Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 14, 1955

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

The local preacher There is a common saying about the local preacher that the first year he is idolized; the second year is criticized; the third year pulverized, and the fourth year ostracized. If he stays on after that, he gets quarantined!

Tant-Harper debate Most of our readers will get this paper on Monday or Tuesday, April 11-12. When you read these lines just remember that the Lufkin debate between E. R. Harper and Yater Tant will be in full swing. This is to be followed by a debate on the same propositions in Abilene, Texas, June 20-23. We earnestly solicit the prayers of all that the truth may be presented so clearly that all can see it; that unity may be promoted; and that God may bless these discussions to the furtherance of his cause. (Now do some scores of you brethren who wrote us that Brother Harper would not debate want us to return your letters to you so you can eat them?)

Well qualified One of our readers sends in a note about a retired Congregational preacher in Long Beach, California, who attends the Presbyterian church on those Sundays he is not preaching for the Lutherans. Why, that man could almost qualify for the faculty of Pepperdine College!

Both sides — Campbell

"I have been so disgusted with this unholy and unrighteous spirit, that I do not read, and I am resolved not to read, the breathings of any spirit that refuses to let both sides be heard, and that defends division among Christians."

— A. Campbell (M.H., 1836 — page 5)

From George DeHoff

"And now comes a movement to 'ostracize' preachers who do not subscribe to a certain viewpoint on work outlined by congregations hundreds of miles away. That very movement is within itself a manifestation of a hierarchy. It is still possible for a congregation to direct its own affairs, select its own elders, deacons, and preachers, and plan its own program of work without taking any position at all on the scripturalness of some program planned a thousand miles away and of which its members never even heard. Let no religious paper or group of brethren who think they are "somewhat whatsoever" get into the marking and ostracizing business. If we wanted that kind of hierarchy we could leave the Lord's church and join the Roman Catholics . . . or some similar group. They had had experience in this hierarchy business before any of our own brethren got the idea."

(Editorial, Christian Magazine)

Sign him up!

Apropos of the above, we have information of one church in north central Texas who fired their preacher because he would not support Herald of Truth, and whose elders have agreed that before they hire another man they will have a signed statement from him that he believes in, and will support, not only this program but every thing else that church has been contributing to. (Applicants for the job form a line to the right; no pushing! No shoving, please!)

"Life and Times of David Lipscomb"

Letter from James O. Baird, president of Central Christian College, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, to Earl West: "I am in the midst of reading The Life and Times of David Lipscomb and want to express to you again, as I have in regard to your other works, how much I appreciate what you have done. Through your pen, Lipscomb seems to come alive again and needless to say that in these days he needs to be very much alive." (An indispensable book which ought to be in the library of every gospel preacher. Order from Gospel Guardian. Price $4.00.)

Definitions Highbrow: A person who can listen to the William Tell Overture without thinking of the Lone Ranger. Lowbrow: A person who can read the Gospel Guardian and not enjoy it. Nobrow: The guy that won't read it.

Lovell's nightmare Brother James L. Lovell of California has been having some night-mares recently. He is losing sleep over the horrible possibility that "some of the Guardian boys might strike oil and buy out the Gospel Advocate"! And what a revoltin' development that would be — thinks Jimmie. (And don't anybody dare tell him the Advocate could not be bought — money talks, as Lovell well knows.)


In "An Open Letter To Roy Cogdill", to be published in next week's Gospel Guardian, Brother Reuel Lemmons says that he has fought the idea of an orphan home under a board of directors (such as Boles Home) ever since he began preaching. "I taught then that such a setup could not be defended, and I haven't changed my mind about it since." Now, can we get a debate between Reuel Lemmons and Gayle Oler? Or maybe the Gospel Advocate and the Firm Foundation?

Not going your way

"You're out of date," said young Pastor Pate To one of our faithful old preachers,

Who had carried for years, in travail and with tears, The gospel to poor sinful creatures.

"You still preach on Hades, and shock cultured ladies With your barbarous doctrine of blood.

You're far behind, you'll never catch up;

You're a flat tire stuck in the mud."

For some little while, a wee bit of a smile Played over the old preacher's face.

Being made the butt of ridicule's cut Did not ruffle his sweetness or grace.

Then he turned to young Pate, so suave and sedate,

"Catch up, did my ears hear you say?

Why I couldn't succeed if I doubled my speed;

My friend, I'm not going your way."

— Via Maywood Bulletin