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January 13, 1955

Keeping The Record Straight

Raleigh Martin, Lubbock, Texas

The December 2nd issue of the GOSPEL GUARDIAN carried a brief item under "The Overflow" with the title "Care of Orphans." This article points to contributions from various churches to the Children's Home of Lubbock with the very clear implication that the Broadway Church in Lubbock operates a children's home but others are bearing the financial burden. Presumably the information was taken from the October issue of The Children's Home, monthly bulletin from the Lubbock Home. This issue listed only $20.00 contribution from Broadway. Had the writer cared to check other bulletins to be sure of having all facts, he would have discovered the following listings of Broadway contributions during 1954:

January Bulletin $30,074.17
February Bulletin 7,969.18
March Bulletin 3,096.19
April Bulletin 1,901.84
May Bulletin 1,483.78
June Bulletin 349.34
July Bulletin 513.77
September Bulletin 4,100.00
November Bulletin 2,923.90
9-MONTHS TOTAL $52,412.17

As of December 1st, the Broadway Church has contributed over fifty percent of all funds made available to the Lubbock Home.

(Editor's Comment: Brother Raleigh Martin is an elder in the Broadway Church of Christ, Lubbock, Texas. We gladly publish the above item at his request. Certainly, there is nothing at all to be gained by any misrepresentation of facts. We have made a close examination of the October number of "The Children's Home" which is the monthly publication of the Broadway elders relative to the orphan home they operate. On the back page of this paper are listed "Contributions During September 1954." This record gives Broadway's contribution to the Children's Home for September as $20.00. Brother Martin says they actually gave $4,100.00. This is a discrepancy of $4,080.00. We have written Brother Martin requesting further clarification of this matter, and will publish it when we get the information. — F.Y.T.)