Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 23, 1954



No Paper Next Week

In keeping with our usual custom, and under the terms of our mailing permit, we issue no paper the last week in December. But the Gospel Guardian will be back in your box the first week in January, as usual. How about starting the new year off by sending in a subscription for some friend? We have many hundreds of subscribers who could easily send the paper to from one to a dozen others. If the Gospel Guardian is worth reading, it is worth passing on to others. Thanks!

Marvine Kelley, Del Rio, Texas: "December 12th closes five months work with the congregation in Del Rio, Texas. During this time there have been 31 responses including 24 baptisms. The contribution is up some $125.00 to $150.00 weekly, or around $350.00 or $400.00 weekly. We have hopes of starting a daily radio program after the first of the year and plans are being laid for a Latin work. Our building is full and plans are underway to build or add to the present building. When in Del Rio worship with us."

Herman Sweeney, Rt. 5, Manchester, Tennessee, Nov. 9: "Am leaving New Union by the first of the year, could leave at once if my service should be desired elsewhere. Have enjoyed the work here for about fifteen months. Should any congregation desire my service write here at New Union, Manchester, Tennessee, Route 5, or my home congregation, Leipers Fork Church of Christ, Franklin, Tennessee, Route 3. Or I shall be glad to send names of preachers who know me."

George Tipps, 341 Emma Street, Fort Worth 11, Texas, Dec. 8: "In our first six months with Riverside Church in Fort Worth there have been 75 responses. Fifty-two of these were additions to the church; the remainder were confessions of error. A new classroom building was begun this week. It will provide 10 additional classrooms. Bible study attendance has increased about 60 persons per Sunday for the period. Gary Scott assists me in this work. Worship with the Church of Christ in Riverside, 2701 East Belknap, when in Fort Worth."

Jesse M. Kelley, Box 1381, Port Arthur, Texas: "During 1954 the DeQueen Boulevard Church has done one of the best works in its history. Some fifty-two thousand copies of an eight page gospel paper have been mailed into the homes of non-members in our city. The paper is published by the DeQueen Boulevard Church and is designed to appeal to the needs of those to whom it is mailed. James W. Adams and Yater Tant held our spring and fall meetings with good results. In addition to the local work I have held meetings at Broaddus, and Trout Creek, Texas, and Opelousas, Louisiana, and met Luke M. Miller of the United Pentecostal Church in a four nights discussion on the Godhead and Holy Spirit Baptism. We are looking forward to even a busier year in 1955. I have time for a meeting in July of the coming year. If I can serve you write me at the above address."

Charles F. House, P. O. Box 72164, Los Angeles 2, California, Dec. 6: "The work with the Lomita Church at 2041 Pacific Coast Highway, Lomita, California, goes along fine in every respect. One fine young man, an excellent song leader, placed membership with us last Lord's day morning. We begin a Gospel Meeting at this place December 26th to continue through January 2nd. Brother Robert Ebey, former evangelist for this congregation will be doing the preaching."

Paul Foutz, 125 Varsity Circle, Arlington, Texas, Dec. 15: "During 1954 I did the preaching in nine meetings during which 45 were baptized and 28 restored. These meetings were in Phoenix, Arizona; Carlsbad and Lovington, New Mexico; and Houston (Bellaire), Fort Worth (Castle- berry), Nacogdoches, Bowie, Seminole and Pecos, Texas. During the nine months we have been here the work has been rather slow and discouraging but we are seeing some improvement and encouraging signs of late. We have had 98 responses since March 1st, 17 baptisms and 47 restorations."

M. C. Cuthbertson, P. O. Box 1001, Culver City, California, Dec. 9: "Work at Culver Palms Church of Christ is doing well. Four by membership last Sunday, two of whom were also restored. A fine woman who had been a Methodist was baptized two weeks past. A new all time Bible school record was set last Sunday — equal to our total membership. The Guardian has been a most excellent paper durthe year of 1954."

C. G. Caldwell, Sr., 4401 West Broadway, Louisville 11, Kentucky, Dec. 6: "Five have been baptized, two restored and two placed membership at West End in the past few weeks. Interest and attendance continue to grow, and the work in general is encouraging. After more than three years of very pleasant and, seemingly, profitable work with this good church, we are moving to Manchester, Tennessee, where I will work with the East Fort Street congregation in that city. Our address, as of December 10th, will be Manchester, Tennessee, c/o the above named church. At this writing, no one has been secured to succeed me here."

Luther G. Roberts, 1506 Clayton, Borger, Texas, Dec. 8: "Mrs. Roberts and I are at Camden, Arkansas in a teacher's training course with the Washington Street Church, the fourth such work we have done this year. I have preached during the year in meetings at Spearman, North Amarillo, Skellytown, Sinton and Hico, all in Texas. The second congregation in Borger had its beginning September 12 and is growing. Dean Bullock is to follow me in the work with the 2nd and Deahl Street Church in Borger. The new church in Borger is known as the Gateway Church of Christ, and the building is located on West Tenth Street at Gateway."