Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 6, 1955


G. W. Patterson, 1300 N. Main St., Weatherford, Texas: "Work goes on in a very fine way — one baptism last Lord's day. We are now in our eighth year for the Lord in this city. Our fall meeting begins the last day of the year, December 31, with Guy N. Woods of Memphis, Tennessee, doing the preaching. Going to Abilene, Texas, Lectureship? Then stop and visit with us on the way 30 miles west of Fort Worth."

Joe Morris, 2707 Ky Ave., Paducah, Kentucky, Dec. 13: "In spite of bad weather we had good services at Clements , Street yesterday. A young mother was baptized. The ' Lord willing, I am to preach in a short meeting at Greensburg, Kentucky, December 20-24. This marks the opening of their new building. These brethren have done a commendable work."

Judson Woodbridge, Mulvane, Kansas, Dec. 14: "Brother Oscar Ellison of Springfield, Missouri closed a fine meeting with us last week. The church was strengthened and four were baptized. Brother Claude Johnston of Wichita, Kansas directed the singing."

Howard W. Reagan, 1036 Chestnut St., Bremerton, Washington, Dec. 17: "A new congregation began meeting in Shelton, Washington, December 12 in the Memorial Building. Bible classes at 10 a.m. and preaching and communion at 11 a.m. Evening services will be 7 p.m. There are only about six or eight Christians in the city so far as we know and most of them are not interested since they have been just about completely severed from the Body for so long. It is our hope and prayer that we may be instrumental in encouraging and strengthening this small group of Saints. Shelton is located about 35 miles southwest of Bremerton on U. S. Highway 101. It is a very nice little lumbering city of about 5,000 inhabitants. And surely they should have a faithful group of Christians meeting regularly. Brother Douglas Shaw and myself plan to go regularly on Lord's day to help with the teaching and preaching. If anyone has knowledge of any members of the church in or near Shelton we would appreciate very much if we could be informed in order that we may contact them."

J. T. Marlin, Sweetwater, Texas, Dec. 17: "Yesterday I baptized an entire family of four. One was restored Wednesday night. The church here at Fourth and Elm will conduct a Bible training course the first eight Wednesday evenings of 1955. The first period will be devoted to a study of personal work and the second period will be used by a visiting speaker."

Vaughn D. Shofner, 116 Prospect Ave. S.W., Camden, Arkansas, Dec. 18: "Brother and Sister Luther G. Roberts recently conducted a Teacher's Training Course here. Their teaching was as usual, the best. Being the first such effort here, the expectations were exceeded. Bible teachers from this area joined the home forces in accepting the privileges of each session. Plans are being made for another effort of this kind next fall. The work here is going along well."

Doyle Cannon, Sunset Church of Christ, 2442 W. Jefferson Blvd., Dallas 11, Texas, Dec. 20: "The church here at Sun- set in Dallas is gaining rapidly and breaking records in every department. We have had 80 respond to the invitation in the past three and one-half months. We have smashed our contribution and attendance records numerous times in the past three months with our contribution reaching an all-time high of almost $1,700.00, and our class attendance an all-time high of 468. Brother Max ' Wheeler, associate minister and song director, continues to work wonders with the young people. Sunday night we had over 70 in the high school and college classes. We have a splendid young people's group, containing some wonderful workers. Our future plans call for a new auditorium seating 1,500 within two years. The elders here are very understanding, cooperative and appreciative of the gains we are making on every hand. It is a most lovable and aggressive congregation containing some of the sweetest Christians in the world. When in Dallas we would love to have you visit us."