Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 19, 1954


C. C. Doggett, 1900 Twelfth Ave., Albany, Georgia, July 30: "Our meeting beginning on July 4th and ending July 14th resulted in two being baptized into Christ. Two more were baptized last Lord's day. The church in Albany is steadily growing and we who meet at 1102 Eager Street are very thankful to the Lord for this good increase. Brother McElroy's preaching was of the very best and we look forward to his return in 1957."

R. L. Yancey, Aledo, Texas, July 27: "Brother H. McDonald of Rising Star, Texas closed a meeting here July 25th. The preaching was good, true to the word of the Lord. Brother McDonald impressed us with being a true Christian, modest, unassuming yet positive in his stand for the truth."

Ivan R. Stewart, Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 28: "The 1954 Vacation Bible School closed last night with an average daily attendance of 236; 156 had perfect attendance; 405 were present for closing exercises. Twenty seven have responded to the invitation since May 1. A new record of 293 was set last Sunday morning."

Floyd Embree, 610 E. La Deney Dr., Ontario, California, July 29: "Two have been baptized and three restored in the past few weeks here. I was in a meeting at San Luis Obispo from July 7-16. The church there is small, but they are enthusiastic. Brother Don Walker is the evangelist there and proved a good co-worker during the meeting. Interest was good with one being restored."

Doyle Banta, 1309 Ninth Avenue S.E., Decatur, Alabama, July 30: "My meeting at Lovell's Chapel in Limestone County closed with five baptized and three restored. We are off to a good start in our work here at Somerville Road. We had 87 baptisms, 143 restored and 92 by membership in our nearly four years at West Helena, Arkansas. Twenty one of these responded on our last Sunday there."

Gene Martin, Box 868, Brenham, Texas: "All continues well with us in the work here. One man has been baptized since last report. He was a "lay-preacher" in a denominational group. I shall be in a meeting with the Shamrock Shores congregation in Dallas August 16th through the 22nd."