Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 2, 1954

Community Chest Giving Is Wrong

Floyd Embree, Ontario, California

It is my firm conviction that the Christian should be a good citizen of his community and work for its betterment. I believe that a Christian has an obligation to support the gospel and the Lord's church. I believe also that he is to help sustain his government. (Rom. 13:6.) I also believe that it is right for a Christian to work for the betterment of his community. One of the ways we are being urged today to help our community is by giving to Community Chest. This, I cannot conscientiously do for the following reasons:

1. Last year in the city of San Diego, California, of the money contributed to Community Chest, Catholic agencies received $40,036, or more than 3% of all contributed. Salvation Army agencies received $89,775, or a little under 7% of the total contributed. Jewish groups received $14,525. All these were religious institutions.

2. In St. Louis, Missouri, 30 Catholic organizations received $1,168,508, or more than 19% of the total contributions. Jewish organizations received $636,998, and Salvation Army received $189,979.

3. This year, in the tentative budget of the Chest in Ontario, California, $7,300 will be earmarked for Salvation Army, a religious group just like the Catholics, and the Seventh Day Adventists are religious groups.

I like to help my community. I want to see it prosper, but I cannot — I WILL NOT — contribute to Community Chest any more than I would contribute to the Catholic Church, Salvation Army or any other of the so-called churches. I WILL NOT SUPPORT WITH MY MONEY, THAT WHICH I CANNOT SUPPORT WITH MY HEART. If Community Chest were operated as a community betterment organization; I would work diligently for it.

If someone complains that Salvation Army is not a church and religious institution, I would like the opportunity of proving that it is. If you think Salvation Army is not a church and religious institution, call your nearest Salvation Army commander and ask him. He will prove it to you, and save me the trouble!