Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 6, 1954

An Appeal Answered

Centralized, Progressive County, Arkansas Palm Sunday, 1954

Dr. John J. Brainstorm, Head Preacher Church of Christ

Digressive, Liberal County, Texas Dear Brother Dr. Brainstorm:

We have heard your Macedonian Call, and are touched deeply by the benighted condition of our poor fellow Americans who are so much in need of the certain benefits of your masterly brainstorm.

The time has come, in this Twentieth Century, when we should improve upon the outmoded methods of evangelism which have hither-to-fore been customary in the brotherhood and sisterhood. Your most excellent plan appeals to us as a brilliant contribution to the furthering of the cause of the centralization of the sanctuary.

We have conducted an extensive campaign throughout all our parish to raise funds to help institute this master plan — such a plan as is fully worthy of a Brainstorm! — and we are entrusting this collection to the care of postal missionaries passing through Digressive, Liberal County, Texas, enroute to California with funds for the poor liberal preachers who, you know, have not been getting enough to eat lately because the conservatives, in most un-Christian charity, have restricted their salaries. Enclosed please find the amount of $0.03, to help make this nation an enlightened Christian nation under the guidance of Providence, of the Herald of Truth, and of the Brainstorm Centralized Missionary Effort. We understand, of course, that whatever benefits may come from our contribution are yours alone.

In faithful trust we commit the future success of this master plan to the good mercies of Providence and of our esteemed Dr. Brainstorm, Head Preacher.

Progressively yours,

Iva Haddy Nuff John B. Slypperypeal S. R. Oversight

Board of Elders, Advanced Church of Christ, Centralized