Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 26, 1954


A Correction

In the August 5 issue it was stated that "Bill L. Rogers of Memphis will meet Vernon L. Barr, at Dallas, Texas." It should have read, "Bill L. Rogers of Memphis will meet Vernon L. Barr of Dallas, Texas in debate at Corinth, Mississippi September 14-17."

— Owen Freeman W. Earl Mansur, 241 E. Arlight, Monterey Park, California, Aug. 14: "The meeting with the Liberty Church near Conway, Arkansas, closed last Tuesday night with two baptisms. This is a splendid church and is growing. Last night I began a meeting in Comanche, Oklahoma to continue through the 22nd then will return to regular work with the church at 536 N. Poplar, Montebello, California."

Ralph R. Givens, 555 Twelfth Street, Yuma, Arizona, Aug. 5: "The husband of a Christian woman was baptized Monday night; and one was restored recently. This makes 64 baptisms and 31 to be restored in a little over two years. I am leaving here within the next sixty days. If you are looking for a gospel preacher write me at the address above or phone Sunset 3-4518."

M. A. Mansur, 1405 Richardson, Columbia, Missouri, Aug. 4: "The work here at the Paris Road Church of Christ continues about as usual. Interest is good. The church is growing. We had three young folk come confessing Christ, and were baptized into Christ, last Sunday. Summer school at the University of Missouri is out this week. If you are interested in going to a good State school, come to Columbia. We are expecting a large number, members of the church, to enroll in the University this Fall. A number of our members graduated this year and are now "scattered abroad" into useful service of the Lord. We are interested in your prayers. Come and worship the Lord with us."

James E. Cooper, Rt. 1, Box 80, Valley Station, Kentucky, Aug. 4: "Recently three have been baptized and three identified with this congregation. We have broken attendance records for all our services this summer, and expect to break more soon. Charles A. Holt of Franklin, Tennessee will be with us in our meeting, September 5-17. We plan to have it under a tent as the auditorium of our building will be under construction by September 1. We will have been meeting in the basement for a year when we move into the auditorium November 7. Visit us when passing through Louisville on 31-W."

Leslie Diestelkamp, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Aug. 9: "Three have been baptized here in recent weeks. Last week I preached in a meeting in St. Paul. Interest and attendance were high. One was immersed, one restored, and three placed membership. I am to begin at Pine City, Minnesota August 15, and at Freedom Church, near Camdenton, Missouri, October 3."

W. E. Fortney, 162 Harrison, Clarksburg, West Virginia, Aug. 9: "The meeting at Burt, W. Va. was successful. Six precious souls were baptized into Christ."

Murray Marshall, 2711 Reagan Avenue, Dallas, Texas, Aug. 11: "Since my meeting in July at Pine City, Minnesota, on the following Sunday two teen-age girls from sectarian homes were baptized, and one member "rebaptized." This besides the one baptism and one restored during the meeting. We hope to return next summer for more mission meetings in Minnesota. The church at Pine City now numbers 13, and is one of ten congregations in the state. Our work at Oak Lawn continues to go forward. In 11 months there have been seven baptized, 23 restored and 21 placed membership. Congregation now numbers about 140. We have started a building fund recently to replace our inadequate old dwelling-house here, which has been used for a church building a number of years. Our 1954 budget has been more than met; it was set at $250 per Sunday. The congregation is made up of working people, several widows, etc., and several student doctors and nurses. Besides the work called for in the budget, a building fund has been started, the mission meeting in Pine City, Minnesota, and other work in which we have helped. The church here has asked us to stay another year, beginning September 16. The spiritual growth is evident, too, and that is most vital. A sound, faithful, upright, consecrated congregation will always grow. Spiritual growth is essential to true, lasting, substantial numerical growth. We hope to make even more progress in the Lord in the year ahead."

Luther Blackmon, Box 461, Bellaire, Texas: "Two meetings recently resulted in sixteen baptized and several restored — Lovelady and Bald Prairie, Texas. The latter is my old home. The church has been there for about 100 years."

M. A. Mansur, 1405 Richardson, Columbia, Missouri, Aug. 11: "We are happy to report that another fine young man was baptized into Christ last Sunday, here at the Paris Road Church of Christ. Even though many are now on summer vacation, our contribution was $180.50. I am now doing the preaching in a Gospel Meeting for the church at Jefferson City, Missouri. One came to be restored last night. Come and worship with us. We are striving to carry out the New Testament plan of work and worship. We are looking for many new students this Fall to be enrolled in the University of Missouri. Please remember us in your prayers."

Joe H. Morris, 2707 K: Avenue, Paducah, Kentucky, Aug. 9: "Closed a good meeting at Walnut Grove in Marshall County, Kentucky, on July 21 without additions. B. L. Trevathan of Benton directed the singing in his usual masterful manner. Also closed a fine meeting at Lowes in Graves County with two baptized. Brother Jack Nichilson led the singing in a fine way. Large audiences attended both meetings throughout. I begin a meeting at Renfrow, Kentucky August 23, and at Millwood, Kentucky on September 6. The work at Clements Street makes progress."

Concerning Mrs. W. Curtis Porter's Condition

Brethren continue to request that I report through the papers the present condition of Mrs. Porter. After the surgery about the first of April, we were able to bring her home. She got able to walk some by herself by the use of a steel brace for her body. But in June she became worse, and we returned her to the hospital. After some blood transfusions and treatment, we again returned her home, but within a few days she grew definitely worse again. So we have her back in Room 504 at the Baptist Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. She is now in a helpless condition again. The cancer has spread into her hip, pelvic and leg bones and other spots of cancer tumors on the skull. Pictures show several joints of the lower backbone have begun to crumble and the leg bones are showing destruction. Severe pain has been in the lower part of her back for some time. X-ray treatments are being tried to relieve the pain. If they do not, then we may have to have surgery in the sciatic region similar to that performed higher along the back earlier, in which the nerves are cut and pulled loose. This is a very delicate and dangerous form of surgery. Multiple myeloma cases are being experimented on at Oak Ridge, and if any favorable results have developed, we may take her there; but if nothing can be promised, she prefers to spend her remaining short time at home and in the Memphis hospital. So far it is an utterly hopeless case. Continue to pray for her that her suffering may not be so intense and for us both in this prolonged time of darkness. She looks forward to a land that is free of pain and separation."

Tant Williams, Jr., Box 886, South Houston, Texas, Aug. 8: "Mail addressed to W. Ray Votaw should be as follows: W. Ray Votaw, c/o B. L. Bilbo, Box 671, Vidor, Texas. As you probably know Brother Votaw is now in East London, "Union of South Africa, having gone to replace Brother Don Gardiner. Brother Bilbo is handling his affairs on this side. Thanks."