Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 22, 1954


Roy J. Hearn, Box 211, Crossville, Tennessee, April 6: "One of the best Meetings in our history closed March 28th with four restored and seventeen baptized. All attendance records were shattered in Bible study and all services, in spite of inclement weather. Last three nights averaged 498 each service, or 318 above the membership. Aside from the meeting, attendance and interest are far above any previous year. Foy E. Wallace, Jr. preached in the meeting, and was at his best. Error was exposed, truth proclaimed in a fine way, the church was strengthened. He is scheduled to be with us again next year."

Luther G. Roberts, 1506 Clayton, Borger, Texas, April 6: "The church in Spearman, Texas, is engaged in a meeting in which I am doing the preaching. This meeting is scheduled to close April 7. One has been restored to date. April 11th I am to begin with the North Side Church in Amarillo, Texas, to continue through April 18th. Russell Ingalls is the preacher for the North Side Church in Amarillo. R. Paul Smith is the preacher for the church in Spearman and is doing an excellent work. The church at Second and Deahl Streets in Borger is building a church house for a new congregation in that city. The new building is located at West 10th and Gateway Circle, and is to consist of an auditorium that will seat some 550, with rooms for 17 Bible classes. It is expected that the building will be ready for use about September of this year. March 28th three were identified, two baptized, and two restored at Second and Deahl Streets in Borger. Two of the elders of this congregation are doing the preaching in my absence. They are Arthur Cox and M. W. Graves, in fact, Brother Cox preaches regularly for the 8:30 a.m. service of the church each Lord's day."

Maurice A. Meredith, Box 1222, Richland, Washington, April 4: "The new congregation in Benton City started off in fine shape. Brother Mack Epperson, of Richland, is the evangelist. Our meeting closed with two baptisms, four restorations, and ten to be identified. They generally have forty to fifty each Lord's day. I am to meet E. H. Miller, of La Grange, Georgia, in a debate on cups, classes, and women teachers, May 11-14. First two nights in their building, 215 East 4th Avenue, in Kennewick, and the last two in our building, corner Smith Boulevard and Thayer Drive, in Richland."