Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 17, 1955
NUMBER 44, PAGE 14-15a

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Won souls — to whom?

"God has greatly used this gentle, yet powerful speaker and writer — a man whose ministry has won literally thousands of souls to Christ." These are the words in which the Gospel Advocate Company advertises a new book by Charles E. Fuller, radio evangelist of the "Old Fashioned Revival Hour." This company (B. C. Goodpasture, president) further informs us in the advertisement sent out that "All Christians — regardless of age, denomination, or reading habits — will treasure" Dr. Fuller's new book. No doubt the Gospel Advocate Company will realize a right handsome profit from the sale of Fuller's book; and it may well be said of them, "they have their reward."

H 0 T From an elder in the Park Hill Church at Fort Smith, Arkansas, comes this note: "When our children were small, we taught them to stay away from fire by telling them, "It's hot-hot-hot!" But often they had to learn the hard way by experience. Likewise some of the brethren have been told that some of the church sponsored programs are "hot-hot-hot!" They too have learned, and are learning, the hard way. Strange, isn't it! that the initials of Herald of Truth spell out the word HOT "H.O.T."!!

A fervent prayer!

An Arkansas preacher writes us: "I heard a good little quip the other day, and will pass it on to you. It seems Brother G. C. Brewer was holding a meeting some place, and the good brother with whom he was staying accidently overheard him in his bedtime prayer:

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray thee, Lord, my soul to keep

Lead me as I onward go;

And save me from the Overflow!"

Words of Wisdom Probably this is an old one to many of our readers, but it was new to us when we heard it for the first time from the lips of G. K. Wallace at the Florida Christian College lectures last month. Commenting on the tendency of lecturers to be longwinded in their speeches, Brother Wallace said that every preacher ought to learn that "the mind can retain no more than the seat can endure!"

Harper-Tant schedule We have a signed statement from the elders of Highland Church endorsing Brother E. R. Harper for the debates both in Lufkin (April 11-14) and in Abilene (June 20-23). This means the debates are definitely on! So make your plans to attend. This may well prove to be one of the most crucial and significant discussions of the generation. As one thoughtful preacher remarked, "Things will either get better or they will get definitely worse after this discussion."

Reduced air rates?

It probably won't be of interest to many of our readers, but some gospel preachers over the land will be glad to know that Rep. Victor Wickersham of Oklahoma (Dem.) and Rep. Samuel K. McConnell of Pennsylvania (Rep.) have introduced bills into Congress authorizing the airlines to grant "clergymen" reduced fare on their lines. Similar bills have been introduced in past sessions, but never achieved passage. Prospects are brighter this time.

Differentia Ralph Steury of Camden, Tennessee, knowing the editor's penchant for collecting bizarre church names, sends this one: "First Church of God Not Pentecostal" of Florence, Kentucky. That reminds us of the churches in Kentucky which used to advertise "Church of Christ Not Pre-millennial." And also calls to memory some brethren we heard Jack Hardcastle (at the Florida Christian College lectures) describe as "Congregational Cooperationarians" — whatever that is! Now who will be the first to put up a church sign reading "Church of Christ Not Cooperationarian"?

You are wrong, brethren!

Every mail brings me letters from preachers over the country "going on record" that Brother Harper or the Highland elders will find some way to get out of having the debate in Abilene. Calm down, brethren! We have a statement signed by all eightelders of Highland Church endorsing Brother Harper for the debates "on dates agreed to by the speakers and in buildings provided by the congregations." That is a promise. Highland Church will not go back on it. The debates will be held both in Lufkin and in Abilene.

Chuckle of the week The Garfield Heights Church in Indianapolis and the Belmont Avenue congregation have signed an agreement for another debate on current issues (similar to the Totty-Watson-Holt debate of last fall). Guy N. Woods has agreed to represent Garfield Heights in the discussion, but not against Roy E. Cog-dill. "We do not consider him a representative man," writes W. L. Totty.

John's leathern girdle Do you know why John the Baptist wore that "leathern girdle about his loins"? Well, we know of one popular Texas preacher who is certain he has the answer. He has declared from the pulpit that John was baptizing so many people his back got sore, and he used this "wide leather belt" to give support and comfort. Oh, my aching back!

Middle age

"You've reached middle age when your wife tells you to pull in your stomach — and you already have."

— Franklin P. Jones Marriage

We read where some unhappy soul defined marriage as "the process of finding out how many wonderful guys your wife passed up to be finally stuck with you!"

How Ananias died It happened at the Abilene Christian College lectures where the Gospel Advocate Company was putting on a super-duper campaign, pinning the "purple ribbon" of acceptance (G. A. acceptance, that is) on as many visiting preachers as they could induce to take it, and putting the "yellow tag of quarantine" on those who would not accept their promotional ribbon. George DeHoff was reading the brochure the G.A. had for distribution, in which N. B. Hardeman declares, the Gospel Advocate "has never stooped to deal in matters purely personal. So far as I can recall, it has allowed every respectable man to state his position on any matter. "Ha," said George, "now I know how. Ananias, the liar, died. He read Hardeman's statement and choked to death!"

Mirable dictu!

That's Latin. And roughly translated it means "this'll knock your eyeballs off." Boles Orphan Home has come out with a Financial Statement! Like Longfellow's poem about Paul Revere, "Scarcely a man is now alive" who remembers when the last such report came out. Interesting thing about the current report is that from first to last it stresses the idea that Boles Home is a "brotherhood" project. The report is even entitled "A Report To the Brotherhood"; and declares, "This report reflects the services the brotherhood is obtaining for the funds it has provided and is providing for this work." Now, who has the gall to declare that this particular species of "sponsored cooperation" is peculiarly, specifically, and exclusively the work of the Quinlan Church of Christ? Or is it Terrell?