Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 25, 1954


Johnny Ramsey, 418 E. Eighth Street, Williston, North Dakota: "We moved to North Dakota to help in the Lord's work after two years in the fine State of Wisconsin. There is a small congregation of about 15 members here in Williston — a city of 15,000 people. Pray for us. I will have to work for at least half of our support. If any of you have relatives in this section of the country whom we could contact, please write to us. Yesterday was a good day. We had 33 present in the morning, 20 at night, and a contribution of $42.00. During 1954 I have preached in the following gospel efforts: Rangerville, Fremont, and Sheffield, Texas; Waukegan, Illinois, and Racine, Wisconsin. I also spoke one night each at Madison, Janesville, and Green Bay, Wisconsin in gospel meetings which had different speakers each evening. Brethren the work all across the north — from Washington State to Maine — is growing. But, we are still 100 years late in many places. Come up and help us. Always include us in your prayers."

J. T. Marlin, Fourth and Elm, Sweetwater, Texas, Nov. 1: "Monday night, October 18, I gave an illustrated lecture of the Bible Lands for the Center Line congregation in Center Line, Michigan. Willie H. Johnson is doing a splendid work with this new congregation now meeting in a school auditorium. They have plans for a permanent building soon. Tuesday night, October 19, I showed pictures and lectured on the Bible Lands in the Harding School auditorium at Sciotoville, Ohio, to an overflow audience. The following night I began a meeting with the church in Sciotoville. E. L. Flannery is to be commended for leaving a large work and going into this needed field. In a little more than one year the progress has been remarkable. This congregation of 80 members averages above $3 per member for the weekly contribution. Bible school attendance averages 120 per Sunday. I have never seen a congregation more enthusiastic. Our audiences during the meeting ran from 119-180. One was baptized. They have under construction a $16,000 addition to their church building which will include five more classrooms, an office, two dressing rooms, and a baptistry. Some of the older members can remember when the church digressed in this town more than 50 years ago. Julian Hunt, who recently held a meeting for the digressives there, issued a challenge to debate on instrumental music. The elders and Brother Flannery have already made known their acceptance. This wide-awake congregation in Sciotoville is a real inspiration to all who are interested in seeing the work move forward in that part of the country."

Huge Crowds Attend The Debate In Batesville

Guthrie Dean, Malvern, Arkansas I had the privilege of moderating for Brother Eugene Britnell of Tuckerman, Arkansas in his debate with Mr. W. E. Sherrill October 26-29 at the courthouse in Batesville, Arkansas. Mr. Sherrill tried to defend Missionary Baptist doctrine but made a miserable failure all four nights. Brother Britnell showed great ability and skill in the discussion of Baptism and Apostasy. Even though this was only his second public debate, in contrast with Sherrill's 207th, Brother Britnell presented the truth in such a way as to convince several Baptists of the error their way. Some expressed publicly that they are leaving the Baptist Church. The Independence County courthouse at Batesville was filled to capacity each evening, with as many as 1,200 jammed in the auditorium and the halls downstairs. A public address system was used to accommodate the overflow.

On the subject of Baptism, Mr. Sherrill was driven to the Primitive Baptist position of election and stated that "the Christian's name was on the book of life before he was even born." And on the subject of Apostasy, Mr. Sherrill was driven into an admission of the fact that a child of God can fall from grace. "But," he quibbled, "There's a difference in falling from grace and falling out of grace. I could fall from this pulpit, but I couldn't fall out of this pulpit." Brother Britnell begged Sherrill to demonstrate that point. Sherrill declined, of course.

The discussion was carried on in a very orderly manner; only one night Mr. Sherrill had to be called down for misquoting Acts 10:43. He kept reading it: "To him give all the prophets witness, that through his name whosoever believeth INTO him shall receive remission of sins." After I called him down the second time for misquoting the passage, he railed on me and challenged me to meet him in debate. Needless to say, I made him sign on the dotted line. If the debate develops, we will let you know the time and place.

Brethren attended the discussion from all parts of the south. Many preachers of the gospel came out each evening. We were especially happy to see a number of denominational friends present for the debate. We do pray that this discussion was carried on in such a fine spirit that it will do much to remove the "stigma" attached to public debating. At least this incident in Batesville has proven to all that debates are not "dying out." I sincerely recommend Brother Britnell to you as a stalwart defender of the faith."

Leslie Diestelkamp, 3700 Forest Ave., Brookfield, Illinois, Nov. 8: "Last week A. J. Bachman preached in a meeting here. His long experience and thorough Bible understanding enabled him to meet Chicago-land's needs with sound lessons and constructive sermons. We press on in the fight for truth and righteousness here and desire your prayers for this effort."

Murray Marshall, 2711 Reagan, Dallas 19, Texas, Nov. 7: "The meeting at Letot, in northwest Dallas, closes tonight. Thus far in the meeting there have been two restorations. In the exchange arrangement, Brother Sam Mormino of Letot will preach in our meeting at Oak Lawn November 14-21. Oak Lawn moves forward into our fall work. The first ten months of this year have been the best."

John G. Bills 4133 Middlesex Dr., San Diego, California, Nov. 8: "Very good services at Linda Vista congregation yesterday. Two restored and placed membership with us. Good attendance for both services. The men of the congregation preached while I was away. I was in Oklahoma and Texas for several days. Visited in Abilene and Odessa in Texas and preached for the church at Clinton Oklahoma for both services October 31st. Good attendance for both services. In the afternoon my father and mother celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary in their home. Three hundred good-wishers from several states were on hand to greet my parents. On Monday evening in the basement of the church building a dinner was given in honor of my wife and myself. Very enjoyable indeed."

John Bullock, Box 96, Springtown, Texas, No. 9: "Our work continues to grow in every way. It is growing despite the things that happened just previous to our moving here. There were about thirty members that pulled off from this congregation a few weeks prior to the time we assumed the work here. Those who split off are going out of town to worship. It has been the common gossip of this town and irreparable damage has been done by the group leaving this church, however, the work moves forward despite these things. The interest, attendance and contributions are the best in the history of the church and we thank God. The elders have asked this group to return by making confession of faults. We look forward to the time when all difficulties that happened preceding our arrival will be worked out and we will march with greater force in Christian warfare. Most every gospel preacher in this area is acquainted with the trouble these brethren had not too long past. Pray for us."

Oaks Gowen, 117 - 4th Avenue, Columbia, Tennessee, Nov. 12: "After a little more than three years with the Hazel Street Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas, I have moved to Columbia, Tennessee, and I am now working with the Riverside Church. Brother Riley Moore preceded me here. He is loved by all for the fine work he did while here. Please notice my change of address."