Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 28, 1954


Frank Trayler, Ch. (Maj.) USAF, 237 Thompson Place, San Antonio, Texas, Oct. 9: "During September and first week of October I baptized two Airmen at Lackland Air Force Base (one a Roman Catholic), and two others were restored. A. H. Maner closed the meeting at Kelly Air Force Base last night, with total attendance of 617 for six nights, and one baptism."

R. L. Yancy, Box 31, Aledo, Texas, Oct. 12: "We had two to place membership here on October 10. Our attendance is better now than for some time and we are encouraged in the work. However, there is still much to do and we are hopeful of accomplishing more as we try to move forward."

Texas H. Stevens, Dallas, Texas: "After five wonderful years, we are leaving the church in the Elmwood section of Dallas in order to help the cause in Bloomington, Texas. The bishops are in the process of selecting another full time worker here. We can certainly recommend this church and her people as the very finest."

John Bullock, Box 96, Springtown, Texas, Oct. 12: "The last Lord's day in August brought to a close our work with the congregation in Lewisville, Texas. We began our work with the church in Springtown the first week in September. The membership of this church is 250. Six have been restored since we began our labors here. Our Bible study attendance is averaging a little over 200 on Lord's day morning. Plans are being made to construct a modern building. Pray for us as we labor in the vineyard of the Lord. Please note change of address."

Robert H. Bell, 672 - 19th Street, San Diego 2, California: "During the month of August I preached in two meetings in Tennessee. One, with my home congregation, Locust Grove, near Bradford. This was my second meeting with them, and I enjoyed it very much. The interest and attendance was good, but no one was baptized. My second meeting was with the Plant Church out from Waverly, Tennessee. This meeting was well attended, but again no one accepted the Lord's invitation. The singing was ably directed by Brother Joe Clayton of Nashville, Tennessee. In the past three weeks we have had four restorations and one to be identified with us. The work is in fine shape and wet are growing in faith and good work. At the present time Brother Thomas Allen Robertson, of San Bernardino, California is with us in a gospel meeting. He is doing some fine preaching. The result of the meeting will be reported later, when the meeting is concluded."

Work Prospering In Terre Haute, Indiana Preacher Wanted

M. F. Cottrell, Terre Haute, Indiana We are happy to report the establishing of another congregation in the city bringing the total to five, of which three are white with two fine colored congregations.

The new congregation is in the east section and consists of the brethren who reside in that particular area. They have a very good building that was purchased from a Lutheran group, and with a little interior decorating it was ready for use. With the membership having come from the other two white congregations, and with their moral and financial support as well; the work is highly pleasing to all.

The writer having planned to leave the 5th and McKeen congregation next July, was asked to work with the new College Avenue group and will do so as soon as a suitable preacher is secured to succeed him at 5th and McKeen. The last mentioned is one of the finest congregations to be found, and fortunate indeed will be the brother selected to work with them. In fact, all of the congregations love one another and manifest the spirit of cooperation in every way. I have worked into my sixth year in the city with 5th and McKeen and have enjoyed such manifestations as mentioned.

If any preacher can locate here in the very near future, he should write Earl Hoggatt, 2001 South - 9th Street, Terre Haute, Indiana for further information. Just as soon as a preacher is secured, we shall begin with College Avenue by the mutual agreement of the elders of both congregations.

By the time this appears in print I shall be in a meeting with the Petersburg, Indiana congregation where Gene Carrell is doing a good work with the brethren. They "dedicate" their new building October 10 on which our meeting begins.

Carlsbad Teacher Training Course: October 25-28

The Fox and Lake congregation in Carlsbad, New Mexico is making plans for a teacher training course to be conducted October 26-28. Everyone in driving distance of Fox and Lake is invited.

The sessions will last approximately an hour and a half each evening, beginning at seven o'clock. A general discussion of Christian education will be conducted for approximately thirty minutes each evening by Ernest Finley. All ladies who are interested in teaching in the elementary grades will be taught by Frances Finley. All others who are interested in teaching on the high school or adult levels will be directed in a study of the aims, problems, and methods of teaching at these levels, by Ernest Finley.

"It is our fervent hope that many in this vicinity will take advantage of this opportunity," Ernest Finley stated.