Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 2, 1954

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Care of orphans The Broadway Church of Christ, Lubbock, Texas, earnestly desiring to fulfill New Testament requirements relative to the care of orphan children, operates an orphan home in Lubbock. Total money contributions to this work for the month of September came to $3,551.58. Southside Church in Lubbock gave $90.00 of this amount; Northside in Midland gave $250.00; Shallowater Church gave $183.61; Idalou congregation gave $548.28. And, oh, yes, Broadway Church gave $20.00!

On killing the devil

"If God is all-good and all-powerful, why doesn't he kill the devil?" a man once asked J. D. Tant. "Well, I don't know why," replied Tant, "unless maybe it would leave so many fatherless children in the world."

Herald of Truth diminishes Announcement has been made by the elders of Highland Church in Abilene, Texas, that insufficient funds are available for a continuation of the TV programs of Herald of Truth, and that these programs are being suspended. They hope to stir up enough interest to revive them in 1955; but such seems extremely doubtful as of now. Brother E. R. Harper is replacing James Walter Nichols as a regular speaker on the program. Incidentally, Highland Church has now entered into the business of renting their TV films out to congregations which desire to use them. If this venture proves financially lucrative enough, they may eventually be able to revive the TV programs without outside help.

Brother Crouch's article We ask a thoughtful reading of the article in this issue by Charles E. Crouch. We all know that the early Christians did often have a common social meal (their "love feast") when they had assembled at the place of worship. This "love feast" was customarily followed by a partaking of the Lord's Supper. Does 1 Cor. 11:17-22 forbid such feasts, or is it intended only to stop the abuses (drunkenness, etc.) which attended them. We join in Brother Crouch's desire for some careful study and writing on this subject. We likely can not print all that will be sent us; but we would like to present two or three carefully written articles on each side of the question if anyone cares to write.

But he renewed

"I do not think I could further the cause of my Lord any by passing this 'church-splitting persecution sheet' to anyone," are the candid and friendly words of a subscriber who had received a notice that his subscription had expired. He renewed.

Lonely hearts club We see where the Vatican, worried over the wide increase in "dubious matrimonial agencies" has decided to start a church sponsored "lonely hearts club." Now what ambitious, far-sighted, faithful eldership will "sponsor" a brotherhood matrimonial agency. Who will deny that such, properly handled, would be a "good work"? Just think of all the fine publicity this would bring — and the financial outlay might be even LESS than $20.00 a month.

"A mania for organization"

Some men have a perfect mania for organization and power, and they are the ones who destroy the harmony and peace of a once united brotherhood. And they are the ones who have the effrontery to speak of a lack of charity! It comes with exceedingly poor grace. Back to Jerusalem! and the source of the trouble on the organizational side will be abolished." — John Allen Hudson (Church in Great Britain - p. 210.)

Otey-Briney reprint?

We've had twenty-five or thirty gospel preachers inquire of us in the last year or so about a re-printing of the Otey-Briney debate. This was the debate which many consider "the turning of the tide" with the forces of digression. Now that the same fundamental questions are forging to the front again, many want to restudy these controversies of yesteryear. We will re-print if there is enough demand. Will you drop us a card or letter on this ?

Reformation rally The Reverend Carl Walter Berner of Faith Lutheran Church was principal speaker in a Sunday evening rally recently at George Pepperdine College, celebrating the accomplishments of Martin Luther. A seventy voice choir from the Lutheran High School provided music for the occasion. Mr. Berner spoke on "Abiding Blessings of Martin Luther's Reformation.' It is common knowledge among gospel preachers in California that it is difficult, if not impossible, to get the administration's consent for a gospel preacher to deliver a sermon on "New Testament Baptism" in Pepperdine auditorium.

Tant-Harper Brother E. R. Harper writes us that he will positively meet no one in debate except this writer, and that we must sign his propositions, on his terms, "It is YOU, Brother Tant or you and your group can go fishing!" Very well, we have withdrawn the stipulation that he meet Cogdill before Highland's members, (since Brother Harper seems to have an almost pathological fear of such a discussion) and this writer will do the debating in both places — Lufkin and Abilene. We have written Brother Harper relative to the wording of the proposition, or propositions, and hope to have an announcement concerning final arrangements at an early date.

"My thousands of friends"

Comes now a circular letter to our desk describing a new gospel paper to be published. Says the prospective editor, "A second motive (in establishing the paper) is that I might have a permanently established system of communication, through which I may keep in contact with my thousands of friends throughout the nation, and throughout the world." Ha! Little does his sweet innocent ignorance know that one of the surest ways on earth to diminish the ranks of those "thousands of friends" is to publish a gospel journal. Live and learn.

Consoling thought!

We read in the paper the other day that the best way to prevent baldness is to have a thick layer of fat underlying the skin over the top of the head. Hmm does that mean that the brethren with shiny pates are demonstrably not fatheads? Consoling thought to lots of gospel preachers we know (and to at least one editor).