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March 10, 1955

Home Congregation Will Support Tarbets In Australia

Walker Reed And Earl Plew, Elders, Fourth And Benton Streets Church Of Christ, Big Spring, Texas

Australia, a land the size of the United States, and with a population of nine million people, has no more than 80 members of the church, and four congregations with only one full-time preacher. Over a million people live in the city of Melbourne, the capital of Australia's most densely populated state, Victoria. No true church of Christ is to be found in Melbourne, nor in the entire state of Victoria. It is in one of the suburbs of this city that T. H. Tarbet, Jr. and his family plan to work. They are to sail in the summer of 1956, fully supported by the Fourth and Benton Streets Church in Big Spring, Texas, where Brother Tarbet will have been preaching for four years. The Tarbets plan to stay in Australia about five years, and longer if necessary. Their plans are to plant at least one congregation and train some native preachers and teachers.

Brother Tarbet will be 41 years of age when he sails for Australia; and will have been preaching for over 20 years. He has worked with congregations in Texas, New Mexico, Oregon, and Virginia. His wife and their thirteen year old son are faithful Christians. The other two children are ages six and nine.

It will be necessary for Brother Tarbet to raise his travel fund, and an operational fund so that a program of work can be financed in Australia (such as the renting of halls, advertising, etc.). If you believe the planned Australian work to be deserving, would you help on one, or both of these funds? The travel fund must be completed before summer; but the operational fund can be contributed to monthly over the entire period of work in Australia. It is desired that a minimum of $100.00 for operational purposes be made available for each month that the Tarbets are in Australia. The most urgent need at this time is for monies on the travel fund. Travel expenses will be around $4,000.00, as it is a requirement of the Australian government that those entering that country have their return ticket already purchased or provided for. Only a very small part of the needed amount has been contributed to the travel fund to date. And as Brother Tarbet is engaged in full time preaching work with the Big Spring Church, he has no plans for touring the country and visiting a large number of churches. It is hoped that such will not be necessary; but that churches and individuals who read this article will respond to the need for funds, especially the need for travel funds. If further information is desired, it will be gladly given upon request.

The Big Spring Church does not propose to make the decisions as to how monies contributed are to be spent, but regards that to be the responsibility of the contributing churches. The Tarbets will be members of the Big Spring Church, and under her elders, until such a time as they reach Australia and can start there as a congregation. Brother Tarbet will not be a free-lancer after he reaches Australia, but will be subject to the decisions of the congregation that will be established there. Also, he will regard each contributing church as having authority to designate how the monies that she contributes should be spent. Reports will be mailed to all contributors periodically, so that they may know what is being done and how much is being contributed, and can make their decisions accordingly.

Elders who read this are kindly requested to take the matter before their fellows, and give serious consideration to the Australian needs. All other are asked to please go to your elders with this article, and suggest that they consider it.

If you as an individual care to give to the Australian work, and can do so without the necessity of reducing your regular contribution to the local church, Brother Tarbet will welcome your gifts. He needs them. You may submit your gifts by mail at any time between now and summer. Make out your checks to either: TARBET TRAVEL FUND or TARBET OPERATIONAL FUND, and mail to Box 261, Big Spring, Texas.