Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 3, 1955


Going To Hold Meetings

Luther Blackmon is terminating his work with the congregation at Bellaire, Texas, March 1st, to give full time to meetings. His first meeting begins February 28th with Twenty Sixth and North Shepherd in Houston, where he preached for six years. He has been at Bellaire for a little more than three years. His mailing address will be changed from Box 61, Bellaire, Texas, to 4307 Heite, Houston, Texas.

Ira B. Sandusky, 10th and Utica, Plainview, Texas, Feb. 9: "Been enjoying the articles, but doubt if the much talked of debate will materialize, hope it does. Our work going along in fine shape and we add a few as we go along. A. L. Harbin will hold our Spring meeting March 6-13. We anticipate excellent meeting with him doing the preaching. Keep up the good work in the GG for we have already drifted in many things. See too much resemblance to UCMS in Herald of Truth program to suit me. Why should churches send women to foreign fields to preach the gospel there when we do not believe the Bible teaches it. What is difference in Germany and Palestine for such things? Yes, I know the argument — but I left the Christian Church for her errors years ago — why not stay with the BIBLE WAY?"

Preacher Available

Richard E. Donley, Box 232, Topeka, Kansas: "The past thirteen of my forty six years have been spent in preaching the gospel. Some of that time has been spent with established congregations; part in mission work, with support; and part at my own charge. For the past two years I have made my living as a salesman while preaching wherever I thought I could do good. Now, I want to get back into full time work where I can put into practice some of the theories that I have been studying on prospecting and personal work. I seek a connection where ere I can be of greater service in the kingdom of the Lord. My wife and I have no children, and our temporal needs are modest. My qualifications are a good general education; thorough knowledge of the scriptures; better than average speaking ability; the necessary knowledge to teach the rudiments of music; and varied experience in the Lord's work. I am willing to work with an established congregation, or do mission work. We are now under the oversight of elders at Highland and Park in Topeka. They may be contacted in care of Charles R. Hamner, 2446 Indiana, Topeka, Kansas. My telephone number is 5-2930."

R. A. Bolton, 2916 Deen Rd., Fort Worth, Texas, Feb. 19: "This week marks the beginning of our second year with the church in Diamond Hill. During the past twelve months we have had 16 baptisms, 14 restorations, and 39 to place membership. Considering the fact that we have lost some 59 members who have moved from this area, our net gain is only 10 for the year. However, we take courage and press on to what we hope and trust will be greater things in the year ahead. Dean Brookshire of Richardson, Texas will conduct our spring meeting March 21 through March 30. When in the Fort Worth area worship with us at 2916 Deen Road, just off Highway 183."

Longview, Texas Church Opens New Building

O. J. Russell The opening of an attractive new building in Longview, Texas marks another important milestone of progress in the history of the church in this rapidly growing and industrialized city. This solid masonry structure located on a beautiful one and one-third acre lot, Alpine and Glover Drive, in Northeast Longview, features an auditorium with seating capacity of five hundred and twenty, thirteen classrooms, office and nursery and is completely air conditioned. The new building, located just one block north of Highway 80, will be the new home for the church which has met for the last twenty-three years on the corner of Second and Whaley Streets.

Gospel preachers who labored with the church through the years are: John T. Poe, Foy E. Wallace, Sr., Tom Wendell Phillips, Brother Moore, Charles Moser, D. O.Grifith, R. D. Smith, John W. Hedge, C. M. Pullias, D. Ellis Walker, C. L. Francis, Chester Estes, Cecil Hill, Paul Wallace and James Adams. The present evangelist, O. J. Russell, has been with this church since May, 1953. Elders are S. C. Waggoner, Henry Parker, and T. F. Gordon.

L. E. Wishum, 309 Zebulon St., Barnesville, Georgia, Feb. 1: "I am supported here by Sixth Street Church of Christ, Port Arthur, Texas. We have 10 members of the church meeting here at present. We have a building which we owe for, that is a combination meeting house and a place for me to live. We ask the prayers of all that we might convert souls to the truth here in Barnesville."

Church of Christ, Box III, Cottage Grove, Oregon: "The church here in Cottage Grove will be in need of a gospel preacher for local work not later than July 1. We have our building, a home for the preacher and are financially able to support a man in full time work. We would like to contact a good, capable man who would be interested in moving here by that time to work with us. All replies will be answered. Brother R. L. Morrison, who will complete two years work at that time has asked to be released. He is doing this of his own accord and not because of discord or dissension in the congregation. He has done a commendable work in a very sincere, earnest and humble way and we are glad to commend him to any congregation in need of a sound gospel preacher."

R. L. Morrison, 1128 W. Main St., Cottaget Grove, Oregon, Feb. 14: "I plan to leave Cottage Grove not later than July 1. I am interested in contacting a congregation which will be in need of a preacher at that time. I will gladly supply other references, from both gospel preachers and congregations to any church interested. I am not particular as to location but would prefer a drier climate than we have in western Oregon."