Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 22, 1954

Is It Nothing To You?

Luther Blackmon, Bellaire, Texas

"Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by?" This was the question of a heart that overflowed with pain and pathos for the miseries of a people whose sins had launched them into a captivity by the heathen and now the last miserable remnant was about to be carried into exile. It grieved the heart of Jeremiah to see the lack of interest manifested on the part of his people, and he asked "Is it nothing to you?" (Lamentations 1:12). Is it nothing to you that a city once populated is now almost desolated? A city that had dominion with God's approval is now in subjection. Those whom God separated from the heathen now dwell among the heathen; those who had won their wars with the Canaanites in a blaze of glory were now the victims of heathen pride and power; "Is it nothing to you?"

"Are the problems of the Lord's people today of any importance or interest to me?" The church is faced with some of the gravest problems in her modern history. Worldliness is rampant, even in the church — things that were once so frowned upon by society that few people dared to do them. There was a time when drinking was confined almost exclusively to the saloons or at least to a certain class of men who frequented the saloons. Now it has donned the robe of respectability and moved into the homes of some of the nicest (?) people. There are members of the church who think that it is not amiss to take a social drink, just so you don't get drunk. Remember that no man or woman ever became an alcoholic until he or she had taken the first drink. Suppose you could take an occasional drink and let it go at that; how do you know that you will not be the means of starting some young man or woman on the road to alcoholism by your example? — especially think of your own son or daughter.

There was a time when members of the church just didn't go to dances. Not even members of denominations. Many a Baptist has been "turned out" of the church for it, as well as some from the other denominations. But like drinking, dancing found its way into the church, and today a preacher who condemns dancing, is in the eyes of many, a crank. But remember that public opinion does not make an immoral thing moral, or an unclean thing clean. A thing is not wrong because the people think it is wrong; nor is it right because they think it is right. Dancing, breeds lasciviousness and robs young people of their spirituality by casting them into the wrong society; a society that cares nothing for spirituality. Look over the crowd who attends the dance and, see if you find in the lot of them a man or woman who cares anything for the church and for things spiritual.

There was a time when divorce was rare, even among people of the world, and a person with two living companions could not be found in the church with a fine, tooth comb. But today there are many such people. I realize that there is a reason given in Matthew 19:9 (fornication) which permits the innocent party to put away an unfaithful companion and marry again, but I am very much afraid that this is not the case in many of our lives.

What can we do about it, you ask? There is one thing I know that will help — and the only thing that will. Teach our children and our neighbor's children the Word of God. at every opportunity. That is why we have "Bible Study" every Sunday morning. That is why we have teaching and preaching from week to week. That is why we have song drills and gospel meetings — that we might learn and might teach our young people against these evils, and not only teach them but offer them something worthwhile to do. ARE YOU INTERESTED?