Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 17, 1955
NUMBER 40, PAGE 15b-16


Jerry Belchick, Orlando, Florida, Feb. 20: "There is to be a debate in Orlando, Florida in the Howard Junior High School auditorium on March 15, 16, and 17. The proposition to be discussed is as follows: 'Resolved, The scriptures are sufficiently clear for Christians of normal intelligence to determine that devoted and talented use of certain mechanical instruments for praise in worship services is both permitted and required by the Word of God.' Affirmative: Morris Butler Book. Negative: James P. Miller. Mr. Book is an evangelist at large for the fundamental Christian Church and is known and respected throughout their brotherhood. He is the son of the late W. H. Book who is the author of the famous 'Columbus Tabernacle Sermons.' Brother James P. Miller needs no introduction to the brotherhood. He formerly preached in Orlando, and is widely known here because of his daily radio program. We plan to begin a gospel meeting with Brother Miller the day after the debate closes. The debate has stirred great interest here, and we feel it will do much good."

William E. Wallace, Akron, Ohio, Jan. 27: "I guess some preachers have a lot to brag about. I have come to believe that reports of progress or status quo should be given in view of what is lacking and what can be done rather in satisfaction of what has been done. With that in mind let me say that the Thayer Street congregation with 250 members and $420.00 weekly contribution so far this year, is looking ahead to performing at the height of its ability. The congregation is helping support a preacher in North Carolina, two other preachers in Akron besides me, and a preacher preparing for work in South Africa. We have a weekly radio program and the elders are considering a local TV weekly series. As to benevolence, the deacons are informed of situations where help is needed — they expedite needed action after counseling with the elders. I am sorry to say that we are not doing all that we can and should in evangelism and benevolence. But we are moving in the right direction. We are making heavy payments on a building debt and buying plenty of literature. Our budget for the year is $21,500.00. Yater Tant will be here in a meeting April 17-24 if E. R. Harper doesn't skin him alive in Lufkin."

George Tipps, 341 Emma St., Fort Worth, Texas, Jan. 31: "Ten were baptized, ten were identified, and three were restored to duty at Riverside Church during the month of January."

Murray Marshall, 2711 Reagan, Dallas 19, Texas, Jan. 31: "About March 1st we are moving across town to the Overton Road congregation, 2306 Overton Road. Our new work will be in the southern part of Oak Cliff, near the growing edge of Dallas. There are over 200 members there already. We look forward to a good work with the fine people there. We are to return to Pine City, Minnesota for another mission meeting there. Our move across town is made of our own choice, after having been in a good work here at Oak Lawn in inland North Dallas. Some fine people are here at Oak Lawn. After March 1st, address us at 2314 Overton Road, Dallas 16, Texas."

L. L. Applegate, Cottondale, Florida, Jan. 22: "A debate between Charles A. Holt of Franklin, Tennessee, representing the church of Christ, and D. L. Welsh of Pensacola, Florida, representing the Pentecostal Holiness Church, was held in City Hall, Marianna, Florida, November 15-19. To my knowledge this was the first religious debate held in Marianna. Mr. Welsh did not show up the first night so Brother Holt preached a very interesting sermon which was deeply appreciated by all. The subject, "The Godhead," was discussed three nights. Attendance and interest was good and we believe much good was done. Both debaters were respectful of each other and kindness prevailed throughout the debate. Mr. Welsh admitted that Brother Holt was one of the best he had met, though he had met a number of the church of Christ. The writer has heard Mr. Welsh in debates with Brother Gus Nichols, Brother Leonard Johnson, and others. Must say that Brother Holt is unexcelled. Churches of Christ needing a qualified man to defend the truth will make no mistake in securing the service of Brother Charles A. Holt. Churches of Christ represented in attendance were Valdosta and Bainbridge, Georgia; Dothan and Cottonwood, Alabama; Chipley, Defuniak Springs, Esto, Graceville, Bradenton, and Melbourne, Florida."

H. Edward McCaskill, San Antonio, Texas, Feb. 1: "It will interest the brethren and former members of the South Flores congregation that we have just finished a complete remodeling program to our auditorium and made provisions for additional classroom space by adding a second story. New individual type chairs have increased our seating capacity to 278. Our work with this congregation continues to be enjoyable and pleasant and the church is in peace and harmony. The work is growing, not phenomenally but gradually and steadily. A fine young man was added to the body of Christ last Lord's day, for which we rejoice and give God the glory. When in San Antonio visit and worship with us, we are easy to locate."

James P. Miller, Tampa, Florida, Feb. 1: "Three were baptized when the invitation was given at the morning service January 30. We have averaged baptizing one for every Lord's day for many weeks. Seminole Heights is beginning a new building program which when completed should almost double our ability to serve the kingdom."

Dean Bullock, Borger, Texas, Feb. 2: "I have been with the church here at Second and Deahl for about three weeks. Seven have been baptized, five restored, and several others have identified themselves."

Miller - Book Debate

James P. Miller I will meet Morris Butler Book of the conservative wing of "the Christian" church in Debate in Orlando, Florida on March 15, 16, 17. The music question will be under discussion. Mr. Book will affirm his practice all three of the nights of the debate. The discussion will be held in the Howard Junior High School auditorium, in the heart of Orlando on Robertson Street. Brother Jerry Belchick who preaches for the Holden Heights Church has worked untiringly to make the debate possible. The auditorium will seat over fifteen hundred people. Brethren in central Florida think it will be filled every night. For further information write to Brother Jerry Belchick, 22nd Street and Westmoreland Drive in Orlando, Florida.

Frank Trayler, 237 Thompson Place, San Antonio, Texas, Feb. 1: "We averaged 130 in attendance each of the five Lord's Days in January in Chapel No. 4, Lackland Air Force Base. During the same time, five men were baptized into Christ, and three others were restored to their first love."

Earl Fly, 305 Garfield, Newbern, Tennessee, Jan. 28: "I will begin working with the church in Medina, Tennessee February 13. My new address will be P. O. Box J."