Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 15, 1954

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

In Case Of Atomic Attack

"If this country ever comes under enemy attack, there will be but three voices telling us about it via radio (and presumably TV): Edward R. Morrow, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, and Arthur Godfrey. Under the plan, worked out by Washington, and outlined by Morrow, he will furnish the directions and news, Bishop Sheen will tend to the spiritual necessities, and Godfrey will try and keep the people calm." (From a column in the Houston Press.) And why doesn't the Pope just work one of those miracles for which the Catholic Church is so famous and deactivate those bombs before they ever explode? We can't think of a nicer miracle for them to perform than this!

"Exposing The Nudists"

Braxton B. Sawyer, an Arkansas Baptist preacher, has been warming up the air waves in that state with radio appeals for donations to be sent him that he may "expose" the nudist colonies which he says are operating in Arkansas. Seems he wants to pass a law, or something, declaring it illegal for the citizenry to walk around in their birthday suit. Now, if he will just get his movement properly organized, and put it "under the oversight" of the elders of a church somewhere.... what are we saying!

Jackson Avenue "Yaymen"

In a paid advertisement in the (Memphis) Commercial Appeal of March 20, the Jackson Avenue Church of Christ in that city advertises "A Week of Preaching By Laymen." The advertisement then names six "laymen" of the Jackson Avenue Church who will speak through the week. The Sunday sermons will be delivered by G. C. Brewer. Now could he be the "clergyman" who arranged for six of his "laymen" to speak through the week? Remember this is a paid advertisement, not a news report. The Commercial Appeal printed exactly the copy given them by the Jackson Avenue Church.

Off The Band Wagon

The Catholic Church recently has made tremendous publicity capital out of their claims that within a recent interval of time "Over a million Protestants joined the Catholic Church." The current issue of the Christian Herald, interdenominational journal of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, reports a recent careful survey reveals that in the same interval over four million Catholics abandoned that church to become members of some Protestant or non-Catholic religious body!

Both Sides

Some months ago when Brother Kenneth Fielder was having his hot fight with the whiskey crowd in Franklin, Tennessee, and got some very one-sided and unfavorable publicity about it in the Gospel Advocate, he asked for space to respond. His letter was ignored. But when the February Harper's Magazine carried one of the whiskey crowd's articles, and Brother Fielder wrote in replying to it, the editor of that journal replied: 'Thank you for your letter of February 12. We are always eager to present both sides of every question discussed in Harper's Magazine, and we plan to use as much as possible of your letter in our April issue." Brother Fielder writes us, "This magazine (which carries a full page ad for whiskey in the February issue) recognizes the principle of fairness, even though she is engaged in promoting liquor sales, and, in contrast to the Advocate, states her policy while involved in the very question concerning which I was not allowed to write in the Advocate!"

Name Or Religion?

Somebody from Harding College sends us a Texas church bulletin of several months ago which lists the names of the men who are to lead in the mid-week prayer meeting services. The Song Leader is listed as "A. Mormon." Does anybody know A. Mormon who is a Christian?

Cogdills Improving

Friends of Brother and Sister Roy E. Cogdill will rejoice to know that they are steadily improving after their recent painful injuries from a car wreck in New Mexico. It was falsely reported over one of the Texas radio stations that Brother Cogdill had died from his injuries, and he had the unusual experience of having people call from all over the nation to ask about his "death." He expects to begin a gospel meeting with the Tarrant, Alabama congregation next Sunday — April 18.

Signs Of The Times

A certain... western Oklahoma church found herself in need of a Sunday school teacher for her young married couples class a while back. The regular teacher being gone one Sunday, a happy solution was found in going over a few blocks to the Presbyterian Church and persuading one of the fine young business men of the city (a Presbyterian) to come over and teach the Bible class! (And we doubt not for a moment that the elders of that church, sanctioning that procedure. could probably learn much from a Presbyterian.)

Volume Five Ready Soon

We are already receiving advance orders for Volume Five of the Gospel Guardian in the same durable binding as the previous numbers. Regular price is $5.00; but advance orders, accompanied by remittance, are accepted at $4.00. There are only two more issues of the paper after this one and then the volume will be complete. Binding should take only a few days. And we are preparing the index (a rather considerable job) right now.

Still Waiting

In answer to those who have asked us concerning further articles from Brother E. R. Harper and Brother Logan Buchanan we are still awaiting their material. Brother Buchanan has promised to send us one or more articles on "What Is Wrong With the Missionary Society?", and Brother Harper has promised an article on "The Lufkin Cooperation Plan." We will publish their articles when we receive them.

Vacation Bible School

Have you ordered literature yet for your Vacation Bible School? We are handling the excellent series by Sister Marian White, and will be happy to send samples for your inspection. But the time is short. Your order should be sent in now.