Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 7, 1954

Let Both Sides "Freely Speak"

R. L. Yancy, Aledo, Texas

Box 31, Aledo, Texas Sept. 7, 1954 Dear Brother Meyer:

I remember well and quite favorably your meeting with the Northside Church in Fort Worth some years ago. I enjoyed your preaching very much.

I am writing you with reference to your article in the Gospel Advocate of July 29. In said article I find such terms as: "constant bombardment," "relentless war," "false accusations," "misled," "radicalism among us," "deceived by these efforts," "instigators repent," etc. I am wondering if you did not know that anything you might say in the Advocate is absolutely free from any adverse criticism.

I hope you have read Brother Cecil B. Douthitt's two articles in the Gospel Guardian (Sept 2 and 9) "That the Brethren May Know." Would you be willing to affirm some proposition as to the scripturalness of the Herald of Truth? I will see if Brother Douthitt will deny. I would like for it to appear in the Advocate but am sure it would not be admitted. It seems to me that a fair and open discussion should do some good. On the other hand, to hide behind closed columns will not convince anyone who wants to hear both sides. Please let me hear from you. In love of the truth, Yours in Christ,

R. L. Yancy Box 31, Aledo, Texas Sept. 7, 1954

Mr. Cecil B. Douthitt Brownwood, Texas Dear Brother Douthitt:

The enclosed article by Brother Jack Meyer and my letter to him will be self explanatory. First, I want you to know that I think your two articles in the Gospel Guardian, "That the Brethren May Know," are masterpieces.

Let us know what you think of my letter to Brother Meyer and if you would enter into a discussion with him on a proposition fairly covering the real issue. I suppose the Gospel Guardian would carry the discussion.

Will be pleased to hear from you.

Yours in Christ, R. L. Yancy Box 67, Brownwood, Texas Sept. 9, 1954

Mr. R. L. Yancy, Aledo, Texas Dear Brother Yancy:

Your letter to me with a copy of your letter to Brother Jack Meyer and a marked copy of Brother Meyer's article, "The Herald of Truth," which appeared in the Gospel Advocate of July 29, came to me today.

I would be delighted to discuss "the Herald of Truth" in the Gospel Advocate and the Gospel Guardian with Brother Meyer or with any other brother who wants to affirm that its present mode of operation is scriptural.

Since Brother Meyer says in his Advocate article, "Friends of Herald of Truth should freely speak," and since he obviously is a friend "of Herald of Truth," I should think it would be exceedingly abashing for him to back down now and refuse to "freely speak" in an honorable and orderly discussion of this vital issue with an opponent in these two great papers, the Gospel Guardian and the Gospel Advocate.

You may use this letter in any way you wish.

Fraternally yours, Cecil B. Douthitt