearth of material that is usable on the subject. Usually the material to be found consists of the rantings of some ex-priests or the biased opinions of some uninformed writer. It is indeed refreshing to read something not only usable but convincing as well. The book, CATHOLICISM AGAINST ITSELF is everything it claims to be. I have found time to enjoy every page of it. Who should be better able to describe Catholicism than Catholic theologians? What better proof of the error of this system than the evidence they furnish so abundantly and so contradictorily?

"Thank you so much for offering us the fruits of your labor, and especially for your offering to help us raise the money to print it in Italian! You have done the cause of Christ a great service in this great indictment against Catholicism. It will bear fruit long after you have passed from this scene of the Divine drama.

"I believe that by calling attention to the brotherhood that the work is considered IMPERATIVE for the Italian field, that many who have not read it as yet will want to buy it to read and use. If more than enough money is raised for the Italian version we can either put the rest aside for the translation and publication of the second volume or, better, give it to the French or Spanish fields for a printing in those languages. Catholicism everywhere needs to feel the impact of this great work! And it should be printed in every language spoken by Catholics.

"Brother Sam Corazza and I are coming right along with the translation. There will be nothing like it in Italian, and I know that the book will enjoy a wide distribution here among Catholics, Protestants, and Christians alike. We are very anxious to get it printed so that we can give it to our own preaching brethren first and Catholic friends next. We have a large list of clerics on our mailing list and we are constantly sending them sample copies of our monthly bulletin and journal, called IL SEME DEL REGNO (the seed of the kingdom), quite a few are regular paid subscribers. I am sure we can sell many copies to the priests.

"I must close this for now lest it become a volume in itself. But before I do I think I should tell you that in all probability the printing cost of the book in an edition of 2000 (which should be sufficient for the present) will cost about $1,500. This will include the buying of the type for future reprints. We have our own printing press and have men come in and work on our press by the hour (I mean, to pay them so much per hour, so all we are out is wages, paper, ink and type, then the binding). By conserving the type we can more cheaply run off the second edition. So in the future we can give the book as wide distribution as funds will permit at a much cheaper cost than the first printing."

I suggested to Brother Paden that since I had spent thousands of dollars and years of study in collecting this material, that now the very necessary consideration is to keep these books safely for the future, so that every quotation can be verified, and that I was looking for some person who would be willing to build a library to house and protect them. To this suggestion he made the following reply:

"I think that the proposed library should be pushed and believe that it could be easily brought about. Too, I would welcome the idea of your coming over here and staying as long as possible while you write the second and third volumes. Think about it."

Any person who is interested in helping Brother Paden and others in this undertaking should send funds directly to him. His address is: Cline R. Paden, Via Achille Papa 25, Roma, Italia.