Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 3, 1954
NUMBER 5, PAGE 13-14


W. E. Fortney, 162 Harrison, Clarksburg, West Virginia, May 18: "The meeting at Salem, near Glen Easton, West Virginia, resulted in two baptisms. Interest and attendance were good."

M. C. Cuthbertson, Box 1001, Culver City, California, May 19: "I did the preaching in a meeting with the Redlands, California Church, which closed May 9th. Brother Jeff Walling is the hard working preacher for this church. He is loved by the entire church. The meeting was well attended from the beginning. Nine people were baptized into Christ. We enjoyed our visit with all the church. We believe that much good was accomplished. Brethren Neil and Carlton are the elders. Sunday was a good day here at Culver Palms Church. I am to do the preaching in a meeting at Eugene, Oregon, beginning June 16th."

Frank Trayler, Ch. (Maj.) USAF, 237 Thompson Place, San Antonio, Texas, May 16: "I am now Base and Wing Chaplain at Kelly Field, so we have moved nearby. One Airman was baptized today, and four restored recently in Chapel No. 4, Lackland Air Force Base, at our 1:00 p.m. service on Sunday's."

Joe H. Morris, 2707 Ky. Ave., Paducah, Kentucky, May 17: "Closed a very pleasant meeting at Wyandotte, Michigan, May 12. One was baptized and one confessed wrongs. P. J. Waller is doing a fine work with this good congregation. One restored and two confessed wrongs at Clements Street yesterday. James Miller will preach in our meeting June 6-16. I will be with the Norwood, Ohio church in a meeting June 21-30. Our radio work gains in influence."

James O. Wilburn, Box 11, Gruver, Texas, May 1: "In our spring meeting at Gruver three were baptized and one restored. John H. Alley of Denver preached and Clyde Barber directed the singing. I close with the church at Oakwood Oklahoma tomorrow. We begin a daily vacation Bible school at Gruver May 24."

Ira B. Sandusky, 10th and Utica, Plainview, Texas, May 18: "Work goes along in fine shape and we are having growth with 46 responding to the invitation since January 24. Elders and deacons appointed in April and elders making plans for future work of the church at this place. We began full support of Roy Tidwell at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, May 1. This is being sent direct to Brother Tidwell — not through some man, church or agency. The church is the only Mission society found in the New Testament and the local congregation is IT. The Lord willing I'll be at E. Burleson Church in Marshall June 1 for a meeting. I still have time for two mission meetings this year, as the church here Will support me in two more than arranged. I'd rather have that type of meetings if they are needed. Pray for us and the Lord's cause at this place."

J. Leathel Roberts, 1217 Alegria, Austin, Texas. May 19: "Twenty months ago the Brentwood congregation began with thirty-four members, meeting in the Brentwood school building. Brother John B. White, an elder of the University Avenue congregation, whose wonderful qualities shall long be remembered, preached until I arrived four and one-half months later. The first meeting in the new building, erected upon the lots given to us by the University Avenue congregation, was held November 15, 1953. We knew this building would be too small; therefore, it was built with overall plans to add a larger building later, but not as soon as we will be forced to build. Last Lord's day we had 215 for Bible Study and had to use three overflow rooms to seat the public assembly. Our membership now stands at 207. Austin, where the church has been for more than a hundred years, with a population of more than 150.000. has only six white congregations. There is a great, need for five more congregations to be started immediately. It would be the greatest asset to the church here, as there are communities yet unreached here.

G. K. Wallace, Box 2794, Tampa 2, Florida: "After June 1 I shall again devote all of my time to preaching the gospel. For the past two years I have been teaching in Florida Christian College, but from now on I shall be engaged simply in holding meetings and assisting congregations wherever needed.

Plato Black, Box 529, Vivian, Louisiana: "H. F. Sharp of Conway, Arkansas, has just closed a meeting here at the church in Vivian. Five confessed their faith and were baptized. Brother Sharp did a fine job. This makes the third meeting that Brother Sharp has conducted for the church here. The church had to wait two years before they could secure his services. Brother Sharp has meetings booked two or three years ahead. If you want a job well done, get F. Sharp for a meeting. On Sunday night a lady confessed her faith and was buried in baptism. Two have been restored in the past two weeks. Our vacation Bible School starts the 31st of May and will run for two weeks. The church appointed two new elders and deacons Sunday. This gives the church four elders and five deacons.

