Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 23, 1954


By: R. O. Kenley, Jr.

Walter W. Leamons, Junction, Texas, Sept. 7: "Brother T. B. Crews, Waco, conducted a good meeting in June, here at Tenth Street Church. We have baptized four since that time. Our fall meeting will be October 3-10 with Brother Marshall Davis preaching."

Thomas B. Warren, 5000 Doyle St., Fort Worth, Texas, Sept. 9: "Being only slightly over one year old, the East-ridge congregation in Fort Worth recently conducted its first Vacation Bible School. The results were truly gratifying. The average attendance was 414, with the largest single attendance being 455. During the school four were baptized, a Baptist preacher and his wife, the daughter of a Baptist Sunday School Superintendent, and another young woman from sectarianism was baptized into Christ. Fine assistance was received from the following visiting teachers: William Reeves of Newark, New Jersey in the adult class; Wesley Mickey in the high school class; and Gary Scott in the junior high school class. The school ran for 'only five days. Seventeen months ago the Eastridge congregation began. Since that time 308 have responded to the Lord's invitation, with 71 being baptized, 75 confessed unfaithfulness, and 162 were identified as faithful children of God from other congregations. Membership at Eastridge now stands at 436. When passing through Fort Worth, worship with us at 4307 N. E. 28th St. which is Highway 183."

W. Earl Mansur. 241 E. Arlight, Monterey Park, California, Sent. 7: "This month brings to a close four years work with the church in Montebello. Our building program is complete and the church has enjoyed a good growth. I will he available for local work about the first of the year. The work here has been pleasant and we hate to leave these good brethren. Any church desiring my services may write me at the above address or call Park-view 1-0370. I would consider local work in the mid-west as well as the west coast."

M. C. Cuthbertson, Box 1001. Culver City, California, Sept. 3: "Two have recently been baptized and two by membership, one of whom was restored to the fellowship of the church here at Culver Palms. The work is and has been very good through the entire summer. We have just closed a fine Vacation Bible School, in which a number of outside people attended. I am to do the preaching in a meeting, beginning the 29th with Central, 5th and Atlantic, in Long Beach, California, where Brother Bud Irvine is the regular preacher, and doing a good work. I spoke four Wednesday evenings during August at Bellflower, with Brother W. S. Irvine. They are building another building and beginning a new congregation. Fine work is being done by these brethren."

Thomas Allen Robertson, 2454 Belle Street, San Bernardino, California. Sept. 6: "From August 1 through 11 Fanning Yater Tant was in a gospel meeting with the church here in San Bernardino. This meeting resulted in two baptisms, one restoration, and one identification. In addition to the responses during this meeting there have been five baptisms and eight identifications from other congregations since I last wrote to the Gospel Guardian, making a gain of 17 in the last two months. From August 18 through 29 I was in a meeting with the church at The Dalles, Oregon. This meeting resulted in three baptisms and one restoration. Returning from The Dalles I spoke at Merced, California, on a Wednesday evening. From September 19 through 29 I am to be in a meeting with the church in Hemet, California. From October 4 through 13 I am to be with the 18th and "G" congregation in San Diego, California."

J. G. Savage, Lewisville, Texas, Sept. 13: "Brother Ralph Givens who has enjoyed a very fruitful labor with the church in Yuma, Arizona, for the past two years has accepted the invitation of the elders to labor with the church which meets in Lewisville and will move here within the next few weeks as soon as someone can be chosen to replace him in Yuma. To those of you who, in response to our recent announcement in the Guardian, regarding the work in Lewisville, expressed an interest by letter, by phone or by personal appearance, we wish to express our sincere thanks and wish for each of you a fruitful labor in the vineyard of the Lord wherever you are or wherever you may go."

Baptist Preacher Baptized Into Christ

It was the Lord's day, Brother Dan Fogarty, our present preacher, had finished the sermon; we were singing the hymn of invitation when a young man stepped into the aisle, stopped, then with determination made his way to the front. We continued to sing while the preacher discussed with all seriousness the plan of salvation with the young man, and for a good cause, for the young man was an ordained Baptist preacher.

Soon Brother Fogarty stated to the audience, "My friends, if you live one hundred years you likely will not experience again what you are about to witness. Mr. Bob Brake is about to be baptized into Christ. Mr. Brake is an ordained Baptist preacher."

Then upon the confession of his faith in Christ, he was baptized into Christ. During the evening service we baptized his wife. We would like you to remember this family in your prayers.

Brother Brake is 24 years of age, and has preached for four years. He has two children, and now resides in Longview.

Our work continues to mushroom here. We erected an addition to the building last year, and must now plan for further expansion. Our Bible School attendance has leaped from the one hundred and thirties to the three hundreds in two years. We recently purchased additional property.

Elders, Mobberly Avenue Church of Christ Longview, Texas