Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 8, 1954

Fable Of The Magpie

Robert F. Turner

Once upon a time the Magpie was known as Grand Champion of Nest Builders; builder of the best nest in Bird Kingdom.

Oftimes great throngs of birds would gather around to hear the Magpie tell how these wonderful nests were built. The Magpie would say, "First, one must find a cozy nook in some rocky craig — ." But at this point, the Eagle would soar away crying, "I know! I know!" — and he would use a nook in some rocky craig as his nest.

The Magpie would continue, "Next, one must carefully lace together a framework of sticks ...." Here, the Crow would fly away cawing, "I know! I know!" and he would build his house of sticks.

With great patience the Magpie would continue, "Next, one uses leaves . . ." but before the story could be finished another bird would grasp a half-truth and fly away crying, "I know! I know!" By the time the Magpie could FINISH her story, all of the birds would have flown away, satisfied with half-truths, AND SO — the story goes — the Magpie is STILL Grand Champion of Nest Builders.

"FAITH" — and "faith only" adherents cry, "I know!"

"REPENT" — and the mourner's bench answers, "I know!"

"BAPTISM" — and.......

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