G. Edward McCaskill, 219 Jennings, San Antonio, Texas, May 21: "The South Flores Church, 3432 South Mores, continues to grow and is at work in the business of saving souls. One was baptized this past Lord's day, bringing to total 32 new children of the Lord since our work began with this faithful congregation. Our present outside support calls for $200 monthly to the evangelist at Mankato, Minnesota, $100 monthly to Brother E. Sumerlin in Long Island, New York, and $20 per month to the East Side colored work here in San Antonio. Plans call for the enlargement of our auditorium, new two-story class rooms, new flooring and seating. We have title to one-half acre of land on the Southside, in a rapidly expanding and growing section, where we plan to erect another new place of worship as soon as possible. The Lord's work in San Antonio offers great possibilities. I concluded a meeting 19th with the Wood Street Church in Denton. Brother Stanley Singleton is the hard working preacher for Wood Street and will be with us in a ten-day meeting beginning June 14th. A man 84 years old was baptized by Brother Singleton during the meeting there. I begin May 24th with the church in Woodsboro, being partly supported by my home congregation here. When in San Antonio, come by and visit with us. We are easily located. We pray for the numerical and spiritual growth of the Lord's body."

Joe Gomez, 1427 Eighth St., Las Vegas, New Mexico, May 15: "There were three baptisms in the Spanish Church here recently, two from Las Vegas and one from Ojo Feliz. The brethren at Ojo Feliz have bought a house to convert into a meeting place, and they are now working on it. We are planning to have a Gospel Meeting as soon as it is finished. I was called last week to preach at Dixon, New Mexico, some 90 miles north of Las Vegas. There is a good opportunity at that place because all the people read the Bible, and some have attended services with us. The "Jesus Only" people have offered me the use of their church building there. I hope I can make it. It is very difficult for me to take advantage of opportunities like this and try to make a living at secular work at the same time. But I am glad to do what I can."

Gene Martin, Box 868, Brenham, Texas:, "The church here has just concluded a meeting with Brother Stanley Lovett, preacher for the Shamrock Shores Church in Dallas. Brother Lovett's preaching was of the best, and visitors from denominational groups in attendance during the meeting exceeded our anticipation. The church was strengthened, and many heard the gospel preached in its purity and simplicity for their first time. We commend Brother Lovett for a fine job well done, and express our grateful appreciation to the Shamrock Shores Church for her assistance in this gospel effort. We solicit the prayers of brethren everywhere."

Glenn L. Shaver, P. O. Box 124, Warren, Arkansas, May 17: "The church here in Warren is the only one in Bradley County and has only about fifty active members now. Since our moving here in October of 1953, eight have been baptized, all but one converted from sectarian faiths, and two restored. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for this increase in the work here. The church in Fordyce, near Warren, conducted a meeting in April in which I did the preaching, with no visible results but the record was set in attendance with at least 205 one night present to hear the word of God. The church there is about the same in number as here in Warren. Many visitors attended throughout the meeting and much interest was shown. The seed has been planted, we trust the Lord for the increase."

Rufus R. Clifford, Box 282, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, May 19: "I am helping the Taylor Blvd. Church of Louisville, Kentucky, in a meeting. One baptized to date. During March I assisted E. L. Flannery and the Sciotoville Church of Portsmouth, Ohio, in a good meeting. The attendance was twice the size of the membership and interest was high. From April 25 to May 5 I helped the Laclede Avenue Church of Wichita, Kansas, with a fine meeting. W. F. Showers is in the beginning of a promising work there. Several placed membership, one was baptized, and one restored. Paul Matthews of Sparta, Tennessee, did outstanding preaching in our spring meeting. Record attendance, with four baptized. Three have been baptized in the past two weeks."