Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 20, 1955


Eaten Macon, Richard City, Tennessee, Jan. 3:' "I have asked the elders to release me on June 1st, at the close of three years of work here. I will consider any type of work. I'm 41 years old, a college graduate, married, with a one year old girl to be adopted on March 1st. I have thirteen years experience as a minister." - John D. Barnes, 287 Augusta Ave., S.E., Atlanta, Georgia, Jan. 3: "The following men will speak on these subjects in our winter lectures at Grant Park: W. D. McPherson, 'The Christian Attitude Toward God'; David Claypool, 'The Christian Attitude Toward Christ'; Clarence C. Dailey, 'The Christian Attitude Toward God's Word'; David East, 'The Christian Attitude Toward God's Church'; Connie Adams, 'The Christian Attitude Toward the Work of the Church'; Warren Morris, 'The Christian Attitude Toward the Worship 'of the Church'; H. A. Fincher, 'The Christian Attitude Toward the Elders'; Ralph A. Casey, 'The Christian Attitude Toward the Preacher'; ChasRichey, 'The Christian Attitude Toward the Home'; and J. Edward Nowlin, from the West End congregation will close the series with 'The Christian Attitude Toward the Brethren.' All of these speakers are preachers in the greater Atlanta area. We would be happy to have you attend these lectures. More power to the Gospel Guardian and its staff."

Frank Trayler, Chaplain (Major) USAF, 237 Thompson Place, San Antonio, Texas, Jan 6: "During November and December 1954, one man was baptized and five were restored in our services at Lackland Air Force Base, making 25 baptisms and 37 restorations for the year of 1954. During the eight years that I have served as Chaplain in the Armed Services, I have baptized 220, and 120 have been restored to duty."

Ivan It. Stewart, 5101 Indian School Road, NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jan. 1: "Nineteen hundred and fifty-four has been a good year. The Lord has given the increase of 26 baptisms, 26 restorations, and 44 memberships wherever we have labored. Eighty seven of these have responded since May 1st here at Netherwood Park. Plans for 1955 are going ahead. It is planned to appoint one more elder and five more deacons within the next two weeks."

W. D. Black, Box 182, Evant, Texas, Jan. 1: "We started the New Year off in a fine way at Copperas Cove yesterday. We had the best crowd we have had in some time, and quite an increase in the contribution. I talked to them on "Better Things." Everybody seemed to be happy, and several expressed themselves as desiring and determined to do better in 1955 than they had in 1954. So we take courage and press on in the work. During 1954 we lost several from our number by being transferred from Fort Hood to other places, which weakened our forces, but we have had others to move in and place their membership with us. So we are at least holding our own as far as number is concerned, but we think we are better spiritually than we were at the beginning of 1954. We desire your prayers in behalf of our continued growth."

W. E. McNeely, Box 431, McFarland, California, Jan. 3: "We began the New Year with a full house and splendid interest. Two recently placed membership. Plans are under way for the construction of a new meetinghouse in the near future. When in the Southern part of the San Joaquin Valley, worship with us at 4th and Harlow; telephone 33-J-4."

Robert C. Copeland, Jr., 410 S. College Ave., Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Jan. 6: "One baptized and one restored here last Sunday night. Nineteen hundred and fifty-four was a good year for this church. We had a lectureship and two meetings. In spite of the drouth and twenty-two members moving away, we lacked only $11.84 per week meeting our budget which was the highest in history of this congregation. I preached one night at Kellem's Ranch Youth Encampment. Six were baptized, and six responded in the Moodys, Oklahoma meeting. I have time for two meetings in 1955."

Avon Malone, 831 Low Avenue, Waukegan, Illinois, Jan. 6: "The work of our Lord glows with real promise and great potential in the city of Waukegan, Illinois. Brother Eugene Winter, who preached here until last September, did a very splendid work. During the past summer and early fall three gospel meetings were held here. Brother Johnny Ramsey and Brother Stanley Shipp preached in two of these meetings, both of which were unusually successful in every aspect. Characterized as they were by keen interest, good attendance and a number of baptisms and restorations, the congregation here benefited a great deal in every way. I preached in the third meeting — a five day effort in the early part of September. Recently our average attendance on Lord's day has been 136. Of late our contribution has been averaging $188.00 a Sunday. The congregation is conducting a weekly fifteen minute radio broadcast over the local station, WKRS. At present we are meeting in the YMCA located at County and Clayton Streets in downtown Waukegan. However, we are planning to build a building, and we are now in the process of working out those plans. Should you know of members of the Lord's body who are coming to this area, tell them about the church in Waukegan. Perhaps you know of members who have come to this area who do not know there is a congregation in Waukegan. We would greatly appreciate your sending us their names and addresses."

O. D. McKendree, 1109 Ravenswood Dr., Jan. 2: "We had a fine day at Bellemeade Avenue yesterday, with the house filled with chairs in the aisles. One was baptized and two were restored. I moved with this fine congregation in July and we are having a splendid work, making progress in every respect. We have had 36 responses to date. Eighteen were by baptism. If you have a friend or relative in Evansville, we would be very happy to have their names for a contact."

Jady W. Copeland, 1945 Prairie St., Beaumont, Trxas, Jan. 5: "I have been in Beaumont working with the West Side congregation for the past three years, and on February 11, am moving to Center, Texas to work with that church. The work at West Side has been pleasant, and the congregation enjoys a steady growth and unity. Though the growth at times has seemed slow, the work here has grown at a steady pace since its beginning. There are now about 1.75 members at West Side, and have already been instrumental in establishing two other congregations in the city in the 12 years of is history. The congregation has just completed a building program. Fourteen class rooms were added besides a preacher's study and utility rooms for air-conditioning, etc., and the auditorium was enlarged to seat about 400. They are in a position now to do an excellent work in the Master's vineyard. My work with the church at Center, Texas begins with the third Sunday in January. My new address will be: 820 San Augustine Street, Center, Texas."