Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 7, 1955


Glenn L. Shaver, P. O. Box 146, Mt. Home, Arkansas, March 15: "The church here in Mt. Home had one elder and two deacons to resign recently and several confessed their sins. We hope and pray the old trouble here may soon be healed and everything set in order and work in peace again. It is my desire to locate elsewhere sometime between June and September this year. References will be gladly furnished and recommendation from the elders here or other places where I have labored will be given. The church here will be in need of a preacher. I still have time for one more meeting in July this year."

Frank Perigo, 803 Largent St., McKinney, Texas, March 3: "I started preaching here the first Lord's day in February. In the four Sundays that I have been here, we have had eighteen responses to the Gospel of Chris,. Fourteen renewed their fidelity to their Lord, three were baptized into Christ, and one was identified. In all this we praise God for the pure Gospel of His dear Son, and pray that many others here will be in obedience to the Gospel. We are looking forward to a fine work with a fine group of Christians here in the vineyard of our Lord. When in McKinney we invite one and all to meet with us."

James K. Sellers, Howard Avenue Church of Christ, 215 N. Howard Ave., Tampa 6, Florida, March 17: "Brother G. K. Wallace has recently concluded a meeting with the Howard Avenue congregation. The gospel was preached in a very fine way. Cooperation was splendid throughout, with good audiences in attendance. A large number of preachers were present from nearby congregations and from Florida Christian College. During the meeting one was baptized, one restored and five were identified. We are grateful for these and are confident that they represent the beginning of the good that will be accomplished by this meeting."

Fake-Healer Fizzles

Guthrie Dean, Malvern, Arkansas W. V. Grant, the big "divine healer" from the Assembly of God, came to Malvern the first of March. He usually has from 3,000 to 5,000 in attendance and usually runs his meeting six weeks. The churches of Christ in this area ran a big six column ad in the local newspaper challenging the healing group. Also we blasted away on the radio and exposed their so-called cases of healing. We checked on several and publicly exposed them. We started quite a stir among the holiness people of Malvern, but the divine-healing meeting closed in two weeks and their largest crowd this year was around 450 or 500. I attended two nights. We also challenged Grant for a public debate. He backed down, "pulled stake and slipped off into the night." If there is a divine healing campaign going on in your community, write us for the ad that we ran in the local paper. It will do the job. We got the idea from the churches of Christ at Phoenix, Arizona.

Leslie Diestelkamp, 3700 Forest, Brookfield, Illinois, March 23: "Steady progress is being made here in Chicago's western suburbs. On four different Sunday mornings this year, we have set new attendance records. Joe Malone is to preach here May 9-13. We plan to be meeting in our new auditorium by then."

Murray Marshall, 2314 Overton Rd., Dallas, Texas, March 22: "Our work at Overton Road has started off well. In the past ten days we have had two former Baptists to obey the gospel. Our Spring Meeting is March 27 - April 3. I'll preach and Ray Wright, our song leader, will direct the singing. We look forward to Vacation Bible School in June, Mission Meeting in Minnesota, and summer meetings in Springlake, Texas, and Foster, Oklahoma. When in south Oak Cliff visit us. Brooks Terry, who preceded me, did a fine work here."

T. H. Tarbet, Jr., Box 261, Big Spring, Texas, March 22: "At the East 4th Street Church last year there were 33 baptisms, 20 restorations, and 36 identifications. The work is in good condition. We are about ready to begin our new building, which will be located just across from the Howard County Junior College. At this time we are in a meeting, with Guy Caskey of Sweetwater doing the preaching. My family and I are making plans to leave the last of July for a term of work in Melbourne, Australia. This church will pay my salary and many congregations will help with the travel expenses. We still need over $1,500.00 on our passage and will appreciate hearing from brethren interested in having part in this work."

Lloyd Frederick, 431 Turner, Cleburne, Texas, March 21: "The work of the Granbury Street Church in Cleburne continues to go forward in a very encouraging way. There were three added yesterday — one by baptism and two by membership. This makes a total of nine additions in the past three weeks. Our building program should get underway in the next few days which will more than double our present space and facilities. Brother R. E. Ewing, one of our local members, is the contractor. The church here has been richly blessed since its beginning a little over two and one half years ago. We give God the thanks and glory for it. Our next meeting will be in the summer when our new auditorium is complete. The date has not been set. I will be in a meeting with the Floral Heights Church in Wichita Falls from April 8 through 17. This is where Brother Gilbert Copeland is the local preacher. The church in Cleburne is in a healthy condition and on the march. When passing through worship with us or one of the three other fine congregations."

Walter N. Henderson, Paragould, Arkansas: April 3 will bring my work with the Second and Walnut Streets Church to a close. I have enjoyed three years and four months of pleasant work with this good congregation. After the above date my address will be 734 Dales Street, Ocala, Florida, where I will work with the Central Church. Tommy McClure will succeed me in the work at Paragould. There have been six baptisms here recently."

W. Woodrow Allen, 317 West Marango, Albion, Nebraska, March 21: "I am in a good meeting with the small but faithful church here in Mankato. Brother Arthur Francis is the preacher and is doing a good work. He has had several years experience in the North Central States and is acquainted with the many problems common to this area. We need many more gospel preachers in this section of the country, but there must be those who will help them go. The meeting closes here on March 25, and I begin with the church in Beatrice, Nebraska, on March 28. Work is continuing on the proposed Christian College at York, Nebraska, and it is hoped that we will soon have possession of the plant."