Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 16, 1954


James R. Cope, Tampa, Florida, Dec. 2: "Florida Christian College received membership in and full accreditation by Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools today. Work done here now stands on a par with and our students can transfer to any other college in America without question."

Hoyt H. Houchen, 1403 Hicks, San Antonio, Texas, Nov. 29: "Recently I did the preaching in a meeting at Alamogordo, New Mexico. Four adults were baptized. R. B. Rankin is the local preacher there. Roy E. Cogdill did the preaching in our fall meeting here at Highland which has just closed. He did his usual fine preaching. One was baptized and two placed membership during the meeting. Brother Cogdill is preaching for the West Avenue congregation here in San Antonio. It is a pleasure to have him in the city."

Ivan R. Stewart, 501 Indian School Rd., N.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico, Nov. 30: "During the month of November seven responded — two baptisms, two memberships, three restorations. A total of 77 since May 1. My wife continues to improve after major surgery two weeks ago."

Hobbs - Ganoe Debate

At 7:30 each evening of December 13, 14, 16, 17 Brother A. G. Hobbs, Jr., of 3156 Jane Lane, Fort Worth, Texas, will meet Mr. A. R. Ganoe on the following propositions. This debate will be conducted at the Washington Heights Church of Christ, 3124 N. Houston, Fort Worth, Texas.

December 13-14: "The Church of Christ is a modern day sect or denomination in doctrine and practice." A. R. Ganoe, Affirms_______________

A. G. Hobbs, Jr., Denies_______________

December 16-17: "The scriptures clearly teach that water baptism is for the remission of past sins."

A. G. Hobbs, Jr., Affirms____________

A. R. Ganoe, Denies_____________

Brother Thomas B. Warren of 5000 Doyle, Fort Worth, will moderate for Brother Hobbs. We ask you to take note of this discussion and plan to attend.

Roy E. Cogdill, 310 Savannah Dr San Antonio 1, Texas, Dec. 3: "In the past five Sundays, we have had 26 additions, 10 of these including three baptisms, four restorations, three memberships came this past week. We have also broken all attendance records. Our work looks very promising for which we are grateful indeed. I will be in a meeting with S. Leonard Tyler, Pine Bluff, Ark., embracing the first two Sundays in December."

W. Wallace Layton, Box 10086, Houston, Texas: "Just returned from Kentucky where I conducted two meetings at Cumberland and Harlan. Six were baptized. My son, Foy Wallace, preached for me here at Garden Oaks and baptized two. Noticed in last Guardian that part of one of my reports runs into part of someone else's report. It leaves the impression that I am seeking some meeting appointments. Just wanted to call attention to this because I have been turning down meetings for '55 for some time."

Ross O. Spears, Bolivar Missouri, Nov. 30: "Brother Denton M. Neal has just closed one of the best meetings in the history of this congregation. Several heard the gospel for the first time and attendance was more consistent than ever before. The Central Church in Jackson, Tennessee, where Brother Neal preaches, sent him as a part of their mission work and we are exceedingly grateful."

Bill Fling, 2501 Pine Street, Napa, California, Nov. 22: "For several years the church in Napa has been looking forward to the time when a new congregation could be started in the St. Helena-Calistoga area. Due to prevailing conditions, it seems to us the time is now ripe. The church here in Napa is rapidly outgrowing its building, and plans are now underway for expansion. Part of this growth is due to the conversion of several people in the St. Helena area. These additions provide a sufficient nucleus to assist the more experienced brethren in beginning the work there. Besides this, they have procured the services of Brother Bill Hunnicutt as evangelist. Brother Hunnicutt has had six years experience in preaching the gospel. He labored with the church in South Houston, Texas and two smaller places (St. Joseph and Benton Harbor) in Michigan. This coming Lord's day will be the first day of services. The church will meet in the Native Sons building on Spring Street (1 block west of Main). Services will be at 10:00 a.m. for Bible Study, 11:00 a.m. for worship, and 6:30 p.m. for evening services. For further information phone St. Helena 13J3. If you know of any Christian who lives in that area (especially those who are out of duty) notify them of the church. Or, if you like, send their names and addresses to Church of Christ, c/o Native Sons Building, St. Helena, California. We commend this new church to you and solicit your prayers in their behalf."

KRIEDEL-McCAIN DEBATE Thomas B. Warren, Fort Worth, Texas

Recently it was my pleasure to moderate for Brother Lee A. Kreidel in his debate with Doc A. McCain, Baptist.

The discussion continued for four nights, all on the plan of salvation. McCain affirmed that salvation was at the point of faith in Christ without any further acts of obedience; Brother Kreidel affirmed that immersion in water is unto the remission of sins.

This was Brother Kreidel's first debate, but he handled himself well in every way. His arguments were forceful, both in affirmative and negative. He did not allow one single affirmative argument made by McCain to escape destruction. He charged Baptists with teaching salvation by a "dead faith"-and he truly made it "stick." His charts on this were so forceful that all McCain could say in "answer" was, "These charts are likenesses of God's word, and so are IDOLS — I will have nothing to do with them." In the affirmative, Brother Kreidel made a few plain, forceful arguments. This made it all the more apparent that McCain was "dodging" when he failed to deal with the arguments made.

So well were Baptist arguments met and the TRUTH put in its stead that a number of sectarians obeyed the gospel, even before the debate closed.

An outstanding feature of the debate was Brother Kreidel's Christ-like attitude; love for truth, hatred for error, and love for the soul of every man. It is a genuine pleasure to me to commend the work of Brother Kreidel in this debate. I hope that he has many more.

William Reeves, 169 Main St., East Orange, New Jersey: "The Central Church of Christ, formerly meeting at 6 West Park Street, Newark, New Jersey has purchased property at the above address. We now have an auditorium seating 300, a house and a parking lot."