Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 24, 1955


Charles H. Crider, Newport, North Carolina

At it appears now Brother W. W. Otey's prediction, "Not in twenty-five years will any man of note publicly affirm scriptural authority for the Herald of Truth, or for the 'Lubbock Plan' of church cooperation." (Gospel Guardian, Jan. 13, 1955) still go up in smoke.

Last week, in Nashville, Tennessee before a multitude of people, Brother Reese and Brother E. R. Harper stated plainly and emphatically they would defend the "Herald of Truth" in public debate in Lufkin and at Abilene.

There is one reason above all others that causes me to think they will go through with this debate: Brother Reese and Brother E. R. Harper both made a plea for money to support their project, pledging to defend it in the Spring.

It seems from this that they were soliciting money on the strength of being willing to debate this issue in the Spring. They advised the people not to be afraid to give to the "Herald of Truth." Evidently time would not permit their giving scripture at that time, but they both gave their word of honor they would show the scripturalness of "Herald of Truth" in the Spring.

Not only do they have an apostolic injunction (1 Peter 3:15) to debate this question but now their honor is at stake. We know they are honorable men. We believe they will maintain that honor by going through with this discussion.

We respect Brother Otey's predictions but as of now it looks like he will miss this time because Brother Reese, an elder at Highland Church, and Brother Harper, their preacher, have given their word of honor they will debate this issue in the Spring. Now they did not say what Spring, but I am sure they meant in the Spring of 1955.

Many times people stand in awe waiting for some approaching event to happen. Many wonder what will be the next "brother-hood" move. Well! Another is under way. Like all other such movements it had an embryonic beginning. It is difficult to tell, at this time, what stage, or state this movement is in. One thing we do know it is a little late for an embryoectomy.

Where the germ came from I know not, but the Texas sun is causing it to grow and glow. It is somewhat difficult to pin-point the exact spot in this magnificent state, however it seems to center around Dallas, Texas, somewhere along Skillman Avenue. It already has part of Lubbock and Abilene under its wing. If middle Tennessee isn't careful this movement will take it like "Grant took Richmond," and if there are any schools in this area they are in danger of being captivated by the magic spell of this movement.

This "Brother-hood" endeavor will be in the field of advertising. Advertising the church through national magazines. You know, like General Motors, Ford, Wear-Ever, Salad Master, and B. F. Goodrich.

Many of the brethren have accumulated great fortunes; They are wanting to spend their money in spreading the kingdom. We thank God for that. These men who possess great wealth have a great responsibility that many of us know nothing about. They want their money to accomplish the most good possible. However, someone has caused many to think it a dangerous thing to contribute large sums of money to the church where they worship. They have been made to believe God's elders are not capable of sending out preachers, preaching over radio and through local papers and national periodicals. Many just can't conceive the idea that God knew what He was doing.

Many are saying: "Don't be afraid to contribute to 'our programs'. Dear friends, whether you are rich or poor don't be afraid to contribute to God's program; there is no question mark above it!"

One man who is touring the country raising money for a school in Germany suggests that churches should consolidate. You know, like our public schools have done.

I don't know what to think of this plan; I guess it is because the idea is so prevalent that new congregations should be started. I was under the impression there was more than one congregation in this German town. One thing the consolidated school system has the church does not have yet: All children are required, by law, to attend school. I believe I will just ruminate on this idea awhile longer and let some consolidated brother discuss this.

While traveling through middle Tennessee the strangest sight was noticeable. There is a star shining brightly in that section of the country, I think it is called the north star. It is sometimes referred to as great. The brightness of this star seemed to cast a heavy mist over the star of Bethlehem. As one travels from that section the brightness of this north star begins to fade. After traveling fifty or a hundred miles very few people can see the brightness of this north star, but almost everyone has heard of the star of Bethlehem and can see its brightness. This revived our spirit. How sad it would be if young stars and old stars throughout the country would project themselves to where they would dim the brightness of the star of Bethlehem!

What doth it profit my brother, if one gain all the popularity in the world and in so doing lose sight of the one who loved us all and gave himself that we might live?